Tesla's model S alpha front grill

Tesla's model S alpha front grill

Does anyone else think that the new Alpha version of the Model S front grill looks cheap and Toyota like? I much preferred the Aston Martin DB-9 line to the front hood and grill. Tesla please read this post and the complaints of a myriad of Tesla enthusiasts and take it back to the way it was in the first pictures! Looks count!

msiano17 | May 3, 2011

There is several other threads on this topic ...

Michael S | May 22, 2011

See above. The new front sucks. . .

Timo | May 22, 2011

I like it. Real front is much better than it looks in that video.

Tiebreaker | May 23, 2011

Yeah. What's wrong with this?

VolkerP | May 25, 2011

there is a smashed kid's bicycle on it. will run into trouble driving around like that...

Brian H | May 25, 2011

Heh. I do b'lieve that's a reflection off the high gloss nose cone!
Cute, V.

David70 | May 25, 2011

Yeh. At first I though it looked like something smashed onto the bumper, but when I saw VolkerP's comment, I saw that it was a reflection. Other reflections from the car make it look like there is damage to it.

Tiebreaker | May 25, 2011

It's a bumper sticker "I don't brake for bicycles!" :-P

The reflection is a testament of Tesla's commitment to the environment: workers ride bikes to the shop where they assemble electric cars. No oil. :-D

pinguhk | June 1, 2011

they should change this it is very ugly.
it just looks like a cheap Ford car
why cant the front bumper be in 1 piece, nice and clean.

I do like the bottom part that looks very sporty.

David M. | June 2, 2011

Note to Tesla Motors:
Now that we are within 12 months of Production of the Model S. I would think it's time to lay this subject to rest. What will the front grill look like?? Personally, I'd gladly sacrifice a few miles per charge to have a grill that looks more like the 2009/2010 photos of the prototype (albeit less aerodynamic). At this point, I cannot believe the grill is still on the drawing board.

TJK | June 2, 2011

Just saw this picture on Tesla's Facebook page. It looks like a mix between the old grill and new grill.

Timo | June 2, 2011

Except that it isn't a grille, it is just a nose cone. I think the picture Tiebreaker posted above is better looking and doesn't look like a phony grille. Especially if that stays black while rest of the car has some other color. Then it is just plastic nose cone that is just plain ugly. Like a red rubber nose on playboy centerfold.

msiano17 | June 2, 2011

I must say tho I really enjoy seeing the line of metal and the logo in the front grill instead of the hood.... very sleek

EdG | June 3, 2011

Personally, I'll be satisfied with a nice color and finish and the knowledge that the aerodynamics are optimized while the grill is minimized to the needs of the heating/cooling of the batteries and passenger compartment. If there's a noticeable grill, I'd just prefer it to be subtle so the car continues to look good while styles change. I hope to keep the car for a while.

Volker.Berlin | June 3, 2011

There are more images online now that show that very "grille", the nose cone with a single line of chrome and the logo inside.

Timo | June 4, 2011

I see three black and two silver/grey (one with nose visible) alphas. Rest are prototypes (smaller grille, blue lights below main light).

Black nose cone looks comical in silver/grey car. In black is doesn't hurt so much because rest of the car is same color.

Denis Vincent | June 4, 2011

Tesla should be reminded of the design catastrophe Subaru made when they introduced the 2007 Tribeca, more consideration must be given to the design of the front grille, maybe it doesn't need a front grille? (Porsche 911..!?..) When it comes to Automobile Design," God" is in the details! Oh yah, let's not forget about the Pontiac Aztek...uglier than mortal sin...

rlwood | June 4, 2011

The model S front grill looks like a giant shark's mouth! (my wife said this and first time this year I agree). The pics u sent out last year and before did not look this crappy.
fyi, rlw.

DrJ | June 4, 2011

What ever happened to that beautiful mesh metal grill that was in the very early pictures of the car? Ever since they have some varying version of the plastic clown nose. I have held off on upgrading to a signature purely because I'm terrified what I'd be locking myself into with that variable and seldom handsome nosecone.

scoosba | June 5, 2011

I think the latest pics of the black alpha are amazing. I think it looks way tougher than the original prototype. I embrace the idea that this is a shark! I can't look at my car and think of a predator. I did think the blue daytime lights were cool and the light on the side diffuser was a nice touch. I also hope the side view mirrors end up a little more like the prototype. I was a little weirded by the first pics of the alpha. These ones are the best looking model s yet.

sjoshuaj | June 6, 2011

Want to see the mesh as an option like in the original prototype. Mocked this up to show you all...

Thumper | June 6, 2011

For what its worth, I vote for the grill as shown on the new website photos, which is much like the original prototype. The bright mesh grill doesn't look as aero and is garish.

Michael37 | June 6, 2011

Personally, I hate the new front end. Hate it. HATE IT. The design prototype was a sleek, elegant shape. The alpha images look, for lack of a better phrase, "tarted up."

