Theft of charging adapter

Theft of charging adapter

Has this happened to anyone else? I left my car parked & charging in long term parking at the Philadelphia airport while on a business trip and someone came along and stole my adapter. I’m wondering how common an occurrence this is and what, if anything, can be done to to prevent this from happening in the future.

lilbean | March 8, 2019

Was the car unlocked?

woozybuffalo | March 8, 2019


woozybuffalo | March 8, 2019

To clarify - the car was done charging but still plugged in. The thief pulled it out and took it off.

woozybuffalo | March 9, 2019

^spam | March 9, 2019

Never heard of it occurring before. Don't remember any other posts like this in 6+ years I've been following the forums.

To be clear - did they steal the small adapter connection at the end of the mobile cable, or the entire cable? The cable should be secured with the car's connector lock and would require considerable damage to remove.

One way to avoid this is to only use L2 connections (i.e. the cable is provided by the location and you don't need to use your Mobile connector).

Yodrak. | March 9, 2019

"someone came along and stole my adapter"

I'm a bit confused. Your car was using an EVSE with a J1772 plug, and you using the J1772-Tesla adapter to connect to the car?

My understanding is the J1772 plug could be removed from the adapter, but the adapter (or a Tesla plug) could not be removed from the car unless the car was unlocked.

EVRider | March 10, 2019

My understanding is the same as Yodrak’s — the J1772 adapter can’t be removed from the charge port if the car is locked. Sometimes people think the car is locked when it really isn’t, for example if you don’t close a door completely. | March 10, 2019

Perhaps we are all confused about what was stolen. Maybe it was the small NEMA 14-50 Tesla adapter connection (or similar) at the end of the cable. In this case there is no lock on that part of the cable, but the cable itself would not have been stolen or removed from the car. One solution if it is a NEMA 14-50 is to use Tesla's fixed Gen 2 MC where the adapter connection is hard wired and cannot be removed.

EVRider | March 10, 2019

@TeslaTap: It seems unlikely the OP was using their own cable to charge at a public charging station. I assume it was the J1772 adapter, but perhaps the OP will elaborate.

stevenmaifert | March 10, 2019

Was it a Model 3? From the Model 3 Owner's Manual, page 124, top right column:

"in cold ambient temperatures below 41° F (5° C), the charge port remains unlocked whenever the vehicle is not charging, even when Model 3 is locked." Under those circumstances, the J1772 adapter could be stolen.

My Model S Owner's Manual does not have a similar statement, but might it apply to all Teslas? | March 10, 2019

@stevenmaifert - Pays to read the manual!

My guess is it applies to S/X with some specific update. There were some complaints that in cold weather water gets into the lock and if it freezes, can't be unlocked. Sounds like auto unlocking it when it gets too cold is the solution.

Glad I'm never in temps below 45F, not because of the locking issue, but my body doesn't work well at those temps :)

NYTeslaOwner | April 24, 2019

This had always been a fear of mine, glad that it locks it in place

pocastillo | April 26, 2019

Just plugged in mine at the parking garage today, that thought came to mind.. I live in NYC. If it does happen I have sentry mode on and I am a Detective so Ill be sure to find the idiot that tries and or completes the task. I am going to have my charger engraved with my information on it. If you guys would like, look me up and I can set it up for you too,

SCCRENDO | April 26, 2019

Sounds like you will get your guy. But I suspect these things are not common and hardly worth the time and effort. It’s not like they are trying to steal your car