A thread for climate change trolls to express their opinions on snow vacations in the era of climate change

A thread for climate change trolls to express their opinions on snow vacations in the era of climate change

The troll spammers continue to stink up the climate change threads. Most of us are tired of them because we consider them to be low intellectual individuals who are purely there to disrupt our threads. They claim they are a knowledgeable minority who think we are all fooled by smart scientists and the mass media. We have asked them on numerous occasions to stop spamming our threads. If they are truly sincere they will take advantage of this thread and make their case and perhaps they could garner a lot of interest among other deplorables who are too intimidated to post. If they do not take advantage of this it will prove my point that they are purely interested in disrupting our threads.

MitchP85D | March 2, 2019

Snow vacations in the era of climate change? Life is good now. Check it out.

Tesla2018 | March 3, 2019

I hate snow. Waiting for climate change to warm up Canada so all the snowbirds will stop coming to Florida for the winter causing traffic jams. All of the condos they are crammed into on the beach will be underwater and they will all move to the mountains in the Poconos to avoid the rising tides.

MitchP85D | March 3, 2019

Being a weatherman, I know all about incorrect weather/climate predictions. And it is my assessment that global warming worshippers can't hit the broad side of the barn with a bass fiddle. Therefore, Tesla2018 is SOL!

Tesla2018 | March 3, 2019

But Mitch, your frenemy, the mad doctor, seems to think he knows more than you. Guess his education from the Skala Zula school of Rhinohornplasti means more that your degree in meteorology from an accredited US University. Funny thing is that he calls me a Russian troll and my grandfathers sister moved to Russia from Europe and worked for the Russian leaders 100 years ago before the revolution. Yeah, that communism thing that replaced it worked out real good for the people that stayed there.

MitchP85D | March 3, 2019

So, you are a Russian troll too Tesla2018? I thought that was only Darth!

SCCRENDODO has his New Age religion, and he is about as devout as they come.

Darthamerica | March 3, 2019

It's funny that the one calling everyone Russian is actually the most communist/fascists of all posters! Constantly BEGGING for someone to censor anyone who questions the party.

Tesla2018 | March 3, 2019

Mitch- My grandmothers sister married a guy whose family supplied the US with surplus military supplies which were used in WW1 to defeat the Germans. So I guess that offsets the one that worked for the Russians. I am independent and vote for the candidate not the party. Basically they are all bad, except I thought Obama could fix race relations and fix the economy that Bush screwed up by starting needless wars. But he just went crazy with increasing the deficit. Was hoping both sides would unite after Trump was elected since they both hated him, but they just want to keep arguing as usual. Hope he can end the trade imbalance and improve the economy and work with North Lorea and China to improve relations. Last time it was Trump vs the Republicans. Now it is going to be the Democrats fighting among themselves. Its more entertaining watching the debates than watching regular TV programs.

Mike83 | March 4, 2019

As usual the Climate deniers confuse politica with science besides not understanding what GLOBAL MEANS. Since they have ZERO facts is one of the reasons they troll. The bottom line is they really don't understand what is important besides having no knowledge of the Scientific Methods(observation, theory, test theory, repeat data, PEER REVIEW and in time it becomes law like gravity)
Keep up the BS if it makes you happy.

Darthamerica | March 4, 2019

OK @Mike83, what have you OBSERVED with the IPCC models vs the measured data? Let’s see if you are honest...

Tesla2018 | March 4, 2019

Since this is our thread can we flag the global warming alarmists?

Nah, we are more mature than them.

Darthamerica | March 4, 2019

@Tesla2018 nah I think they do a far better job of turning people away from unfounded AGW nonsense than we do!

SCCRENDO | March 4, 2019

Bump for the trolls who continue stink up our threads. This is a better echochamber for you guys

SCCRENDO | March 6, 2019


Mike83 | March 6, 2019

The length of their thread illustrates how little they know. They are followers of fake leaders without any ability to think logically or discuss facts.

Tesla2018 | March 10, 2019

Hey flagboys-
Why dont you start flagging the poster above. Seems like he is writing the same crap and link on all the threads. At least we can all agree that we dont believe in spam!

MitchP85D | March 10, 2019

Why do you call it "our" thread ozone hole mike? SCCRENDODO is the one who created it.