Specifically, I really dislike the more aggressive lines of the air dam with the big gaping vents and the flared-forward lower edge. It looks like an aftermarket "make it look sportier" add-on.

I'm at least relieved to see the logo back in the grille area instead of on the hood like in some earlier shots. Now if we can just roll back the other changes, we'll really be getting somewhere.

DrJ | June 6, 2011

Nice mock up sjoshuaj! Should be an option as there seems to be various opinions on this part of the car.

ncn | June 6, 2011

What is the function of this grille area anyway? False grilles just provide a place for dirt and snow to collect; real grilles for air are fine, but false grilles are just silly.

And where do we attach our legally required front license plate?

I think that plastic nose cone is going to end up with a several ugly holes in it with big bolts holding my license plate on. Please, for goodness sakes, design a front end with a space for a license plate. Seriously!

Timo | June 6, 2011

@nicu "And where do we attach our legally required front license plate?

That is a question to ask to Franz. I have same concern, it is legally required here too, and there is no good place for it in that front. It looks like best position would be in front of that lower air gap where the real grille is, but in there that would prevent good airflow to the actual cooling system.

Timo | June 6, 2011

Sorry, not nicu, ncn. I need more coffee. And edit-button.

jfeister | June 7, 2011

The new grille is a nice combination of engineering requirements and customer feedback. They heard the community loud and clear about the front end and made changes to give folks what they asked for, while at the same time adding the additional cooling they needed. Well done.

jfeister | June 8, 2011

"It looks like best position would be in front of that lower air gap where the real grille is, but in there that would prevent good airflow to the actual cooling system."

They did it on the roadster. Look at the gallery. One of the plates looks like it covers up half the grille. I can imagine how the cooling system engineers felt about that one.

Timo | June 8, 2011

@jfeister, which new grille are you talking about? There is at least two different in official pictures: look closely, the one with Roadster chasing Model S has vertical bars and one horizontal bar in upper section, the similar picture where car is parked and facing other direction it doesn't.

Both of those serve no purpose, they are there just for decoration. Actual air vents are at the bottom and below light (also a smaller opening at the bottom and inside of the chrome-line separated nose cone).

I still think car looks best without any artificial nose cone sections. A bit like in the Tiebreaker posted picture but without even that separating line.

jfeister | June 8, 2011

@ Timo, I think what you are seeing is just a difference in lighting and angle. I believe both are the same. In fact I'd be willing to bet those pictures of of the same car on the same day in the same neighborhood.

Tiebreaker | June 8, 2011

Sorry, but that mesh front in the mock-up is just plain fugly! And impractical, agreed with ncn.

Tiebreaker | June 8, 2011

We are forgetting: Alphas are mules for testing systems. If the purpose of the mule is to test the drivetrain, not much time and money is spent on the looks, beyond making it street-legal. See the puny LEDs for brake lights and signaling. So is the nose cone to cover the nose.

Most other manufacturers would heavily disguise alphas with black tape, coarse paint etc etc. Tesla, again, leads with openness.

The latest alpha pictures probably look closer to what S would look like, although I suspect more is to come.

Timo | June 8, 2011

Tesla does photoshop their pictures. That "black nose cone" in grey alpha picture is from the video where bonnet line is clearly inside the cone, that has been airbrushed out of the picture.

I suspect the same for Roadster chasing -picture. It might be same car, but that definitely is not the same false grille.

natesdesigns | September 17, 2013

I think we all need to take a closer look. I've cropped in on the picture for everyone to see.

natesdesigns | September 17, 2013

I think we all need to take a closer look. I've cropped in on the picture for everyone to see.

PaceyWhitter | September 17, 2013


EVMD | September 17, 2013


AmpedRealtor | September 17, 2013


natesdesigns | September 17, 2013

Yea. I thought you'd all like that. I was taking some trips down memory lane a few weeks ago. While watching some old Knight Rider shows on NetFlix I noticed that the car didn't sound like a gas powered engine and more like a really loud electric motor instead. Kit was well ahead of its time.

In addition this particular episode a "bad guy" tried to open the door but he wasn't programed for the car. It gave me an idea. What if in addition to the fob the back side of the handles had finger print scanners to preload all your specific setting for seating, air, music, etc.

This would all happen before you even sat down in the drivers seat.

jbunn | September 17, 2013


Hodas | September 17, 2013

Funny, I have been semi-seriously contemplating and researching a KITT conversion for my nosecone the last couple of weeks. Is this an actual photo or a photoshop job? Has anyone done one?

natesdesigns | September 18, 2013

It was a Photoshop job. I don't think that anyone currently provides a KITT kit. One could probably be made quite easily with LED lighting. What a cool bolt on that could be sold as a novelty piece through the Tesla Stores.

Heck - Why not program a voice for the car so that the car will also talk you. Think Siri from Apple but have William Daniels be the voice.

Anyone think Musk is a closet Knight Rider fan?