Tesla to produce all-wheel drive Model S sedan next year

Tesla to produce all-wheel drive Model S sedan next year

jeffaa | August 5, 2013

All those*

Damn autocorrect... And me not checking...

negarholger | August 5, 2013

Yes - it is called the model X...

Olof | August 5, 2013

I wonder if you get double the power with 2 motors. 0-60 in 2.2 seconds?

Does the battery have high enough discharge rate for a lot more power?. 310 kW at 85 kWh should be about 4 C. Pretty low. I've seen batteries as high as 30C. Any idea how much you can get out of a Tesla pack anybody?

justineet | August 5, 2013

@Kleist...the story is saying they r planning to do it for Model S too. If true, Tesla pobably did not want the story to leak now if they believe it has any chance to slow current sales.

negarholger | August 5, 2013

MS and MX share the same platform so it would be pretty straight forward ( except frunk floor mats ). The question I have will there MX with AWD from the very beginning or 3-6 month later. And yes we could have a suprise that MX and MS get it at the same time.

justineet | August 5, 2013

MX was well's a new story for's good news for those who really want it...maybe people who live in bad weather..

negarholger | August 5, 2013

@justineet - but what I have learned from news stories... they talk a lot and listen very little.

TikiMan | August 5, 2013

I doubt Tesla will build an all-wheel drive MS for 2014, that will be faster than a P85. If anything, they will build it for those who live in bad weather states, and need the extra traction. There is no way Tesla wants to piss-off the current owners by building a much faster MS just a year after releasing the current P85.

Now on the other hand; I can see Tesla building a faster more exotic EV coup some day, which will be priced far above that of the current fully loaded P85+ (say $250k). However, I suspect Tesla will wait until they release a 150kwh battery, before they build it, so it can handle the larger motors nessassary to release that kind of extra power.

Right now Tesla needs to be focused on diversity of EV's for the masses, and a Gen 3 EV, not trumping Ferrari, Lamborgini, et al. Tesla needs to be the Toyota of EV cars to move up into world domination. Not some niche exotic auto-maker for the few.

justineet | August 5, 2013

@TikMan...four wheel is not's highly wanted by some segment of reuglar car buyers. It's possible they will introduce MS-4 wheel when they introduce MX.......but on the other hand sometimes the media is known to engage in unfounded rumors sometimes..

negarholger | August 5, 2013

@TikiMan - as you said AWD drive is mainly for foul weather driving due to better distribution of regen. And for snow you definetly want to have extra clearance of the MX... AWD MS would not be very high on my list.

Brian H | August 6, 2013

No, you don't get twice the power with the extra motor up front. The limiting factor is the # of kW the battery can supply. The AWD MX will be about the same hp as the MS.

thranx | August 6, 2013

Makes no sense to add AWD to the sedan when the model X is coming out. It would only cannibalize model X sales just when the company needs to establish a second model in the marketplace.

SD Supercharger | August 6, 2013


LEvans | August 6, 2013

The Model X will not fit in my garage with with doors opening up. The Model S would just barely fit in the garage of my 1940s house. The only reason I have not traded in my E550 for a Model is the lack of AWD. Living in the North East I can't imagine buying a daily driver without AWD.

About half of all Mercedes E and S class vehicles are sold with AWD and I am really glad that Tesla is finally realizing they need to offer AWD with the Model S.

avanti | August 6, 2013

As a DeLoren owner, I can attest that properly-designed gull-wing doors do NOT take extra space in your garage. They take LESS space. The pivot-point is near the center of the vehicle, so the motion is primarily up, not out. If you can squeeze out of the car, you will be able to open the doors. In the DeLorean, the required clearance is about 11 inches. Here's a video:

(Yes, I know. We aren't supposed to call them "gull-wing" doors. Bah!)

shop | August 6, 2013

Yipes, that's tight. Doesnt look like even gull wings are an issue.

ppape | August 6, 2013

Avanti- Great video! Thanks for posting it. Clears up a few questions I had also.


JZ13 | August 6, 2013

I live in So. Cal w/ no need for AWD for weather purposes but I am VERY excited to upgrade to the AWD S for performance reasons. Quicker accelleration and MUCH better handling; like a sports car.

TikiMan | August 6, 2013


I wasn't trying to state AWD is exotic, however, some here have speculated that with AWD the MS would be much faster by having two P85 motors working in tandem (ie. super-car exotic speeds similar to that of a Lambo that can go from 0-60 is under 3 seconds).

It is possible that an AWD P85 might be a tiny but quicker off the line (maybe a 10th of a second less, due to better traction), however, I highly doubt that an MS with AWD would be super-car exotic fast, as that is not the intention of what they would be making an AWD MS for.

Olof | August 6, 2013

Brian H:
How do you know that the battery has a limited power to the 310 kW level that the P85 puts out?

They are talking about a possible 5 minute super charging. Reverse the process to discharge and you have 1020 kW, over three times more power than a P85.

Jolinar | August 6, 2013

they are talking about 5 minute charging for future cars, not for Model S.

JonathanL | August 6, 2013


I don't think Tesla has confirmed plans for an AWD S so we can't tell what their intention would be for an AWD MS. My hope would be that they would build it to be super-car exotic speed. Elon wants it to handle like a McLaren, why not accelerate like one too. I would also think at a minimum they would want it to be at least as fast as a Porsche Panamara Turbo S as that is the only true sedan around that can out accelerate an MS. However, the Panamara would still have the superior sound system, unless Tesla changes that too. Ferrari and Porsche (918) are both adding front wheel electric motors to increase both speed and fuel economy. I would not mind AWD for bad weather handling too, but I would be most interested in the performance.

RedShift | August 6, 2013

A Tesla supercar with AWD would very much lift the already high profile of Tesla.

AWD TMS will eat into Audi, a few other luxury sedan sales, and should be done.
Especially considering the TMX front drive motor might be easy to fit onto the TMS front axle.

Brian H | August 6, 2013

JD stated at one time that there was no additional acceleration or power with MX AWD. The advantage is directing it where it works best. Eg, FWD for hwy, RWD for initial accel, etc. Plus more detailed torque control. The motors are not the same as the MS single motor.

aspera | February 7, 2014

Question: Do the front and rear motors use different gear ratios?

Car t man | February 8, 2014

They could but we can't say either way. The front motor could have taller gearing for instance and be driving the car to higher top speed, since
it would hit the top rpms at higher speed.

The S is rmp constrained currently.

And yes, Tesla would and probably will build a faster S because:

1. There is demand, especially in Germany and some other markets
2. Because it isn't worried about pissing off current owners,
because Tesla has a trade in program and Tesla will gladly
sell you a more expensive car yet again, and do so
indefinitely. It is what business is all about.

So with the AWD version, it is possible to get better
acceleration due to grip and top speed, if either
motor has taller gearing.

jkn | February 8, 2014

Top speed is likely limited by continuous power battery can give. That is limited by battery cooling. It is also limited by unpractically short range in faster speeds.

My design would be: Small front motor used alone when its power is enough. When more power is needed rear motor is used alone. When grip is limited, on ice or at full acceleration, both motors are used. Even if battery can't provide more power, this would increase acceleration.

Al1 | February 8, 2014

The article is written on August 5, 2013. Tesla had plenty of time since then to make an announcement, if this was the plan.