Tesla to Tesla Charging?

Tesla to Tesla Charging?

I saw a downed Tesla on my way into work the other day. The thought crossed my mind, "Is he out of juice?" And then the next thought was, "Can I help?" Is there any way to plug a Tesla car into another car and have them just level out the charge between them at like a normal wall charger rate? I think it would be cool if as a community we had the ability to help each other out.

Also, one more question. The battery swap. If I have a 60kWh battery and am going on a long trip, could I swap into a 85kWh at the charger on my way, lets say, from LA to SF and then switch back to my 60 on the way home? Or am I stuck with the 60 swapperoo.


Jolinar | July 10, 2013

1) it's not possible yet, maybe in the future, but I doubt so...

2) nobody knows yet, first swap stations will appear at the end of this year. Of course I hope it will be posiible.

hsadler | July 10, 2013

I see a scenario where you connect together, but that car has a software virus and it gets transferred to yours.
Will have to come up with car condoms.
: )

Benz | July 10, 2013

1) No
2) Yes

bent | July 10, 2013

In the emergency response training video they make a point out of the fact you can't get high voltage electricity out of the car in any way. I don't know how important this is exactly, but is certainly was important enough for them to point it out.

And of course if you can't get the power out, you also can't use it to charge another car.