Tesla store/test drive in Montreal area

Tesla store/test drive in Montreal area

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone's heard of when Montreal-area reservation holders will either have a store to go to or a car to test drive. There was a Get Amped event in Toronto, but it was kinda far to go to test a car...

I'd really like to get a test drive in before I commit fully. I'm currently number P308 in Canada... if I go for the 60kWh, I think I'm looking at a March delivery, but maybe earlier?



pbrulott | August 23, 2012

Rob, the only thing we've heard is a verbal committment in May from a Tesla rep in Laval to have a service center opened in the Montreal/Laval area. No idea about test drives though.

With GeorgeB stating that lots more Service centers and stores will open and an announcment on that is coming soon, we shall see.

Though I'm excited to see the lightning fast progess of the "It's time to build your Model S" email distribution, I have yet to get some anwers on Service/repair now that pricing is known.

March is my target as well and I am P179

RobertMontreal | August 23, 2012

Patrick (I think your name is Patrick cuz I saw it in another thread :)),

What size battery will you be getting?

I was aiming towards 85kWh and maybe even the Performance, but with the 6.1% + 2% + tax + delivery, I think I might go down to 60kWh. :(

Yes, when the beta was in Laval, I asked Hans about a store in the Montreal area, and he was vague about his response. He mentioned they were scouting for a location, but there was no commitment as to when it would be ready or if there would be a car available for test drives.

stephen.kamichik | August 23, 2012

On TM's website, look under careers and locations. It looks like they are planning a store for Montreal area.

RobertMontreal | August 23, 2012

Yup, true that. Was just wondering if anyone knew of a timeline... oh well, I'm patient. :)

toto_48313 | August 23, 2012

I talk to Tesla rep today, and he confirm that there will be a service center in Montreal or Laval open by the end of the year (or when the ModelS will hit the road in Quebec).
However they can't confirm yet if a showroom will be there also, probably not.

znino | August 23, 2012

I have Canadian signature #7 and got my configuration email today. I expect about a 2-3 month delay and am hoping that by the time i get it, there will indeed be a service center in Montreal. I also own a Roadster 2.5 and while Tesla coming to my garage from Toronto for any service has not been an issue it would still be great to have a service center here....especially with two Teslas in my garage :)

RobertMontreal | August 24, 2012


Hopefully you'll check this thread again (thread notification emails would be nice no?). I was curious if you drove your Roadster in our beautiful Quebec winters? If so, I was wondering how the cold affected the range on your battery.

Sorry for the thread hijack (but at least I started it...).



Volker.Berlin | August 24, 2012

RobInMtl, you may be interested in this thread:

Lots of cross-references from there...

Brian H | August 24, 2012

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