Tesla Please Fix Dancing Cars in visualization screen

Tesla Please Fix Dancing Cars in visualization screen

Dancing cars around M3 when come to a stop is annoying and embarrassing. There has been two software releases and no fix yet. I notice this also happened in MS as well. If no fix available, I would just prefer to disable the surrounding cars when M3/MS come to a stop. Please Fix.

jimglas | June 26, 2019

its a feature not a bug
you should be happy it was free

rob | June 26, 2019

Can they at least follow the beat? If they are going to leave it then they should enhance it to follow the music.

Slonkis | June 26, 2019

I think they do!

FISHEV | June 26, 2019

A topic that has come up frequently and your wishes are certainly in the majority.

As near as anyone can figure, the visualization matches what the sensors report vs. just being a graphics fix. It's been going on a long time, annoys just about everybody, embarrasses a lot of people when their buds with other high end cars with 360 sensing get in and start busting on them for Tesla having issues.

Tesla should probably just ditch the visualization as it doesn't provide any useful information.

jimglas | June 26, 2019

mine do
but i have been told I have no rhythm

howard | June 26, 2019

It was better a few updates ago. Probably get better over the next few! Might need HW3 before it does.

globalMan | June 26, 2019

My understanding that all software (any company) must go through thorough system testing (or other similar named testing) before they are released to the customers.

I guess when the Tesla system testers saw the dancing cars, they just said "Well, it is good enough..."

Sunergy-NJ | June 26, 2019

I just assume the middle of the dancing car is probably right and extrapolate. Since it only happens when I'm standing still it hardly seems to matter.

TM3Q | June 26, 2019

It’s based on quantum theory!

What you are seeing is many position of the same car resulting in a dancing effect....


EVRider | June 26, 2019

Why are the dancing cars annoying and embarrassing? Since you can’t watch video in the browser, enjoy the show!

leo33 | June 26, 2019

It's one of those things that will annoy you if you are looking for a reason to be annoyed with Tesla. But most people see it for what it is, a harmless quirk that will eventually get fixed with a firmware update.

Trekman | June 26, 2019

You people obviously haven't found the (buried) config in one of the advanced menu settings where you can adjust the amount of coffee each adjacent driver can receive?

calvin940 | June 26, 2019



A common sense response to a zero impact visual software glitch.


I guess when the Tesla system testers saw the dancing cars, they just said "Well, it is good enough..."

Since don't understand software development, I will explain.

"we have discovered a graphical defect in the visualization.

1. Is it important?
2. Does it have influence / impact on driving?
3. Do we hold up the software release to address this or keep to the schedule to release the fixes we deem important and of consequence?

In later releases, they would also have to decide whether this gets fixed or some other items which again they likely deem important. This one falls down the priority list no doubt.

I am sure that someone will bring up "but they work on games" to which I reply that is a different team. Visualization is a part of the core system so different skillset.

lilbean | June 26, 2019

I like the dancing cars. :)

M3phan | June 26, 2019

Since it wasn’t an issue on older visualizations, this too will get fixed. Andrew it doesn’t do it when driving only when stopped and even then not all the time.

globalMan | June 26, 2019

calvin940: I assume there is a system test case on the sanity of the graphics. Obviously, that test case would had failed by any tester with working eyes. Now, it is true that they could still release the software providing that the failed case is not a major impact to a number of criteria determined the management. In that case, an open ticket would had been created, and it should be expected the issue would be fixed in the next release. Now, we all know that this dancing car issue had appeared and reappeared from a number of software updates, and in most companies that would be not acceptable.

BTW, the car graphics are there not for entertainment purposes. They are there for safety reason. I am sure the feature was intended for the driver to be aware of cars if any around his/her car. Whether such a safety feature is or high or low priority is quite obvious.

FYI, I have over 15 years of software development experience some of which were in system testing.

-TheJohn- | June 26, 2019

I like it when they spin wildly around. My wife and daughter thinks they are hilarious.
I personally don't care. They don't distract me in the least.

jestrada3 | June 26, 2019

@gllivyl - Best response in this thread. I'm guessing @calvin940 is an engineer on Tesla's system testing team.....

howard | June 26, 2019

gllivyl +1

Magic 8 Ball | June 27, 2019

You are much more aware of cars around you, on a graphics display, when they are doing the jiggle.

