Thoughts on impending delivery

Thoughts on impending delivery

Originally scheduled for 3/29, I got a bump to 3/22. Contradictory thoughts:
In the words of the "Toy Story" aliens, "It is coming. It is coming!"
And yet the closer it gets the slower time passes. It's the Zeno delivery.

chrisdl | March 20, 2014

I recommend cryogenic sleep for the last 2 days. It's the only way to make it through the time-gap without going insane.

Seriously, a warm pre-mature congratulations, dude! Or dudette!

CT-Greg | March 20, 2014

Thanks. And dude was right. The dudette is also excited, though. She's the real car nut in the family. I'm more of a pure tech geek who suddenly has a commute beyond walking distance.

Muzzman1 | March 20, 2014

I'm in the exact same boat. Was the 28th now the 22nd. I think I'm more excited about this than I was when I got the keys to my new house 15yrs ago!!

ccbldg | March 20, 2014
fikernaut | March 20, 2014

Same here got bumped from 27th to 21st!

amitb00 | March 20, 2014

Good news everywhere!!!! Tesla rocks.

Brian H | March 20, 2014

New MS owners have been known to move in order to obtain a longer commute.

KWTESLA | March 20, 2014

My car was ready 3 days ahead of estimate. The factory tour was a highlight as was the delivery specialists detail . Enjoy !

Jackman | March 20, 2014

Ditto here. 33702 originally scheduled for 3/28 now 3/22 in SoCal.

Mathew98 | March 20, 2014


dborn | March 20, 2014

We Australians are jealous! We don't even have pricing yet, much less a delivery date!

plusplusjames | March 20, 2014

I am reconfirmed for my delivery tomorrow morning in Queens! Sparks will fly!

tes-s | March 20, 2014

Congrats! And kudos to Tesla for keeping that production line cranking and delivering ahead of schedule.

J.T. | March 20, 2014

@++. I wish you the best. Give Muriella a kiss for me. And keep these two words in mind as you make the left from Van Dam onto the Expwy access road: POT HOLES.

mathwhiz | March 20, 2014

Tesla's gonna be busy doing deliveries. Mine was also moved from 3/28 to 3/22 in SoCal.

matpro | March 20, 2014

*Heartburn* Sigh! :)

But seriously for the folks seeing their dates move up from 3/28, could you shed some light on when production started & ended?

My delivery date is 3/26, and the car went into production on Tuesday with no further change on the website. I'm in SoCal too!

Jackman | March 20, 2014

33702 went "In Production" 3/17, listed as "Production Complete" on 3/20 AM. I got a call on 3/15 informing me that Production was ahead of schedule and that delivery would probably be 3-4 days early.

fikernaut | March 20, 2014

Vin33865: booked & confirmed 1/28 --> production 3/15 --> production completed --> 3/18 --> pickup scheduled for 3/21 @ factory

rjr1974 | March 20, 2014

34411 went "In Production" 3/19 and still shows original delivery date of 3/28 to SoCal. I keep checking every hour to see if I get bumped up sooner but no luck so far.

Jackman | March 20, 2014

I believe the delivery schedule is not automatically bumped up. They need to call and have the revised delivery date and time confirmed by the buyer.

Bobrrr | March 20, 2014

My MS 85 was scheduled for delivery 3/26. I just got a call to let me know that my order has been changed to a beta test MX 225 with a 50% discount if I can take delivery tomorrow. The color will be CA freeway camouflage gray, so don't look for me on the road!

drbchy | March 20, 2014

Vin 33438, ordered 1/23, started production 3/6, completed production 3/12, arrived at the Costa Mesa (socal) SC on 3/17. My original pick up date is 3/29 but it's 3/29 because I already made plans to go out of town this weekend!!! Ugh!!!

buickguy | March 20, 2014

My S85, VIN35410, is ready for pick-up at the factory on Saturday, 3/22. They wanted me to take it on Friday, 3/21, but I have to work. Work! What's interesting is that when I started looking seriously last October, I was told 3 months of wait until delivery. When ordered in late February, I was told 2 months of wait. Shortly after I confirmed, I was told 5 weeks of wait. Last week, they moved it up to 3/21 (I moved it back to 3/22). That works out to 4 weeks of wait. Actually, pretty fast -- fast indeed. See you all on the road or at a Supercharge station.

sbeggs | March 20, 2014

@buickguy, have a blast! I guess you do not have any more Buicks now?

buickguy | March 20, 2014

Well, no, not quite true. "Buickguy" comes from the fact that I have a 1953 Buick convertible in the garage 2 doors away from where the Tesla will sit. The Buick has been part of the family for many decades, so it belongs. It also belongs in a different world. If I ever feel like burning hydrocarbons, all I have to do is start it and let it idle for just a few minutes. You can then count the gallons going out the tailpipe!

Red Rover | March 20, 2014

37397 ready 4/25 and I'm stating to get excited.

Red Rover | March 20, 2014

37397 ready 4/25 and I'm stating to get excited.

