Tesla Super Charger / Chris Christie issues in New Jersey????

Tesla Super Charger / Chris Christie issues in New Jersey????

As an EV owner (on my second) I drove over to check out a Super Charging Station being installed in Hamilton NJ. I started shooting some video for youtube. I introduced myself to the workers and said I'd be taking a few images. After some further discussion, they mentioned that the main service to supply the station was being held up for the moment because of the issues pertaining to Tesla and Chris Christie. Please watch my video and provide any information that you can.

Homebrook | March 21, 2014

Help me understand what Tesla Supercharging stations have to do with selling cars without a franchise dealer. I don't get it. There seems to be a piece missing. Does the contractor misunderstand what is going on?

the43k | March 21, 2014

On the youtube page in comments, someone posted this… At this point, I haven't been able to confirm.

The NJ Power Commission (overseen by 4 Christie appointees) approved the hookup. Then the commissioners in a poorly advertised meeting rescinded the approval citing an 1895 law barring car manufacturers from becoming a distributor of electric power. "We are merely enforcing this consumer safety law. This protects the consumer. After all, there is a bookstore nearby filled with flammable paper and children!", said one commissioner.

DTsea | March 21, 2014

Funny parody post

Brian H | March 21, 2014

Christie is digging his hole as fast as he can!

Bubba2000 | March 21, 2014

Local politics may be the reason why supercharger installations have ground to an halt in places like Texas and Florida. Some of these counties require a lot of permits for any industrial installation: State, County, City, etc. It would not take much for a local "Good Ol' Boy" auto dealer to block SC installation.

Many of you folks living up North or West got no idea the crooked politics down here. Just look at Louisiana (New Orleans!), Texas, AL, MS politics. Every now and then some congressman get busted with frozen money, Governor, and an occasional Senator with the pants down.

the43k | March 21, 2014

DTsea, this is not a joke. I'm not convinced this story is real either and I'm the guy who posted it. However, that's what the installers told me. They perform all of the installations across the USA for Tesla. It also wouldn't surprise me either if it was true. So please, if anyone can confirm or has further information, please post.

Nicoletta | March 22, 2014


there are a couple of people from TMC who have dropped by and were told that it is just an inspection issue, which should be resolved by next week. I hope it's true.