Is there a support group for people like me?

Is there a support group for people like me?

I've been following Tesla for years. I've spotted every Roadster I've ever seen in the wild or in a television series. I snap photos of every Tesla I see on the streets and text all of my friends. They are sick of hearing about Tesla, my new love interest. In fact, since finding out that I qualify to finance a Model S I have been obsessed with everything Tesla. I check this forum about a thousand times a day to see what's new and check the latest news. I have watched hours of YouTube videos showing, driving and reviewing the Model S. I dream about this thing. I obsess over every detail, parse every statement that comes out of Elon Musk, and read every criticism no matter how trivial it seems. I've reserved a Model S and toss and turn at night asking myself if the options I've selected are appropriate, and most recently I've lost sleep over whether I should just fork out an extra $12,000 for the performance option - a dilemma I know others have had and are having.

Is what I'm experiencing normal, or should I seek professional help?

Sudre_ | June 20, 2013

You should seek professional help. NOW

You need a good financial advisor so you can get the extra funds for the P85+. :-)

wolfpet | June 20, 2013

I'm experiencing the same thing. I'm leaning towards professional help ;-)

Captain_Zap | June 20, 2013

Are you insinuating that there is something wrong with me?

therealmach3 | June 20, 2013

Hello, my name is Richard and I'm a Tesla addict.

JohhnyS | June 20, 2013

I thought the cure was to get the model S. I still spend time on the fourms and tell my family about each Tesla spotted each day.

wolfpet | June 20, 2013

@therealmach3 LOL yes, exactly!!!

jonesxander | June 20, 2013

Nope, I'm the same way. I remember 9 or 8 years back taking the bus by the old Tesla shop when they were coming out with roadsters. It's always called my name. Having the name of Tesla helped of course lol.

We are all addicts my friend. But this is a drug that keeps on giving, with very little, if any come down.

therealmach3 | June 20, 2013

Is it weird that I still take pictures of other Teslas when I see them on the road? Even if I'm in my Model S?

I always feel like there should be some sort of secret honk or wave or something ... I just somewhat awkwardly stare as I drive past them, thinking "what a hot car, but mine still looks better" ;-)

hfcolvin | June 20, 2013

Yes there is a support group and you just participated in it!

Captain_Zap | June 20, 2013

Withdrawl syndrome is harsh.

I had to drive the pickup to haul some stuff. I dug up some keys to unlock it. I got in and put my foot on the brake and it didn't start. I realized I had to dig up the key again to start it. The thing reeked of gas. I never could smell it before. I must have been desensitized in the past.

It lurched and rolled and it was LOUD! I got to my destination and hopped out. I forgot that I had to turn the dinosaur off! I had to hop back in to turn off the engine, slam the door shut and lock it. And then it got ugly...I had to go get gas.

I'm spoiled now.

skymaster | June 20, 2013

I had a double shot of nasty today.

First I drove my Duramax Diesel. (only to pull trailers)

Then I drove a Audi A4. (what a piece of CRAP)

If people would just "test drive" a Tesla, they will never want to drive their ICE again!

mdemetri | June 20, 2013

I expected to be cured after getting my beautiful blue P85 3.5 months ago, but then Elon kept on making annoucements. I am hoping that I will be cured after the final annoucement tonight, but deep down I know that is a fantasy. There is no cure in sight.

NICE | June 20, 2013

LOL you've got Tesla Addiction! There's no help and no cure. Just satisfy the craving with more things Tesla.

cloroxbb | June 20, 2013

When I am interested in something, I like to join the community of like-minded individuals. Im not obsessive, but I am sure my Wife tires of me some days when I have Tesla on the mind.