Red Rover | March 20, 2014

37397 ready 4/25 and I'm starting to get excited.

matpro | March 20, 2014

34820. Some progress at least, status is now prod complete. Not sure how long it would take to get here, keeping fingers crossed that it is at least a day or two early...

xrayangiodoc | March 20, 2014

My order went in on 2/8 from suburban Buffalo, NY. VIN34330 is now scheduled for delivery on 3/27. Shows as being prepared for pickup or delivery. HPC is patiently waiting in the garage having been installed last Thursday. My 2002 LS430 was taken away by AutoNation this morning. Anticipation is very high!

Roll Tide | March 20, 2014

Delivery tomorrow at noon. Hard to sleep here in GA.

JAD | March 20, 2014

Ordered 3/2, vin 364xx, with my bday on 4/2 and my wifes 4/12, hoping one of us gets a really nice gift!

RVC | March 20, 2014

Delivered today at noon in Michigan! S85, VIN 32264, in production 3/5, production complete 3/8. Somehow got stuck in Fremont. Confirmed 12/11/13 but I delayed delivery to mid-March.

Glad for all of you who've been bumped up! I didn't really have a hard time waiting. Now that the car is finally here, I couldn't, for the life of me, understand how I didn't go nuts waiting for it to arrive!

arneva | March 20, 2014

Silly me, thinking that the VIN is the order in which they go in production. My 343xx gave me hope, But seeing that cars with 36xxx are going in production already, I'll just have to make peace with the fact that 'in production' is truly torture because you have no clue when anything is going to happen.
(Yes it's a European car)

sbeggs | March 21, 2014

Congratulations, @RVC, what are your impressions so far? Our VIN 32723 started production like yours 3/5, production complete 3/8 also, took delivery 3/12 in San Diego.

@Roll Tide, your wait is almost over!

Agree with everyone about VINs being sequential in theory only.

Good luck, @gweston and @Jad...

jordanrichard | March 21, 2014

I too thought the VIN# denoted a physical production sequence. However, the VIN#s are simply assigned based on when the order is placed. The actual production date is based on the configuration of the car and color. The main driving factor is the color, because it is done in batches. It is in the paint shop that the car spends most of it's 4 day production time. So I gather what they do is decide that they are going to spray say 100 red cars starting on Monday Mar 24th. So backing up from there, they see which next 100 orders placed were for red. Then based on how long it actually takes to build the body shell, they start putting the bodies together, and then you get the "The factory is now building your car" notice.

JAD | March 21, 2014

Curious, my delivery says 'April', was 'late April' when I ordered, but everyone else seems to have an exact date. When or how do you get the exact ETA, knowing it can change, etc. Just anxious to know if Tesla is thinking April 1, or April 30 at this point. Does this appear once you are in production?

Will_A | March 21, 2014

@JAD. I ordered 3/7, confirmed 3/10. Delivery was "Late April". Then last night, I checked and it now says "April 24"... I can't contain myself!

carlk | March 21, 2014

I ordered 3/5 (got a delivery late April) and confirmed 3/7 (the delivery estimate disappeared). Got the VIN the next day. Three days later, two days before my birthday, I got a call from Tesla saying my car will be ready for pick up 3/31. That was FAST. The fact that I ordered a pretty loaded P85+ with factory delivery probably helped. I'm on the last train for them to add it to this quarter's number. Timing indeed is everything.

vouteb | March 21, 2014

Ordered 3 year ago and delivery probably end May, I am getting excited


vouteb | March 21, 2014


JAD | March 21, 2014

I ordered on 3/3, confirmed on 3/5. Black S85 loaded. Sounds like between 3/31 and 4/24.

rjr1974 | March 21, 2014

@matpro, I never got a call from anybody re: Delivery but I just went to my profile, clicked EDIT under Pick Up, and was given the option to change my time to Tue @ noon (3/25 in Costa Mesa) instead of my original del date of Fri 3/28. My P85+ still shows In Production (this is day 3). This would make me 3 days early if it holds.

JAD | March 21, 2014

Just changed back to 'late April' on my dashboard :(

fikernaut | March 21, 2014

Baby's home!

CT-Greg | March 22, 2014

It's home. A big thank you to Gillian and Nathan, and Noreen at Tech CU, for making this an awesome experience start to end.

Test drive & order placed on 1/25. Confirmed on 1/26.
In production 3/10.
Production complete 3/14.

sbeggs | March 22, 2014

Congratulations, @vin33865 and @gweston! Impressions...? Take your time and savor every zooming second!

CT-Greg | March 23, 2014

First full day with the car, driving in areas I'm familiar with. So far I'm really enjoying this and, to reiterate an earlier post, I'm not really a "car guy."

Looking forward to giving my coworkers and CEO tours this week. My uncle stopped by this morning and got the walkthrough. As he was leaving he said it made his BMW feel like a covered wagon.

sbeggs | March 24, 2014

@gweston, congratulations!

fikernaut | March 24, 2014

Amazing weekend! drove ~500 miles in 2 days.
* Loved the early morning spin to the lake, before sun rise and kids waking up!
* Went for a winding road drive with the elder son. The car hugs the road and corners so well
* Met amazing MS owners at SC; Met the owner of the first MS in Canada

Loving every second of it