Tesla school bus

Tesla school bus

When will Tesla make school buses? They charge all night and day for 2 hours of work? No money in it?

jordanrichard | December 26, 2018

They won't. There is already at least company that is building EV school buses and besides that is a very limited market. Some school districts/towns own their respective buses. Meaning the purchase, in the case of an EV bus, would have to come out of the town budget which in most places is already stretched thin. Other towns/districts contract out the busing, but of course that contract cost comes out of the town budget. If the bus company purchases an EV bus at a much higher cost, that will only trickle down to what they charge the towns they have contacts with.

jithesh | December 26, 2018

Model 3 35K version
Model Y
Roadster 2.0
Tesla Semi
Pickup Truck
many be some new versions of Model S/X

I think long way to go to even think about Tesla Bus.

michelrozon | January 4, 2020

There is a company in Quebec that builds school bus & are very successful. Check it out!

nuts | January 14, 2020

Wow, I haven`t even heard about Tesla gonna make the school bus! I think it would be a great bus and all the students will appreciate driving on it. By the way, I hope a lot of students have seen it and a lot will see, so I wanna ask if you ever use this project as a helper with your assignment? I need to write my own and I found a lot of descriptive essay examples here, what can you say?