Tesla to by Maxwell Technologies (makers of battery tech and Ultracapacitors) for $218M

Tesla to by Maxwell Technologies (makers of battery tech and Ultracapacitors) for $218M

Sounds interesting, but not many details yet. Looks to be a done deal. More info:

Sam_S | February 4, 2019

Wow...that’s a blast from the past! I’m from San Diego where they are headquartered and invested in them in the 90’s.

It was so long ago, I don’t even remember why.

Sam_S | February 4, 2019
JAnnen | February 4, 2019
blue adept | February 5, 2019

Interesting, VERY interesting.

JustSaying | February 5, 2019

Ultracapacitors, fast charge fast discharge perhaps a new "hybrid" way to pulse charge a battery resulting in giving superpowers to non superchargers?

rlwrw | February 6, 2019
jimglas | February 6, 2019

interesting article

JustSaying | February 6, 2019

I will stick to bean counting. Great article.

Roger1 | February 7, 2019

Battery EVs seem to be 'happier' in warm climates where the ambient temperature keeps the battery chemistry in an optimum range. In a cooler climate, the Tesla usually can't absorb all the power from regenerative braking resulting in wasted energy and more brake wear. An ultracapacitor should be able to absorb power when cold allowing the regenerative braking to operate consistently regardless of the temperature.

Integrating an ultracapacitor into the drive electronics would also buffer the battery from high current demand during heavy acceleration. The ultracapacitor could buffer the energy requirements for the drive train and allow the battery to deliver energy at lower current levels to meet the average demand for power rather than the peaks. Absorbing power from regeneration would also reduce the amount of battery charge/discharge cycling. The battery would be charged from a home EVSE or Supercharger and then be discharged without experiencing multiple little charge/discharge cycles along the way. Handling the battery gently would seem to be better for longevity.

The dry electrode coating technology sounds like it could increase battery capacity. Maxwell seems to have interesting technology for EVs and energy storage products that Musk will find creative ways to exploit.