The Tesla Service Team Boston

The Tesla Service Team Boston

I felt this deserved mention.

The Boston location did not have the shield available when I took delivery of my model S p85 last week.

A few days later, the service team let me know they received it and would promptly take care of the installation. When I told the service team that I am flying out on Monday, they offered to come pick it up from my house, bring it back to the service station and install it.

I told them I would be back Wed. morning and that it would be great if I could get it back before then. They then offered to bring it back to my house Tue afternoon so I would have it before I got back.

When Monday came around, the Tesla Service Team picked it up, as promised. In fact, the Service Manager (Matt) came to get it himself!

He continued to update me after he got it to let me know how the install was doing. Fantastic communication.

Now if that's not enough, Matt contacted me around 7PM Tue (have you ever been contacted by any service department past 5?),to let me know he finished the car and was dropping it back off. You read that right, he was brining it back at 7 at night. I live over an hour away.

I then got message from him at 10pm: he literally personally delivered it to my house, put it in "its spot" in the garage and even plugged it in to the charger!

All so it would be home waiting for me when I got home in the morning.

Tesla, I hope you read this. You could not have a better representative of your company. I have never had a personal experience like the last few days.

To MS owners, how cool is it to know that if you need help, you will get it!

To those thinking about purchasing, you never find service like this. Period.

Brian H | March 26, 2013

Soneone who really takes his job title seriously!

Brian H | March 26, 2013

typo: Someone who...

mcx-sea | March 26, 2013


LadyInsane | March 27, 2013

Typos or not. If I had a job servicing a MS or roadster and the chance arose to drive one, I would definitely drive one. A nice way to end a long work day.

wolfpet | March 27, 2013

Just a couple of points...

* I wonder at what point we stopped expecting a good customer service from anyone? Sure, in this case Tesla service feels like a breeze of fresh air. But how did we end up in this situation? Sad.

* My observation is that almost every start-up goes above and beyond to win their customers. Then the company succeeds, becoming big, lazy and arrogant. Because goodwill probably doesn't scale as well as production lines and supply chain. I wish Tesla remembers that after they go mainstream. I have no doubts they will.

dermdock | March 27, 2013

I also had a service experience at the Boston service center in Watertown that I considered beyond the call of duty. My MS was delivered in late Jan. and since I was not used to the dimensions of the car I scraped the left front fender on a concrete pillar when attempting to park at my building. The service manager had the car repainted while I waited at no charge, and the results were excellent. This is the kind of consideration that inspires loyalty.