Safe enough for ya?

alisse | June 27, 2019

I'd *like* to think that Tesla is working towards identifying which direction cars around you are facing and that the algorithm isn't quite right yet. Not sure how much of UI is considered "beta" but Google got away with buggy software for years releasing it as beta and eventually fixing or retiring those functions based on usage and demand.

It does seem worse at certain times, though I have yet to discerns any noticeable pattern. But like others have mentioned, this is a very small issue compared to all the other benefits the car provides. And like others, I hope it's stabilized/fixed sooner rather than later.

calvin940 | June 27, 2019


"would be fixed in the next release."

Thats your flawed assumption. It would be assigned to a release based on whatever criteria is used to prioritize tickets for a given release. Clearly it hasn't been assigned a priority necessary to be included in the releases yet (certainly ahead of other desired items).

As for importance, that visualization plays no part in driving for a driver. It is just a graphical representation of what the system sees but clearly not material to its operation hence isn't a high enough priority to address.

calvin940 | June 27, 2019

P. S since we are talking credentials, I have 35 years in software development and am an electrical engineer.

globalMan | June 27, 2019


It is my opinion that the dancing car issue is of high (-er) priority, and therefore it should had been fixed asap upon its discovery, such as the following software release(s).

It is your opinion that the issue is of low priority, and therefore you opined the fix can wait for a much later release.

There's no "flawed assumption" here; there is only "difference in opinions".

Also, according to my opinion, the graphical representations of cars adjacent to the subject car are there for a good safety purpose, not like your opinion of "..plays no part in driving for a driver". Although the driver is still responsible for making sure of the existence and proximity of cars around him/her, the graphical representations do help, quite a lot, again, in my opinion.

As to "...I have 35 years in software development and am an electrical engineer", it is in my opinion that sometimes the "law of diminishing returns" just might apply here. Again, it is just an opinion.

BTW, I bring up this dancing car issue, and opined that Tesla should fix it asap, only because I love my Model 3 that much.

Magic 8 Ball | June 27, 2019

Honey I am holding your hand on the hot stove because I love you so much.

casun | June 27, 2019

i only notice this when completely stopped and as such i don’t see it as a safety issue at all.

globalMan | June 27, 2019

Some of us (if not most) would like to be aware of cars next to us, before or when we start to move from a stopped position. Like I said, the visual representation of cars around you can help.

Last time I checked, some cars still spin abnormally when I started to move my car from still.

leo33 | June 27, 2019

@casun Yeah, the attempts to rationalize indignant complaints by pretending it's anything more than a harmless display glitch are a real stretch.

FISHEV | June 27, 2019

@gllivyl +10 on all comments. Thanks for the rational and polite response despite the ankle biters.

calvin940 | June 27, 2019


"It is your opinion that the issue is of low priority, and therefore you opined the fix can wait for a much later release"

Actually it's not my opinion that it is low priority. It's actually my opinion that Tesla has assigned it as a low priority or it would have been addressed.

"it is in my opinion that sometimes the "law of diminishing returns" just might apply here. Again, it is just an opinion."

I can see how that may be your opinion at 15 years. If you feeling you arent learning new things, then I can see why you feel that way.

I have done so many different types of software development that I am growing and learning new things with each experience. I assure you that software development knowledge is not finite. I think you will see that too.

And as for loving Tesla, I am not slighting you for your opinion. I love them too and also want them to address issues but my honest opinion is that there are much more important things that I would like them to address than the dancing cars and it would appear that Tesla is of that same opinion or they would have addessed it by now.

Joshan | June 27, 2019

so the Tesla is giving you data that no other car does. But if it is not how you want to see it, it is a safety issue? So is every other car on the road unsafe since they do not show this data at all, let alone dancing?

cosmicwarrior | June 27, 2019

I hate the dancing cars, I hope they fix this too.

globalMan | June 27, 2019

"So is every other car on the road unsafe since they do not show this data at all, let alone dancing?"

In my opinion, Tesla Model 3 is a (much) better car than "every other car on the road"; but it does not preclude Tesla from improving itself to get even better.

"But if it is not how you want to see it..."
I think most if not all of us do not want to see the cars dancing like that. Do you?

If your answer is yes like some others are saying "it is fun to see them dancing...", then I rest my case.

