Tesla Volume stuck - requires reboot every few days

Tesla Volume stuck - requires reboot every few days

I have a 2013 Model S. For about a month now every few days when I start up my car the volume is loud and won't adjust. With either the scroll wheel or the touch screen I can see the volume level change but the actual audio level remains constant. To fix the problem I need to do a reboot but the problem just comes back a few days later. Has anybody seen this problem? It is impossible to get anybody from service on the phone and I'd like to know what the likely issue is before scheduling a service call.

Thanks! | February 20, 2020

Sounds like MCU1 may be failing - it contains most of the audio circuitry, although if you have UHFS, there is a secondary amplifier, but doubtful it is the cause.

barrykmd | February 20, 2020


ks-man | February 20, 2020

Wonderful. At least I have the extended warranty. Are they likely to replace it with an MCU1 or an MCU2?

Bighorn | February 20, 2020

MCU 1 is the only option currently.

aryastark23890 | May 20, 2020

Got the same issue while playing songs using app.