Tesla vs Competition

Tesla vs Competition

I am looking at going Tesla for solar but debating the cost per watt vs the competition. I love the brand but is it worth it in the end? Price, Monitoring, quality of install/panels, warranty!

I have received about 8 quotes from local and national solar installers with the best price at $2.90/w and most right around $3-3.15/w. Tesla is $3.56/w. All with the same or similar equipment.

Tesla also has the lowest warranty at 20 years vs competition at 25+ and what appears to be horrible reviews. However, they have the best monitoring app (in my opinion) and longevity in the business.


tigerkc | March 5, 2019

We are also looking and so far, we have Tesla's quote at $4.14 per watt and $2.80 to $3.60 from 7 other vendors, and Panasonic's 330-watt panel being most popular (3 out of 7). I have asked Tesla to review their cost and but I am not expecting too much cost reduction from them.

From what I've read, one is better off going with a local, non-Tesla vendor. I am kind of leaning that way also.

h2ev | March 6, 2019

I'm going through the same thing. Tesla is at $3.45 per watt for me, and that is based on assign my SRECs to Tesla, which is worth thousands of dollars over the 10-year SREC term. My current design is estimated to generate to generate 10,000 KWh in the first year, so that's 10 SREC. In New Jersey each SREC is currently over $200. A local installer is quoting $3.30 per watt with the 330-watt Panasonic panels, and I assume I keep my SREC with the local installer.

So far I'm not impressed with the sales tactics employed by Tesla sales rep in Vegas. She tried to BS me into going with inferior panels of unknown origin. Reviews of Tesla's installation process is also a mixed bag. All of it is leading me to go with the local installer.

rynolee | March 7, 2019

I am requesting a re-quote based on local competitors offering .50-.75 cheaper per watt and will see what they say. I don't mind paying a slight premium over a local installer that might be out of business within 10 years (given the credits go away nearly entirely within 3 years and solar-only business might be hard pressed to stay afloat) so long as Tesla's warranty and long term support is worth the premium. I don't necessarily want to go to the cheapest option out there but don't want to overpay just for brand alone.

carylouder007 | March 8, 2019

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bp | March 8, 2019

The biggest advantage of going with Tesla for solar is adding PowerWalls for storage, something 3rd party installers may not be able to do.

mborski | March 13, 2019

Tesla, 12.6, 330 panels, $3.11....quoted received 2 weeks ago. Added 2 powerwallls.

Signed tonight.

acegreat1 | March 14, 2019

Show Tesla the other estimates. They should price match the lowest price you got. As long as they are both producing the same amount of energy

rynolee | March 14, 2019

I mentioned the other companies and provided the price per watt but there wasn’t any wiggle room from the sales guy. Debating on sticking with them at a $3.56 price point or going to a local installer offering the same panels and inverter with longer warranties at $2.97.

Manjushr | April 2, 2019

telsa matches any price. no problem. show them the other quotes. also, Tesla is the only one with an annual production guantee... so they pay you cash at the end of the year if the system under peforms. For example, this year the snow was insance.. our panerls were burried for 4 months straight... All in all, tesla installed for us $2.95 /W

Mtummala1 | April 9, 2019

Tesla was able to price match a local installer and the final price came to $2.75/W. The only catch is you would have to pay by check/credit card. If you want this via a loan from Tesla, they told me they won't be able to honor the price. I have a 7kw system installed and been working fine since March 2019.

dsteal | April 15, 2019

I have had a horrible experience with Tesla solar. I am a happy Model S owner, but I would never buy solar from Tesla again. Definitely not for a premium and not even for a discount.

I had a roof leak right under the solar panels during the first storm after they installed the panels. Tesla came, inspected and determined that their solar panels were the problem. They removed all the panels and re-installed. Now they are taking no liability for any of the water damage to my ceiling and attic. In addition, getting someone from support to talk to me takes days or weeks after multiple emails and calls. Just try calling Tesla energy support and see how long you have to wait on hold if you are not reporting an emergency.

I trusted them and didn't look into how they actually install solar panels on tile roofs. They literally install a bracket underneath the tile. This raises the tile and creates a seam that lets water seep in directly to the roof underlayment. I guess this setup can last 10 years until the warranty expires if your underlayment can take all that water. After that, or in my case even before the warranty expires, you are on your own.

I am/was a Tesla fan but after this experience I would never buy Tesla solar. Their horrible reviews are very much earned. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with them. Just wanted to share my experience. Best of luck.