Tesla Model E

Tesla Model E

Anyone else feel that the Model E needs to come out by 2015 at the latest?

JamesH | September 19, 2013

I would love to own a Tesla, but as with most people can not afford the price range of the Model S (Which is beautiful) or the Model X (also beautiful). I have been looking at the Nissan Leaf or BMW I3 but that would be a large step down from the Tesla. The real world needs the Model E! Regular income families (working class) need an all electric vehicle that has Tesla's range!
Please.... Work on a car for the rest of us!

DarrellH | September 19, 2013

That's been in the business plan for 10 years. It takes time. Hang on. It's coming.

up north | September 19, 2013

they could show a sketch of the gen 111 and start taking reservations of 10% down $4,000.00. the extra money could help excelerate the roll out date a little. and it would be fun to keep track of the reservations.

holidayday | September 19, 2013

Yes, I sure wish they could accelerate the BlueStar/Gen III / Model E. But I think the critical path is the merge between battery cost and battery range. As costs come down and energy density goes up, there is a matching point that makes the price of the car better for everyone. People need to be able to afford it, and Tesla needs to keep making a profit to stay in business while having a supply line that can keep up with expected demand.

The best estimate that Tesla (Elon Musk) has given is "3-4 years" away, which I take to mean "about 5 years away", based on the previous claims and resulting delays for Model S and Model X.

Yes, I sure wish it was faster than that, but unless a miracle happens in battery technology, the best path is 3-4 years away (meaning at best 2016, and probably 2017). I'll predict 2018 now, which allows me to be happily surprised if they beat that date, but not too disappointed if delays keep it from coming to market until then.

Brian H | September 20, 2013

Model E is the goal; Models S & X are the means.

David N | September 20, 2013

Speaking of gen3, Elon has mentioned 20% smaller with a minimum 200 mile range, but has Tesla ever mentioned what type of vehicle it will be, or what they're leaning towards? SUV, Sedan, ?

Brian H | September 20, 2013

Family sedan, 5-seater.

Brian H | September 20, 2013

But also a crossover; there will be a Model EX, too.

grega | September 21, 2013

Naturally we don't just need a cheaper EV, we need the ICEV and EV versions of a similar car to be a similar price.

David N | September 21, 2013

What do you think it would be similar too, size wise ?
Accord? Highlander? Pilot? Camry? Larger? smaller?

Mike T | September 22, 2013

It will be similar to BMW/A4 in size and better performance