Tesla Sponsored Taxi

Tesla Sponsored Taxi

Hi, i'm not a tesla user and i guess i'll never be in this lifetime unless Elon Musk plans go as planned for low end tourism cars, but in the meanwhile and being an unemployed person in the PIGS countries...
What about a tesla sponsored taxi, as a promotion mean?
I surveyed everyone i know, and they still consider an electric car "a toy" or "a fantasy". I wanna prove everyone wrong, and i can't wait until there's cheap electric cars out there. I want them to ride "the fantasy". See tesla cars are real, and by any means, technically superior. It's not a "lifestyle choice" or "saving the planet" for me, it's about a superior technology that was denied for 120 years by snake oil merchants (in this case it was rock oil). And the mean to do this quickly is by commisioning taxies, some taxi drivers in europe are starting to use far inferior cars like the leaf or the zoe.

Brian H | November 20, 2013

They have appeared in NL, Russia, Norway, and California, AFAIK.

ian | November 21, 2013

Not a taxi but there's a town car service here in Seattle that has a Model S in their fleet.

JPPTM | November 21, 2013

New car service in the SF Bay Area has 2 black S for hire (Tesla Tours & Transportation).

Brian H | November 21, 2013

Every once in a while, they should cover one in a pink wrap. Be a hit in SF!

TSLAholic | November 21, 2013

Wasn't there also a purchase of 100 MS cars made for fleet use in Vegas or somewhere on the west coast earlier this year?

Brian H | November 22, 2013

Yes, "Project 100".

BdeVries | November 30, 2013

In december, we're going to use our first model S as a taxi on the island Texel in the Netherlands.
This wednesday (dec 4th) is delivery day, and the next step is to get all the necessary paperwork. We expect to be ready in two weeks, I'll post a picture...

Brian H | November 30, 2013

Also post samples of comments, and market reaction (popularity of the service). Very interested!

Sharkdiver76 | December 28, 2013

In San Diego they have car2go which is an electric smart car made by Benz who is partnered with tesla. This service is also in several other large us cities. I am planning on using this service when my lease runs out in 8 months, hoping I can get by waiting for the cheaper tesla. I have been contemplating buying the s, however being single I don't need such a large car and will wait for the 30-40k version. I have worked for one of the big three and support made in the us products, however the big3 better wake up and join in the technology before going extinct. I have looked at volt and fusion plug in hybrids and after comparing cost which isn't bad, why not just buy a cheaper battery only model that can use a supercharger charging system. Most trips are never more than 80-100 mile round trips therefore most owners realize they almost never need to use gas- so why pay 10k more for a engine/transmission that isn't used? For instance if ford partnered with tesla for their all electric cmax or focus, and made a battery that went more than 100 miles(and nissan leaf) why would anyone need gas or have range anxiety?

Brian H | December 28, 2013

The charging rate and frequency are both determined by battery size, essentially. A smaller battery using a supercharger takes just as long as an 85kW for each charge, but must use it far more frequently. CHAdeMO (50kW) is plenty for them.