Is there a way to prevent door from being opened from the outside while you are in the car?

Is there a way to prevent door from being opened from the outside while you are in the car?

I was just thinking - in ICE vehicles there's normally a way to lock the doors from the inside (anti-carjacking mechanism?). Is there a way to do the same for MS? I'm imagining the following: you're sitting at a traffic light, and there is a suspicious character standing at the corner. What's to keep him/her from just touching the handle, and being able to open the car? I'm inside with the key fob, so it's nearby - as far as the car is concerned... Any ideas?

NKYTA | January 10, 2014

Controls -> Lock, as simple as that.

mklcolvin | January 10, 2014

Thanks NKYTA! I knew it must've been something simple!

negarholger | January 10, 2014

but if the fob is in the car, then you still can open the door from the outside...

Solution - put the fob in a metal box - I have an empty Altroids box in my glove compartment.

riceuguy | January 10, 2014

Kleist...I think that's only true when the car is in park.

shs | January 10, 2014

Neutral with the parking brake on may be an answer, but getting there quickly is not as simple as it should be.

negarholger | January 10, 2014

The metal box should only be needed when in park e.g. sleeping in the car. As long as you in drive the doors should not open... ( I haven't tested it ).

Peter1087 | January 10, 2014

I just tried an experiment - locked the doors while inside the car with keyfob and had wife try to get in unsuccessfully. Car was in park. Even tried lifting butt off seat and same results. Car stays locked until I unlock it or open door from inside.

bonaire | January 10, 2014

For the Op, "when in doubt, try it out."

Pull up to a fake stop sign in your driveway. Have a family member try to open the door.

mklcolvin | January 10, 2014

Thanks to all, I will "try it out", as bonaire mentioned. I'm expecting it to stay locked since I would be still in Drive mode, not Parked.

AmpedRealtor | January 10, 2014

Model S handles are not operable when the car is in Drive. Unless you put the car in Park whenever you are at a traffic stop, it shouldn't be a problem. On those occasions when you are sitting inside the vehicle while in Park, just lock the doors using the controls as has been described earlier and you are set.

Bighorn | January 10, 2014

Please check local ordinances before fashioning a counterfeit "Stop" sign.

negarholger | January 10, 2014

...sitting inside in park and lock with the fob the handle will extend on touch ( no second person needed, just roll down the window ). However when you lock from the control panel the handles do not extend on touch.

AmpedRealtor | January 10, 2014
Keith72 | January 10, 2014

I haven't tried the formal experiment people mention above. Occasionally when my wife and I have been out in the car and she wants to run into a store to quickly pick something up, I wait in the car and play on the internet. Every time she comes back, I have to unlock the car on the 17" screen to let her back in while I'm still sitting in the drivers seat with the car in park. I would assume the same thing happens if the car is in drive.

Hart | January 10, 2014

I don't think so. When in drive, handles come out when pushed on.

joer293 | January 10, 2014

When in drive my back door handles open the door, but the passenger door won't open, even if the handle is out. Odd arrangement.