Is there a emergency switch in the Model S?

Is there a emergency switch in the Model S?

In the below article it mentions that some electric vehicles have a emergency disconnect switch to prevent the battery packs from having a cascading failure in a fire. Does the S have a switch? If it does, can one of the owners tell us the location of it? Ty.

SamO | October 9, 2013

The battery can't cascade with 16 compartments.

negarholger | October 9, 2013

Watch the fire fighter video. To disable the main battery cut the connections to the 12 V battery.

mrspaghetti | October 9, 2013

I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was automatic in the event of a failure. I.e., fail-safe.

Mark K | October 9, 2013

There are relays that automatically disconnect the battery sub modules in a significant accident. That's part of the HVIL - (high voltage interlock). So in a typical emergency, it would be done for you - you shouldn't need to manually do anything.

If you want to DIY, I believe you can remove the positive terminal from the 12V battery and the HVIL will disconnect the main battery. (Never had occasion to try this myself though).

Much less destructive than cutting the cable (which first responders do assuming impaired access).

bfranks273 | October 9, 2013

I also was told the disconnect is automatic on impact. Also under a plastic piece in the frunk near the windshield passengers side is a little wire to snip that disables the power system. See the orange label there.

Brian H | October 9, 2013

Since the frunk was engulfed in flames, popping the positive 12V terminal would have been dicey. ;)

redacted | October 9, 2013

A google search for "first responder tesla instructions" will point you at more than you ever wanted to know. I didn't see anything about a switch, but the instructions say to cut a pair of wires (and remove a bit so they can't reconnect).

redacted | October 9, 2013

You could also use Bing or a different search engine. I would prefer Ms. Dewey, but she is unavailable.

JimAlger | October 10, 2013

There is also a wire to cut in the pass side of the frunk... it is labled

WhisperingCJ | October 10, 2013

There's also a link to a lot if First Responder info in the footer of this website (including this page ;-) )