Tesla SDK and Open Connectors

Tesla SDK and Open Connectors


I think the big point of this kind of cars and to bring out more features to the public (Car Distance control, Speed limit detection, Drive recording, driver sleep detection, laser interceptor, radar warning/interceptor system, lane stay system, precrash warning – automatic breaking systems, dvb-T TV ….) its very imported to bring out a SDK for new Apps and Hardware. Then you have the community on the business side too, the Android and iOS for a working community.

The Hardware itself should be a lot of connectors with a standard interface. For example 12Volt Power + CAN (or another) Bus. This connector must be a IP68 one.

After Tesla release this kind of connections there should be a rule, that every third party module must have input and output connectors otherwise it will not certified by Tesla.

The Apps and Hardware modules can be developed by 2nd part companies and sell directly or via Tesla AppStore in the Car. So the Installation can be very easy and you have after a short time a lot of new features. Every App must be verified by Tesla for work without problems.

If you see the Featurelist of German Cars, that’s endless and a small company like Tesla cannot develop every feature by itself.

What do you think?

rlarno | April 1, 2013

I absolutely agree that an SDK would be a great idea. But not at this time yet. Getting apps verified would take a lot of time/money. And they would need to get verified for reasons of stability, safety and general compliance with the current user-experience.

You would not want bad press of Tesla's breaking down or customers being unsatisfied because of some 3-rd party app they installed.

Brian H | April 1, 2013

While German cars desperately pile on "features", the MS excels "in every dimension that matters". Which do you prefer?

Biricon | April 1, 2013

Hi Rlarno,

I don't think that you can make bad press for a product if a app makes bad things. For example you have an iPhone or Android Phone, no one will say, that’s a bad phone if you installed a corrupted App. I don't thing that the parts itself is the big problem and the most tests have to make the developer of the app itself.

Now it’s the time for community generation, the roadstar was not a daily driver, but now Tesla has the right car and technics for the community.

Hi Brian,

i think there are a lot of useful things, for Tesla, the Customers and 3rd Party developer companies and the customer can choice what he need.

rlarno | April 2, 2013

@Alexander B,

I can only hope people would not assume it is the car, but at this point, it is vital not to even have the possible confusion, is it the app or the car that broke down?

Now perhaps I need to elaborate that I see some car apps have the ability to influence and control the car.

Simple apps like a charging planner app that only take data, process and display it would indeed be less of an issue, and are most likely the first ones to become available. But just not at this time if it takes away too many TM resources.

Biricon | April 2, 2013

i think on long time, its better to combinate the resources from a lot of companies and not only the avalible ones from tesla.

For my position i like to have a lot of features:
- sleep detection
- a office solution for emails, tasks (with auto navigation and remember when i should drive away)
- ambilight (like Top Gears pictures from the new Mercedes S class)
- adaptive cruse control
- drive recoding (for people that think a tesla driver have money and drive back and told you, you crashed his car, in europa and russia the new sport)

But i don't think that tesla will make this kind of features before the new Model X will be ready for delivering.

rlarno | April 3, 2013

Reading that article about the Merc S (see above post) had me thinking about the Model S
instrument panel that comprises two 12.3-inch screens, the quality and resolution of which is like nothing I've seen anywhere else except for in a Model S?

Biricon | April 3, 2013

one cool features is the wireless charging.

rlarno | April 4, 2013

@Alexander B

Oh, maybe that is the 'just under your nose' announcement. Inductive charging...

I like the idea of having 'charging' lanes, but that is a 20 year plan (imho). I just cannot understand how Qualcomm can think they can see the EV without a long range battery. They honestly cannot think that you can 'just move the cost' like that, and that will work? I can see highways being fitted (in the next 10-20 years) with something like this, but if we have to wait for that...

Yup, TM is on the best path to be the first real EV car company.