Tesla Lawn Tractor

Tesla Lawn Tractor

Not to distract from the primary goal of getting folks off of gasoline transportation where and when possible. The other day I drove my Model S to the gas station in town to fill up two five gallon gas cans that I use to refill the lawn tractor during the year. Something to think about!

EvaP | July 15, 2013

Elon said "If it moves we'll make it!"

You could be driving your electric tractor pretty soon :)

Brian H | July 15, 2013

He was joking, and regretted it at Teslive.

Skotty | July 16, 2013

I'd buy it. :-)

I was actually planning on converting my gas lawn tractor to electric, but to do it right costs a couple of grand. Decided I would sideline those plans and put that money towards my Tesla car savings. But I would still like to do it some day.

olanmills | July 18, 2013

Give us a mowing attachment for the Model S!

Earl and Nagin ... | July 18, 2013
Marcclick | July 19, 2013

If you are looking for a good electric mower look at Greenworks, I've been using it for more than a year and everybody who tried it fell in love! No gas, silent, lithium battery(portable) and less heavy. Not trying to do free publicity on the forum, but hey if the product is good why not share!

Timo | July 21, 2013

Electric robot lawn mower. Much better than tractor if you have a lot of grass to mow, just like Roomba or similar for vacuuming floors. Saves your time to do something else.

Takes fun out of mowing lawn though.

Vawlkus | July 22, 2013

There are kits to build those kinda things actually. I was thinking about nabbing one for a class project a few years back.

carlgo | July 23, 2013

All yard tools should be battery powered, or fuel cell. My neighborhood is full of trees and the chain saws are on at least half the time it seems. Then there are the leaf blowers. My neighbor has a 400 square foot lawn and pulls out the power mower. It takes him more time to screw with that thing that it would to mow it with a quality manual mower, and he would get a better lawn that the hack job that he gets now. In the end, he just loves power yard tools. If they were quiet he would cry himself to sleep, seriously

dgiffman | November 7, 2013

I would like to point out that Ferrari makes a bunch of serious agricultural equipment including tractors, tillers, planters ect.
None is electric.

But I have seen home-made electric tractor conversions running on 4 standard deep-cycle lead-acid batteries mow 5 acres without stopping. That's worth it. With Lithium Batteries imagine what could be done?

I want to see Tesla unveil a secret prototype vehicle at an auto show to be a simple 1950's looking ag tractor. Sale price $9999 with a front loader and 3 point hitch. American Industrial Might. 11 horsepower. Cast Iron. 100 year warranty. Lol auto-industry analysts would try to wrap their heads around that...

Roamer@AZ USA | November 13, 2013

I purchase one of these two years ago. Everything about it is great;
Except the batteries and charging system.
Use's four 12 volt lead acid wired in series. The charger cooks them so they don't last long and need water added all the time.

I ended up donating it in like new condition to the high school robotics club.

This would be a perfect mower with Tesla batteries and chargers.