Tesla Model S saves marriages, prevents balding, cures depression and raises IQ

Tesla Model S saves marriages, prevents balding, cures depression and raises IQ

This is really a post about dramatic often negative subject lines. I wish people would consider how many people see the subject and react without ever reading the post to find out how minor the complaints may be. However, my wife and I go places together more, my thin hair is now out of the sun, i am definitely happy,and listen to podcast i never new existed.

sancann | March 7, 2013

For some people it may be problematic to put an issue into perspective. I agree some of the issues mentioned seem small but some owners are only concerned about their own problems and use headlines designed to get a reaction in order to get a response from TM. It has worked for a few and it appears we see that technique used from time to time.

Electron | March 7, 2013

Getting a response from TM by posting to a public forum (even one maintained and presumably monitored by them) is like getting customer service from apple by standing in the parking lot of an apple store complaining to passers by. Much better to use the forum to connect with other other owners, learn about the car, dealing with TM, common problems and solutions, etc. but don't expect he from Tesla unless you CALL Tesla.

Electron | March 7, 2013

That should be don't expect help from Tesla.

jat | March 7, 2013

I think in general, online forums are heavily weighted towards those with something to complain about. You don't bother to take the time if everything is fine, particularly if you expected it to be. For me personally, everything has far exceeded my expectations with no hardware issues and very minor software glitches, and the car itself is better than I had hoped it would be.

In addition, you have trolls who don't have the car and are just making stuff up for whatever reason. Nobody comes here to make up stories about how great the car is, so that is another factor leading towards negativity. | March 7, 2013

"& it will cure your asthma too!" (Frank Zappa)

NOPetrol | March 7, 2013

@ sancann and here is a perfect example of that....

Pungoteague_Dave | March 7, 2013

The best headlines are the most provocative.

GeirT | March 7, 2013


Brian H | March 7, 2013

Could be even more dramatic if you juggle the verbs a bit:



Noah.S | March 7, 2013

I've actually been surprised at how positive the Tesla forums are. Every other post seems to be an owner talking about the Tesla Grin.

Maybe I'm just used to game forums, which are notoriously negative, but considering how few complaints are on here, I'm impressed. At their current production (400 a week now?), the handful of complaints on here suggest impressive quality work by a start up.

sancann | March 7, 2013


I agree calling TM is a better solution and that is the path I would follow. Yet I can clearly remember a post from several weeks ago in which someone came on the forum and posted several threads with the same headline, "Tells lies to customers!". An the essence of his post was that a customer service person at the store level told him that he would get heated cloth seats without payi the new price. After posting this for several days TM gave in and gave him the heated seats for the old price. In My opinion by giving in it reinforced that if you make enough noise on these forums TM gives in and leads to copats with whatever the issue of the day turns out to be. So from my perspective TM rewarded someone for screaming the loudest to get something they were not entitled.

penguin_brian | March 7, 2013

Nothing wrong with complaining here, however you should *always* complain first to Telsa and give them a chance to rectify the problem first. Even if you have heard bad stories from other people.

After giving Telsa a serious chance to rectify the issue, and only then, come back here and report your success or failure at getting the problem resolved. Also make sure you say you did contact Tesla and describe the response your got.

If it is a serious issue that might affect others, you might want to come straight here. e.g. the thread on the nuts not done up securely. Or if you suddenly discover Tesla is using the cars as a means to smuggle in an alien invasion force. Or something.

In general though, I think there are complaints I have seen here that aren't serious safety issues, and the complainer may not have given Telsa the opportunity to resolve them.

Having said that, I really think Tesla should monitor these forums more for negative feedback (this does not mean giving complainers preferential treatment) even just to reassure other people that the situation is under control. It should also be easy to see at a glance who works for Tesla (some forums will highlight this sort of information).

(nothing specific to Telsa here; in the above text replace Telsa with any other vendor for any industry and the text will still be true)

penguin_brian | March 7, 2013

Also when judging feedback from a user (whether good or bad) you really need to know something about the poster.

Not easy with this forum software. You can't find the basics easily: How long has this user been posting? What are his recent posts? etc

Unless you monitor these forums continuously and get a feel for the regulars.

Many people won't do that though. As a such making judgements with insufficient data.