Tesla Wall charger Install

Tesla Wall charger Install

I'm installing Tesla wall Charger in my Condo parking garage hooked up directly to my condo electric meter. How do I prevent someone else from using my charger while I'm not there??

dalesmith1962 | January 7, 2020

The Tesla Wall Connector is not a charger. It is a connector. It connects the electrical source to the built-in charger in the car.

Frank99 | January 7, 2020

dalesmith1962 -
That's a completely correct answer, but completely unhelpful to the OP.

billroger -
I don't have a wall connector, so my answer is going to be a bit speculative. I don't believe that there's any way to program the wall connector to only work with your car, so you're gonna have to work something out. One way would be to turn off the circuit breaker in the panel, then lock the panel - kind of a pain to do every morning. Another way is to lock the connector into something - say, a box mounted on the wall - so that some electric thief can't come along and steal $5 worth of your electricity. Something like: or
should work if you cut a slot in the bottom just wide enough for the cable.
Alternatively, you could have something like this:
wired into your wall connector, and turn it off/insert a lock every morning.

I'm not into that level of complexity; I'd simply ignore the issue until it became a problem.

Pg3ibew | January 8, 2020

1. Open the breaker.
2. Put a lockable disconnect switch.
3. Put the "connector" for the car into a LOCK Box when not in use.
4. Chain a 120 pound German shepherd to the wall charger.
5. .......

Scrannel | January 8, 2020

You can buy breakers that can be directly locked.

Big_Ed | January 8, 2020

Put a sign on it stating that it is not a public charger and which unit it is billed to.

marym23 | January 8, 2020

You can install a Clipper Creek model which can come with a lock. You have to insert your key, insert the charger cable into your car, then remove your key. Once the charger cable is removed from your car, the Clipper Creek won't allow power again until the key is re-inserted. Works great as I've had it for over a year. I just leave my J1772 adapter on it. It works even if your charging time isn't scheduled for hours. Power is good until your charger cord is removed from your car.

EVRider | January 8, 2020

If you don’t have to hardwire the wall connector, buy the version that plugs in to an outlet, and when you’re not charging, unplug the connector and lock either the power cord or the outlet. Just another option to consider.

mrburke | January 8, 2020

Keep honest people honest. - screw an Eye-hook into the wall by the "charger" and use a bike or luggage cable lock to "secure" the charge cable. Yes that can be defeated, but so can many things.

Scrannel | January 8, 2020

Attach an empty coffee can to the charger asking for donations.

dalesmith1962 | January 8, 2020

@Frank99, it was late and I was headed to bed. I just wanted the OP to know there is a difference. Plus, if it isn’t a charger then there is no danger of someone “using his charger”. They would be using his connector.

However, I like your suggestions.

bjrosen | January 8, 2020

I vote for put a sign on it. It's a private parking garage, the only people who use the garage are other owners and their guests, nobody is going to deliberately try and rip you off but someone might do it innocently if they think that the EVSE is for everybody. I have two EVSEs on the side of my house, they are visible from the street, no one has ever parked in my driveway and tried to use them. A house is obviously private property which make the status of my EVSEs unambiguous, your EVSE is in a common garage which makes it's status unclear, a sign lets people know it's private property.

coleAK | January 8, 2020

There will be a dedicated breaker in your breaker panel for the wall connector turn it off and no power, then flip it on when you are using it. Easy as that.

paulsurette71 | January 8, 2020

Maybe you can use a plug lockout? Such as the following:

However, if you installing a disconnect, just lock the disconnect, and remove the breaker when not in use.!

I think no matter what you choose, you'll get annoyed having to do this all the time.

pnagy | January 8, 2020

Ask your electrician for advice when he/she is installing TWC.


EAPme | January 8, 2020

Quite a dilemma.

How about something like this?
** not my setup
Not sure how far the breaker box/meter is from your install location, but it might be an option.

Another is to get a J1772 charger that can be locked with a small padlock (on the trigger/release button). Not elegant, and a compromise since you'll have to use the J1772->tesla adapter everytime.

Agree that a sign would be the next best thing since having to secure your connector after every use sounds tedious just thinking about it.

Big_Ed | January 8, 2020

Sign and webcam.

bjrosen | January 8, 2020

There is no reason to make your own life more difficult to solve a non-problem. A sign lets people know that it's private property, that's all you need. Nobody who drives a $50,000 car is cruising around looking to steal $2 worth of electricity. Your only concern are people who make the honest mistake that an EVSE in a shared garage is also shared property, a sign let's them know that it's not. Relying on a lock or a breaker just adds work for you, the joy of charging at home is that you pull into your space and plug in, it adds maybe 10 seconds to your parking time. If you have to enable the EVSE every time you use it then you've added minutes to your parking and leaving schedules. If it would make you feel better to add a web camera then do it, I'd suggest a Blink, they are cheap and reliable and the batteries last a long time. I have a yard full of them so that I can capture wildlife videos, especially my bear and my bobcat.

yudansha™ | January 8, 2020

Trust your neighbors.

rob | January 9, 2020