Joshan | June 27, 2019

You portray it as a safety issue though. If it is a safety issue how is any other car safe to drive since they do not have this data at all?

It is only visible when you are stopped, not driving. It is annoying, but not a major issue and not a safety risk. They will fix it for sure and there are even articles on the internet stating why it is happening if you care to look.

jimglas | June 27, 2019

you will miss them when they are gone

globalMan | June 27, 2019

"If it is a safety issue how is any other car safe to drive since they do not have this data at all?"

Not sure why you (and a couple of other posters) kept on mentioning other cars...As I said Tesla Model 3 is a much better car and, in my opinion Tesla was doing the right thing by attempting to make the car even better by adding this car visualization feature, as a safety feature in my opinion.

It just happened that there is a software glitch in this feature and many of us are just trying to express our opinions on either how annoying the dancing cars are, or how important a fix is needed for safety purpose.

Just like software and hardware design/development, redundancy features are often implemented whenever feasible. For example, Model 3 will display a visual warning message on the screen and make an audible warning sound as well when a hazardous condition is potentially to occur (too many to mention). In this car visualization case, Tesla is attempting to provide redundancy in terms of making sure the driver is aware of cars around him/her, in addition to what most of us would do with our naked eyes (or via the side or rear-facing mirrors). When it comes to safety, redundancy plays a very meaningful role. Again, just my opinion.

M3Tesla | June 27, 2019

Agree with you on all points.

In business when the customers complaint, it has the highest priority. Company priority is not relevant. This issue could be impact company brand & stock price if the media/short sellers blow this thing up and laughing at Tesla. Any SW release should be going through engineering validation and approval cycle. Clearly this issue was not caught during DevTest. You never wan to release a known bug to the field which cause major customer sat problem. If you think it's minor issue & not working properly then disable it. Releasing a known bug to the field is bad decision.

globalMan | June 27, 2019

@vuthan +1.

Techy James | June 27, 2019

Just for the record, I occasionally due Lyft giving people their first experience with a Tesla. Most people noticed that is shows the vehicles around you and thinks that is a great feature and helpful when your driving. Then I had one passage say it was entertaining to watch the dancing cars when we was stopped. No one has yet had a negative comment about this feature/quirk. Definitely since it only occurs while stopped anyone indicating it was a safety problem must a Tesla Hater.
Most people instead of Hating over such a small flaw that only affects visual data when stopped will either wait for it be fixed, submit feedback to Tesla, and/or submit a bug report.

This just reminds me you got the 3 groups of People when it comes to Tesla.
1) Those like me that understand Technology and realize that some quirks are to be expected along the road to FSD. Item like this that have no impact on vehicle operation is nothing to get worked up over.
2) Those that similar to another Social Media person that loves to actually stir up Hate thinks there leader can do no harm.
3) Tesla Haters that will always want more and never be happy until all Disrupters like Tesla are gone and Gas is King again. These are who cares what the side effects are I want my 10 MPG that can haul 10 tons Truck to carry home my groceries from the store. Who care if I destroy our world, I won't be around to see the effects in 20 years from now.

calvin940 | June 27, 2019


Company priorities are in fact the only thing that is relevant. Do customer complaints and opinions factor into those priorities? Of course they absolutely do.

In my career, I have worked on many COTS products, SAAS, embedded, etc. We have always taken customer feedback seriously. That feedback factors into priorities and roadmap which in turn drives the decisions on features to add, bugs to fix etc in which releases.

We assess many factors like:

1. Does it affect our customers core ability to conduct their business with our product?
2. Does the bug have a serious side-effect? Even if the probability of it occurring is infinitesimal, sometimes we as the software company don't want to absorb the risk even if it is small because the consequences are large.

Sometimes (but not often) in the case of visual *only* defect, we have chosen to address it in a release due to the potential negative perception effects. The issues in question had made our software look unprofessional in certain areas and regardless of the issue being immaterial, we felt it could have lead to an erosion of trust in our software due to the defect. Even those issues weren't evaluated on their own, but due to a circumstance of "over the past x releases we chose to ignore these inconsequential issues that now the cummulative effect can lead to erosion" so we chose to address them".

Sometimes we also have maintenance releases where we choose to address the lower priority *visible* items in an effort to curb any such perceptions as well even though there was really no technical reason to do so.

