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Hi all,
I know some of you are using from the car's browser to get quick access to features that are missing or harder to do with the regular UI.

I moved the site over to AWS this weekend and changed it a bit. Now, you won't have an account for the site. You'll just log-in with your Tesla account credentials which get proxied over to Tesla to get an API key for data access -or- you can simply login by entering an existing API key.

Unfortunately, Tesla's API doesn't support CORS, so the data needs to be proxied through. Nothing is saved.

The UI runs much better if you are on 2019.12 or higher since Chromium is the new browser. For example, setting charge percent now works in the slider instead of having to type a value.

I also added a Sentry mode on/off to the set of cards.

One last thing, the new UI keyboard "SHIFT" key seems to be backwards - or it is unintuitive. When it appears highlighted, you are in lower-case and vice-versa. If you enter a password, you can't see if it is reverse-case, so play with in in another field first to get the hang of it.


cmh95628 | May 6, 2019

Will this allow me to turn on/off my climate control (from the web page) ? This is something I have been looking for. No, I can't just do it from my phone. TIA.

CST | May 6, 2019

I haven't added that feature since you can just press the climate button and it turns on. There IS as feature to turn on the rear-seat-heaters which allows control without turning-on the climate control.

Are you looking to use the site on your mobile device to remotely turn on climate control?

cmh95628 | May 7, 2019

I'm not talking about using the browser from the car, so no, I can't just hit the climate button. No, I am not using a mobile device. I am using a web browser on a desk top computer. Yes, I want to use it to turn on climate control (5 minutes before I leave work in the 100 degree F heat of Sacramento summers). TIA.

grpgrp | May 8, 2019

@CST you need a help or about screen on your site to explain what you do

Daryl | May 8, 2019

@grpgrp | May 8, 2019
@CST you need a help or about screen on your site to explain what you do


CST | May 9, 2019

Thanks for the input. I just added a small description to the login screen. Will expand soon.

finman100 | May 9, 2019

"This site is intended for use from your Tesa's web browser"

typo or is this the real tesla killer model? /sarcasm

hokiegir1 | May 9, 2019

@cmh95628 - The app/page here is intended for in-car use, simplifying some of the more complicated interfaces (I think? Haven't tried it yet -- keep forgetting I *have* a browser in the car).

To do what you want, I'd suggest getting a TeslaFi account and including "controls" in your API request (it's one of the options on their site). Then you'll be able to either toggle climate on/off from their webpage, or even set up a scheduled time where it starts automatically if you leave the office at the same time every day. You can even do it where it will only come on at that time if your car is parked at your office -- so if you stay home or are parked at the airport or something, it won't be pre-cooling.

hcdavis3 | May 18, 2019

How do I disable polling or connection to my car so that it will sleep. Do I need to sign out?

CST | May 19, 2019

The latest releases do it after about 10 minutes of being stopped. I've also added a few new cards including weather and stocks.

Ron.Olsberg | June 3, 2019

Does your web app have access to the CAN buss data? if not, how to you access the car to change settings? If you could/do access the CAN buss, you could do LOTS of things that I would probably be willing to pay a nominal fee.

cmh95628 | June 5, 2019

@hokiegir1 Thanks so much for that information! I will give it a shot.

Syed.Hosain | June 5, 2019

@CST I *have* to ask a few questions before I start using your site - does sound good though, so I hope my questions are meaningful.

How secure is your site? At a minimum, I would certainly hope you are not storing the Tesla credentials in any way whatsoever for a potential hacker to get hold of later.

Do you discard the API key after the access to the Tesla site is complete?

Have you checked your site and code to make sure that all best-practice coding for security is implemented?

Thanks for understanding!

cmh95628 | June 10, 2019

@hokiegir1 do you have a TeslaFi referral code you can share so I can use?

CST | June 10, 2019

Hi Syed, no credentials are stored on the server, everything is actually stored as an API token in your web browser. The website acts as a proxy to Tesla, basically just a pass-through. There isn't even a database for the project.
Everything uses proper security, and the site is hosted on AWS with a secure connection.

Syed.Hosain | June 11, 2019


CST | June 11, 2019

No problem, if you have any further questions or suggestions, let me know.

CST | June 11, 2019

@Ron.Olsberg - no, there is no access to the car directly. Everything is provided from Tesla's APIs.

Tesla2018 | June 11, 2019

When I use Waze link the screen goes black. Then I have to hit the internet button on the car and it makes me either accept or deny something, and then it will bring up the Waze screen.
If I turn off the car and then go to the internet the next time that I start it up, ask me if I want to accept or deny again. If I hit accept it brings back the Wazee screen, and if I hit deny it will then let me go to a different site or take me back to the regular Tesla screen site.
Is there a way to stop having the accept or deny buttons pop up all the time?

CST | June 11, 2019

That sounds like a TeslaWaze issue.. Likely asking for permission to access your location. I might remove that link since TeslaWaze seems to be failing in the latest browser update.

hokiegir1 | June 24, 2019

@cmh95628 - I'm sorry -- I totally missed your question about my referral code. If you still need it, it's my screenname here, but you likely have already done it since it's been 2 weeks.

@CST -- I finally had an opportunity to try this, and really like a few features, like being able to see both miles and % in the same place, and the wind direction is an awesome add. It would be nice to have the wh/m included in the range box. I know it's just a swipe card, but having it all together is good. I also had some trouble with the 2 links going to blank screens. Not a big issue, since I was just messing with them at the time. Ideally, having the next couple nav turns would also be nice, but I don't think that's part of the API? Maybe it could replace the sentry box if it is possible, since that's now a single click on the main screen instead of being buried in menus. Otherwise, I have to close this to see the nav (since I don't use voice nav, seeing it is kind of important).