It might scale down a bit when I finally own one, but right now I just cant help myself, although I don't watch youtube videos anymore because they are all the same, or just reposts of old videos.

ghillair | June 20, 2013

Things are going to get worse. After you get the car, when you are with a client you are going to have to remember you are sell homes, not Teslas. Need to focus on promoting the property not the car.

portia | June 20, 2013

+1 therealmach3!
8 months after I got mine, I am still excited when I see one on the road! Today I saw a blue one with license plate MR 2T, yesterday I saw a green one coming toward me, and I waved.
I give total stranger rides! and spend time on this forum...

Bryan M. | June 20, 2013

Saw my first Model S in the wild today in Massachusetts on 495 it was red and gorgeous gave the owner a polite honk and thumbs up!

ian | June 20, 2013

Let me know when you find that support group and I'll see you there!


Brian H | June 20, 2013

As you observe, it's common for addicts to justify their addiction by recruiting as many others as possible to share it.

BYT | June 21, 2013

I was the same, taking delivery is the cure!

Brian H | June 21, 2013

No, it's not the "cure", it's complete surrender to a lifetime lifestyle of deepening dependence. You're doomed, I tell you!

AmpedRealtor | June 21, 2013

You are all enablers! LOL

After last night's live battery swap demo, I'm even more deeply addicted to the Tesla crack pipe than ever before! So I've hatched a plan... when I get my Model S, I'm going to go down to the Whole Foods Market in Scottsdale and offer to give shoppers free rides back to their cars. I've officially fallen off the cliff and lost my mind. I've never been this into anything. I may even be a candidate for that cable show, "Strange Addictions", except I don't think you'll catch me kissing my car. Not saying I wouldn't do it, just saying I'd never get caught!


KWTESLA | June 21, 2013

You are not alone! Now that we own a Model S 85 it has not stopped! My family text us pictures of Teslas on streets ,Teslas on Trailers going over Hwy 80. We have Tesla luggage ,Tesla Car cover, Tesla shirts and my still in the womb Granda Son has a Tesla jumper to wear home from the Hospital ! "Zero Emissions almost" on the back bumper of the jumper.
We love the way the car drives and my unbelieving wife can be found on the road somewhere in it right now smiling all the way.

EVTripPlanner | June 21, 2013

Here - I'll be your financial advisor (but not shrink). Take net worth excluding primary residence, divide by monthly expenses, then divide by age. If greater than 1, buy performance option. Exception: if age is greater than 70, but fuck it all and buy it.

rch1708 | June 21, 2013

Just spent 9 hours driving to and from a customer in germany with one of my employees. Showed him the battery swap video over breakfast. Explaned my interest in Tesla on the outward bound trip. Justified it on the return trip. Photographed & got specs for the charge point I discovered at our hotel...

My colleague says that he's not going to travel in the same vehicle as me until my MS has been delivered. Says that he'd rather lose his hearing tah suffer the same fate again...

But I was only being enthusiastic. Honest.

ian | June 21, 2013

Haha! Talk about a captive audience!

Captain_Zap | June 21, 2013

First you become an addict.

Then you become the street pusher.

Yeah, I give rides to strangers too...

Brian H | June 21, 2013

"With a simple voice command, the car will Taser my passengers!"

Newampster | June 21, 2013

It started with a stock tip....don't you know "tips are for waiters"? Then a chat with my brother who knows the guy at the CR test track that rated Model S the best car ever. Then a trip to San Diego for a test drive. Now I am waiting for delivery in NH, 250 miles from the nearest supercharger. The addiction is very bad. The most expensive daytripping golf cart I have ever known. But, this forum is filled with crazies like me, who consider themselves otherwise sane.

S4WRXTTCS | June 21, 2013

What I find funny is despite the drawbacks (in terms of my use case) of the Model S I still find myself obsessing about it.

In fact my reasons against it is a mile long, and yet I do wonder if I won't get it because it sunk down into a part of me and I can't just rationalize it out. It's like my body has already made the decision to get it and its just waiting for my mind to give up fighting it.

My mind has attempted with all these arguments, but the feeling still hasn't gone away. Much of these things have already been mentioned.

