Test drove S85 Plus +++++ Time to confirm order

Test drove S85 Plus +++++ Time to confirm order

I have a Tesla S P85+ ordered up and finally got to test drive one today....I AM NOW A BELIEVER :) time to confirm the order once I finalize the changes. I went to the La Jolla store where Nate helped me out ( great by the way!) , I really love the feel of the 'silent thrust' :) ... So, in about two months or so, there be a Tesla in the RaceDeck Speed Garage

jorgenmollerjr | March 11, 2014

ok so I am down to the final changes on the build and have a few items I am not sure on for the P85 Plus which I am doing in White, Black interior w/Carbon , cold weather pkg and the dark 21"rims.

What are the thoughts on the Ambient Lighting? seems like it could be hokey? The Premium Leather Seats over the Leather, the only difference I see is the bolstering and the red piping? and the cargo shelf? how is the quality? I am not doing the sound upgrade, not doing exteded leather, no fog lights,
Thanks for any input..

carlk | March 11, 2014

Congrats. I finalized mine last week after test drove one a months ago. The decision was made right after the drive. It just took a little while to settle financial issues (meaning wife's OK).

Ordered almost the same configuration as yours. P85+, Pearl/Black/Carbon/Grey 21"/Tech of course. I ordered premium seat (just for the red piping), fog light (I think fog light is cool), but not ambient lighting or extended leather. They do not seem to make much difference as far as I can tell. Everyone seems to have parcel shelf. It's useful for hiding valuables in the trunk and also add sound insulation.

Then it's OptiCaot and PhotoSync window tint but that's in the future.

portia | March 11, 2014

ambient light is cool, not hokey by a long shot IMO.
hardly need cold weather package if you are in La Jolla, unless you plan to drive to the cold. I have dark 21" rims, love them. definitely need the cargo shelf, ONLY $250 but necessary to protect stuff you keep in the cargo area from prying eyes.

zwede | March 11, 2014

How about a forum discount for your floors? :)

ShawnG | March 11, 2014


I just picked up my P85+ last week, and let me tell you, its the best car I've ever owned. I also have to tell you that the details COUNT and make a huge difference. Ambient Lighting makes the car look gorgeous at night...lots of compliments from people that have driven with me at night. The red piping stands out and makes the interior pop with just the right touch. I didn't get the cargo shelf as I tinted the windows so I didn't see a need. The upgraded sound system makes a big difference if you love listening to music a bit louder and are picky about the clarity at a higher volume. Didn't get the fog lights need in LA.

Good luck...go ahead and splurge, its worth it, especially since your getting a P85+.

JAD | March 11, 2014

I assume you mean the UTC store when you say La Jolla? Or are there two stores within five miles of me? Seems that way based on how many Tesla's around here! That is where I ordered mine two weeks ago and will be parking it on my racedeck garage floor in April when it arrives!

jorgenmollerjr | March 12, 2014

Thanks for the input... Yes I did drive in La Jolla but I live in SLC, UT so the cold weather package is pretty much a must. I have other very capable mountain snow vehicles, so its more about getting through the occasional unexpected snow shower. I am deciding all by Friday. :)

Quote " | MARCH 11, 2014 NEW
How about a forum discount for your floors? :) " -
YES! I am going to have our in-house sales create a Tesla Owners discount price schedule on all RaceDeck garage floors. There are already quite a few owners ( including corporate) that have purchased, we have a few pictures of their garages on our website and FB pages. In the meantime mention you are a TESLA owner and member of the this forum.

jorgenmollerjr | March 12, 2014

Jad | MARCH 11, 2014
...........That is where I ordered mine two weeks ago and will be parking it on my RaceDeck garage floor in April when it arrives!

Thank You !

carlk | March 12, 2014

@ShawnG Is the ambient lighting only has effect at night? Does it only add more lighting in the back seat area or the front as well? I don't drive at night a lot and don't usually carry passengers. I might consider adding it, if it's still not too late, if I can enjoy it in my everyday drive.

BrassGuy | March 12, 2014

Got my S before the lighting was a package, so I guess it was standard. Interior lights in "rear footwells" (under front seats) and all 4 doors are on when the headlights are on. (Maybe parking lights too.) They follow the display dimming, which I selected as the right steering wheel scroll function. You probably won't notice them in daylight, they are indirect lighting. I'd say they create a nice mood, but if you rarely drive at night it might be a waste for you.
Also listed as part of the light package are "puddle" lights. I think those are the down-facing lights my car has under the doors, lit when they are open. Not intense but a nice glow to counter the door shadow in the dark.
From what I've seen on this forum so far re. the cold weather package, the wiper heaters don't seem to help too much with the icing of wipers, but the rear seat heaters would be a real nice add - if you had rear seat passengers.

kamingcheng | March 13, 2014

I have the lighting package. I will probably not order them if I were to order it again. They are nice, but I won't miss them if they are not there.

I will also skip the cargo shelf -- because you can always get it later.

jorgenmollerjr | March 13, 2014

thanks.... I think I have all items I want checked... sleep on it tonight and then CONFIRM :)

jorgenmollerjr | March 14, 2014

C-O-N-F-I-R-M-E-D :)