Tesla not answering emails.

Tesla not answering emails.

Hey there, anybody had this problem.

I got a email a while ago from my Tesla configuration specialist, and he said the usual "feel free to contact me if ... ".

Now I have tried a few times (in the last 2-3 weeks) to send him emails asking for questions... so far no answers.

It is not reassuring...

AlMc | May 19, 2013

never had this issue. Usually when I call if I don't directly speak to a person then they return the call within 4-5 hours. Emails returned within 24 hours..usually within 4-5 hours. Just my experience

MS-lover | May 19, 2013

Some issues may be due to vacation etc. Recommend you call. My Inside Delivery Experience Specialist was on vacation when it was time to finish documents so took a few days to get initial response (I am on the eager side, poor Tesla employees). When I called the main number they said they would leave a message with them. Wonder if your emails going into big black hole! 2-3 weeks way too long. My experience same as with in regards to configuration specialist but as soon as I asked about the VIN I was past to my Inside Delivery Experience Specialist. The VIN came next day, coincidentally. Since my Inside Delivery Experience Specialist was on vacation she had hundred plus emails plus messages to go thru.

Brian H | May 19, 2013

TM employees? On vacation? What nonsense is this? This wasteful practice must be ended immediately. >:(