The seats are ridiculous. Truly unacceptable for a car being sold at this level. In fact I threw out the idea of the performance version because it's like not being strapped in while in a fighter jet. As an aside I also have this frustration with the Porsche default seats (Cayman/911), but at least with Porsche I can upgrade to something decent (still not RS5 like). Every car on my list has awesome seats except the Tesla. I know this is a 1% of the time problem, but there is just something really comforting about seats that wrap around you. I guess Elon Musk doesn't like hugs.

All the other cars on my list are closer to what I prefer in a car. Small, and fast. Things like the Jag F-type, The Audi RS5, or a used R8. My current ICE car (2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited) already seats 4 and is for hiking/mountain biking.

The windshield wiper controls are a complete joke. It's on the same control as the turn signal. If it was any other car I would have walked away. Forums are also filled with people frustrated by the rain sensing, and the lack of control. I live in Seattle so its going to be raining 90% of the time.

There is an element of driving that is completely taken away. There is no drama to it, yet they didn't go all the way. They didn't add adapative cruise control or any kind of sensors. So it just feels a little odd. Granted most people are not like me where I not so secretly want to test drive a Volvo just to see how good the car will be at preventing me from running people over. I'm just curious about technology, and how well their system works.

Tesla has the performance version of the Model S, but then people talk about floaty suspension. So Tesla gets this bright idea to make even MORE money by charging lots of extra money to take a corner. I know there is no way physically possible that it would ever compare to a Porsche Cayman S (the best handling car I've ever owned that's significantly lighter). I'm sure the P85+ comes sorta close, but I'm not paying that kind of coin to drag a 4000+ pound car around a corner at high speed. So I'll just block out that obsession and make due with a normal 60KW/85KW version. I know on some level its a bet anyways. I don't have that chunk of change on a bet. I don't mind spending 80-90K on a Porsche though. I beat the living crap out of the Cayman S and it kept asking for more. Obviously Tesla made the bet a lot easier with the value guarantee which I would argue is HIGHLY important given the type of vehicle, the hype involved, and how new the company is. Any little thing can blow up into a big thing sending things tumbling down. We don't live in a world where truth matters. Toyota and Audi learned this the hard way.

The whole charging extra for HID lamps, and Nav is so 2008. Not even Porsche does that anymore (at least not in the cars I'm looking at). Sure I'll just add the tech package (which isn't a bad deal overall despite the fact that they should all be standard for a lux car).

Using style over substance in their stores. Don't eye candy us with people who don't know the car from top to bottom. Don't tell me you need to ask someone else. I don't care what the gender of the sales person is or how cute they are as long as they know EVERYTHING there is to know about the car.

Lots of things I want are a software upgrade or two away. They might come or they might not come. There is no real indication of planned features. Tesla sold me on supercharger locations that would be ideal for where I want to drive, but they won't tell me something simple? Like being able to show the map on the dashboard display without a destination. Or being able to tell me the speed limit on the road like the cheap Germins do (this is handy for when speed limits change despite the road not changing style). The OCD part of me also wants to know the tire pressure of each tire. I know it will tell me when its low, but I want the data.

NomoDinos | June 21, 2013

It's great to find a group of mixed nuts as obsessive as I am. I've been lurking in the forum for a while, but this thread convinced me to join in.

I had just put down my deposit for a non-performance 85 a couple weeks ago, but decided at the last minute that I'm going to save up for a couple months more for a fully loaded performance 85 (overnight shifts here I come!). I keep telling myself it's worth it, but in the meantime I've gone into overdrive trying to find every shred of news coverage, updates, and blog rants about the Tesla. When I ran out of random websites, I started recycling. I think I've re-read the CR and Car and Driver's articles about 5 times each. This can't be healthy.

Just wondering of the performance owners how big of a downgrade you think it would be to just go with the regular 85? Maybe it's just better to get this out of my system now and go for the "reasonable" model!