Texas towns begging for Teslas

Texas towns begging for Teslas

I remember in the 60's and 70s as the Interstate Hwy system was being built, traveling across open areas (such as Texas), and as you came to a small town, you would have to drive right through the center of the town. Remarkably, the Interstate bypasses took an extremely long time to be built around the towns.
Ok, they did not want to lose any bit of the traveller business that was passing by. But eventually it happened.

Now, I can see the opposite happening where, if I have a SC strategically placed, EVERY Tesla will be stopping.
And why not also provide 'charging plazas' which can accommodate any type of EV?
Hello!!! Texas Politicos!!! Get on the bandwagon and start the trend where your town will not be 'bypassed' because the next town is begging for the EV business!

Liz G | May 26, 2013

I tried to explain that point to my mayor but he just couldn't fathom it. He felt asking Tesla to build a Supercharger here would show favoritism to Tesla over other cars. And he said they couldn't do that.I tried to point out the economic advantages when someone else pointed out GM might not like it. We have a GM factory in town. That's when the light bulb went on.

But to your point. I agree. I thought this same thing when I traveled to San Jose last year for a Tesla event. I think it would be great to have Superchargers in or near the town square of these towns. I would much rather sit at the local diner or ice cream shop or browse the local stores while charging than sit at a rest area and eat McDonalds.

hsadler | May 26, 2013

Yes, someone is going to start a 'roadside' chain and incorporate the needs of traveling EV'ers. They will brand it and make a fortune.

Asking already entrenched franchises will probably not work - most are not open to sway from their formula which is currently working for them.

Someone out their will have the foresight and the 'balls' to take the chance on the future.

AnnK | May 26, 2013

No favoritism I think charging plazas for all EV's a great idea