Tesla Roadster Unresponsive - 3rd Time!

Tesla Roadster Unresponsive - 3rd Time!

My 2008 Roadster just "bricked itself" for the second time while connected directly to its charger. It's worth noting this car also "bricked itself" on the charger for the first owner of the car. This makes a grand total of 3 bricked batteries for this car. I hope Tesla does the right thing this time. This might make an interesting national news story , who knows . . . ?

MileHighMotoring | October 19, 2015

Did they ever replace the PEM?

MileHighMotoring | October 19, 2015

And sorry to hear that, that's a serious bummer.

jonbenn | October 20, 2015

Not sure what a PEM is. They replaced the first battery for first owner free of charge. I paid about $8,000 for the second battery. I don't plan to put more cash into this car. Maybe it will make a nice lawn sculpture.

MileHighMotoring | October 20, 2015

The Power Electronics Module - it's the large black thing you see when you pop the trunk.

When was the last time you drove it? Was it fully charged when it bricked, or in storage mode plugged in, etc? I'm curious what state it was in when the battery bricked.

jonbenn | October 24, 2015

The car was on the portable charger in storage mode. Although I had not driven the car in a month or so, I checked on the charge status every 2 weeks. I left for an extended business trip of 6 weeks. When I returned, it was a brick.

jonbenn | October 24, 2015

Tesla Charlotte just sent me an estimate to repair of $38,205.

I may need legal help to solve this issue.

MileHighMotoring | October 24, 2015

It's obviously incredibly rare that this happens and it sounds like Tesla has already spent north of $75k in warranty repairs on this issue? I asked before and you didn't answer - have they replaced the PEM or other charging hardware at any point?

eric.zucker | October 29, 2015

First, I would check the 12V battery (remove the right front wheel and plastic cover in the front. If that's dead, nothing works. Use a voltmeter or 12V light bulb to test it.

If the 12V battery is good,I would try and leave it disconnected from the car overnight, then reconnect.

Was there a brownout, power outage, storm or other power issue while you were away?
Electronics don't react well to these at all.

Let us know if you make any progress.

JeremyZ | October 29, 2015

The Roadster 1.5 doesn't have a 12V battery.

jonbenn, since you wrote this, Tesla has made the Roadster 3.0 battery available for the Roadster 1.5. So, for a *mere* $29,000 you can get a better battery then what is currently in your car. I can understand your hesitancy at replacing the battery if it keeps bricking itself though. It seems like either the car isn't charging when you think it should be, or there's some large, unknown load dissipating power when the car is sitting around. Do you live in a really hot climate that causes the battery cooling to run continuously?