Tesla Model X spotted in the wild...

Tesla Model X spotted in the wild...

Tesla Model X Spotted on Public Road in Culver City, California

DTsea | January 7, 2014

With side windows, must be a newer prototype

DTsea | January 7, 2014

side mirrors i meant

ccbldg | January 7, 2014

DT: Side view mirrors are still the law in the U.S. unfortunately. Tesla is lobbying for cams presently.

DTsea | January 7, 2014

Yes, but the original Model X prototype only had cameras there (to show what it would look like and make a case to change the law) - so seeing a prototype WITH mirrors, means to me that they are getting closer to a street legal configuration- ie making progress toward production.

jbunn | January 7, 2014


NotARichMan | January 7, 2014


Bighorn | January 7, 2014

Looks like the same vehicle I saw parked inside Hawthorne over Thanksgiving, mirrors and all.

GLO | January 7, 2014


ian | January 8, 2014

Whoa! How did I miss this?


ian | January 8, 2014

Oh, and why is this in the "S" threads? There is a whole section for the X you know. ;-)

NumberOne | January 9, 2014

This looks a lot, cross that out, exactly like the Model X that was on display at the Detroit Auto show last year. Just saying!

ian | January 9, 2014

Did anyone actually see it moving on it's own?

Low CG | January 9, 2014

Oh the Mrs. is going to like that.