I don't really care to have discussions about shorts, long pants or any other such stuff. All of that is beyond our control. Suffice it to say that shorts would have much more ammo to use regarding other features not behaving as they should over the dancing cars defect.

Finally, my point in all this is that the software company (in this case Tesla) would have evaluated all these things and CLEARLY made a decision not to address the issue ahead of other things planned for the software release.

This isn't my opinion. It is fact by virtue of the fact that it is not addressed.

bryan.whitton | June 27, 2019

Here I thought that Tesla made them move like that intentionally. I figured they just wanted to be sure you saw the cars close to you. If they stay still you wouldn''t notice them as easily.

globalMan | June 27, 2019

Techy James: Let me improve on your categorization list, by adding

4) Those who truly love their Tesla cars (Model 3 in my case) and think the Model 3 is a better car than most if not all other cars in the market, and at the same time and for the same reason would like Tesla improve itself wherever and whenever feasible.

As you said, "...some quirks are to be expected...", and I'd like to add "fixing the quirks are also to be expected in a timely fashion". Safety issue (even if it is on a feature of auxiliary nature) is of high(er) priority, in my opinion.

M3Tesla | June 27, 2019

I understand from a technical point of view but from a business I still believe it's bad decision to push out new/known bugs to the field. I dontt know if there is any marketing/business person involve in SW release, if not I suggest to include a customer advocacy to the approval list.

Joshan | June 27, 2019

what makes you think they are not fixing it? This just started happening. Did you contact them to address the issue or just complain to random people on the internet. Do you think Tesla reass these forums?

Do you think they are just collecting your money and laughing on the way to the bank?

I just do not underdstand your motivation and what you are hoping to gain....

If an owner comes here to discuss a weird bug that could cause people harm, I totally get it. A weird graphical glitch that only manifests when you are compeltely stopped and everyone can see? no idea...

Mountain please meet mole hill.

Joshan | June 27, 2019

@vuthan I think you need to get a better underdstanding about software development (my job).

There are Bugs in EVERY piece of software, sometimes they are found by testers before release and sometimes they are not.

I am sure this was seen by testers, but it was than weighed against the risk of deploying or not deploying (I just left a GO/NO GO meeing). The release likely had things deemed worthy enough and in the best interest of the end user to push the update now.

It will be fixed, its not a big deal, there is no safety risk involved.

I will give you a insider tip... There will be more bugs in the future.


leo33 | June 27, 2019

I think this was a decision to put a good feature ahead of a perfect feature. When first introduced, it only showed the car in front. Later they added cars on the sides in adjacent lanes. Just few months ago, the adjacent cars still appeared to move around, merging into and out of your own car. It wasn't perfect, but in my opinion, it was better than not displaying them. It has since improved, nearly eliminating the funky instability of position when moving, and also showing more lanes and more cars in your vicinity. I have no doubt that it will continue to improve, and the very entertaining cars dancing at stoplights will settle down and become boring.

These complaints remind me of the alcantara kerfuffle, where a handful of accounts complained over and over about something trivial in order to generate discontent, and causing the illusion of more discontent than really existed. (For some, it's almost like that is the intent.)

Joshan | June 27, 2019

Want to know what the other option is?

A old standard build that goes through months of testing and is never updated. You only get new features or updates by going to the dealer and paying cash or buying a new car.

Is that the model you prefer? if so you bought the wrong car.

Joshan | June 27, 2019

*gold standard... wish there was an edit

calvin940 | June 27, 2019

vuthan | June 27, 2019
I understand from a technical point of view but from a business I still believe it's bad decision to push out new/known bugs to the field. I dontt know if there is any marketing/business person involve in SW release, if not I suggest to include a customer advocacy to the approval list.

I am not someone that thinks the dancing cars is cute. I personally don't like it at all. It is really of no consequence as it only happens at a stop (most of the time but not always). I would like it to go away for sure and the sooner the better.

However, I feel that Tesla has other areas to focus on like complaints of cars pushing people "back into a lane" as a false positives on Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. While I have only experienced that a couple of times, they have been benign and easily correctable. Others however seem to have a larger concern with their experiences and I would prefer Tesla focus on those types of things. It is a personal preference of course, so take it as it is.

leo33 | June 27, 2019

@Joshan +1. And "old standard" fits too.