Tesla Motors Charging Network

Tesla Motors Charging Network

I have seen some mention in this forum about Tesla's plans to deploy their own charging stations. I was wondering if anyone actually had more information on this. Where did this information/rumor come from? Was there any mention of when, how many and where these would be? Any speculation on where they should put them?

The obvious answer for me would be to have them along freeways between their retail/service locations with an interval of about 100 miles but that would take a very large number of them.

Could non-Tesla cars charge at these locations? So many questions. They all might become irrelevant if a large public charging network will appear but will either be in time for the Model S reservation holders to use when we get our cars?

Teoatawki | February 16, 2012

Correction: 2 level 2 charging stations.

phb | February 16, 2012

@Teoatawki: Fantastic! It looks like the chargers are right up front in the "family parking" area! From the check-ins on Recargo it seems like they're often occupied by ICEs even though there are signs reserving them for EVs.

IKEA is, at a minimum, a two hour trip for us. About 1 hour to walk through the upstairs show room area and pick out all the thing/look at ideas for what "we" might want later, then a stop at the restaurant for some of those little Swedish Meatballs (30 minutes) then about 30 minutes to go through the "marketplace" down stairs and put everything in our shopping cart and then check out. If we aren't really moving it can easily take longer than 2 hours.

Robert.Boston | February 16, 2012

If I recall, those chargers are only 6.6kW, but even still a couple of hours will add 40-50 miles of range, which should add enough to get you home.

phb | February 16, 2012

^^ That was exactly what I was thinking. It might be possible to do without recharging but I'd have to really watch my speed and I would be worried about adding too much flat-packed, crappy furniture. That stuff can be pretty heavy.

Jason S | February 16, 2012

I didn't check if this has been asked before, but...

Many J1772 locations on these share apps are at Nissan dealerships. How do they react when somebody pulls in with a different car? Anybody know yet?

stephen.kamichik | February 16, 2012

Jason S.....go to and look at the videos. One video shows a TM roadster being charged at a Nissan dealership using a 240 volt plug to J1772 adapter. The model S comes with a J1772 adapter, therefore the model S can be charged at Nissan dealership.

David70 | February 16, 2012

The real question is "Will all dealers permit non-Nissan EVs to charge?" So far different people have indicated different results.

Jason S | February 16, 2012

So be sure to have my film crew handy when pulling up to a Nissan dealership to charge my model S? That way the film can show how wonderful the Nissan folks are?

ggr | February 17, 2012

I heard from a Leaf owner at work in San Diego that the local Nissan dealers will only allow charging for Leafs bought from them. They won't even charge someone else's Leaf.

Leofingal | February 18, 2012

The dealership near us allows anyone to charge from what I have heard, so it is probably up to the dealer.

nuchil | September 27, 2012

Why not just partner with McDonald's or Sonic Burgers and have Superchargers co-located with these Fast Food locations on the Interstate? Then McDonanl's slogan could be we Supercharge instead of Supersize!

Mark E | September 27, 2012

@nuchil: I'd rather be able to eat something while it charges. That rules out McDonalds completely - I won't eat there. We don't have Sonic here in Australia so I have no idea - but I expect them to be just as bad.

You'll have 30-45 minutes to eat, it doesn't have to be like a drive through.

Brian H | September 27, 2012

I agree, Mark, but McDonalds is trying reel hard to go upscale, if the ads I see (briefly, before I can get to my DVR skip button) are to be believed!

cerjor | September 27, 2012

I agree with Alex K that we need something between LA and Phoenix.

William9 | September 30, 2012

+1 I'm trying to get to Tucson from NorCal in December. Figure I'm going to have to spend the night in a sleeping bag at an RV park outside of Quartzite to make it. Of course, I'll have Razz, the wonder dog, to keep me warm!

Alex K | September 30, 2012

@William9 | SEPTEMBER 30, 2012:Figure I'm going to have to spend the night in a sleeping bag at an RV park outside of Quartzite to make it. Of course, I'll have Razz, the wonder dog, to keep me warm!

You can stop at the nearby KOA campground at Blythe. They have Cabins available (according to their website). No need to rough it.

William9 | September 30, 2012

The stretch from the Lebec, CA SuperCharger to Blythe, CA is 296 miles which seems to be pushing it a bit. So will need a sip in Palm Springs, I would think. Any ideas? Would love to find a 14-50 I could use for an hour, which would give me about 30 miles range which should do it.

William9 | September 30, 2012

Actually, may have answered my own question. Turns out that going from Harris Ranch to Barstow, then from Barstow to Blythe, can be done. Better spacing of Superchargers, with no segment over 230 miles. Would be nice if there was an area in this forum for trip planning.

jackhub | September 30, 2012

All of the stores are owned by Tesla. They do not have dealers.

Brian H | September 30, 2012

Leofingal's talking about Leaf dealerships, I believe.

Tiebreaker | October 1, 2012

@Brian H, hard to believe, you let that one slip? It's a reel big fish to miss!

Brian H | October 1, 2012


Tiebreaker | October 1, 2012

@Brian H: "...but McDonalds is trying reel hard to go upscale..." Reel big fish... to miss... :-P