Time To Build Europe

Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

martijn | March 28, 2013

Since the Belgium thing is solved: have all sig's being invited by now?
And how about any Roadster-owner?

Jackie425 | March 29, 2013

@martijn: EU Sig #425 - waiting since 19th March to get my papers countersigned by Tesla :-(
Haven't seen anyone post about being invited for a week - I guess someone took some well earned vacation time ;-)

glaserud | April 4, 2013

General european production series P82, P105, P183, P203 and P224 have been confirmed to have been released for finalize today.

martijn | April 4, 2013

Yes, that is good to hear @glaserud !!
Guess all Norwegians?
Delivery window?

glaserud | April 4, 2013

That's correct, they're all norwegian. Delivery window seem to be July/August:

"Delivery: JUL, 2013 - AUG, 2013

(orders completed by 4/5/2013)"

We're still unsure if that's May 4th or April 5th, though.

martijn | April 4, 2013

That's april 5th (tomorrow :0)

Jul/aug is great but strange, here are some Sigs reporting a window aug/sep.
That's no "all Sig's before P's - delivery".
Then again; those high Sig's seem to be recently upgraded P's (after some cancellations/downgrades). So the low P's, waiting for years, may as well get their S's around the time fresh Sig's do.
I prefer whichever way is the fastest to my P1435 ;)

sethvandermeer | April 4, 2013

I had this strange experience when I did my test drive yesterday in Eindhoven. He said is was about time that I did a test drive, since ordering would be soon (I am p2853). When I mentioned that, he said that it would not take very long anymore before I should finalize. Nothing concrete was mentioned, but since they have started the P's ... My hopes are up again :-)

Norbert.Vienna | April 4, 2013

Still waiting for an Austrian subsidiary in Vienna to Start contracting and Start
Configurating and finalizing S and P Orders

lygren | April 6, 2013

P220 here, just signed off my 60kW to the factory yesterday! Norway delivery... :)

dirk.saenen | April 6, 2013

"P"'s in Norway got there TTB-mails. (Great for them)

Any news on Belgian Sig's ?

jkirkebo | April 6, 2013

Well, they're not up to P1088 in Norway yet at least. Maybe in the next couple of weeks? Hoping for aug/sept window, but that might be a little optimistic...

Jean PierreD | April 6, 2013

signature performance # 14 and still nothing! (belgium)

TheFlyer | April 6, 2013

I have a very low R number, still nothing (Norway).

Marcel.vdbosch | April 7, 2013

Sig #422 Pearl White Performance (Netherlands)

Made my reservation in june '12 and got P1004 and was placed on the waitinglist for a Sig.
In the beginning of March I got the possibility to upgrade, signed the paperwork and received the countersigned paperwork at the 21 th of March. The reservation number changed to #S422 and delivery is indicated AUG/SEPT. As head of the airquality improvement executionprogram of The Hague I can't wait to make my contribution to a better airquality. (And to enjoy driving this beauty of course).

martijn | April 8, 2013

Just got an email from TM "update your details in mytesla", that it is now very important to make sure the preferred email address in mystesla is still correct.
Funny, when the email came in, and I saw sender "Tesla Motors Ownership Europe", a small adrenaline shot. But off course, status is still "design".

Is there a pattern in when they send one this email (as in xxx months before finalize)?

sethvandermeer | April 8, 2013

@martijn I think we all got this mail, at least I did and I am 2853....

martijn | April 8, 2013

Seems even EU-sig's (who already finalized) also got this e-mail today.
So this means nothing at all, as for some indication.

sethvandermeer | April 8, 2013

@martijn I think our only hopes for a speedy delivery could lie in:
- The Netherlands being the second largest contingent of orders in Europe getting some priority because of the tax break ending by December 31st
- The fact that Tesla is now producing cars at 2200 per month, meaning they could in theory work away the EU backlog in less then a month (Norway not being EU)

Jean PierreD | April 8, 2013

signature performance #14 and no configuration window yet ...
from Belgium

Jovano | April 8, 2013

Signature #80 and no configuration window yet....
Also from Belgium
The fun is lost !

martijn | April 8, 2013

Jean Pierre and Jovano: that sucks. You guys put down à premium reservation long long time ago, and still nothing. Seeing P's in Norway finalize must indeed hurt. I really hope TM get things right for you soon, and more: deliver you jun/july. You deserve that !!

martijn | April 8, 2013

@seth: oh, I recognice the whisfullthinking so much.
I'll just stay happy with TM's garantie of à 2013 delivery.
And hoping dutch tax benefits will remain till then (politians are the must unreliable).
For now till then, my prius plugin is nice but hell, way far from MS.

martijn | April 10, 2013

Norway is really on the move.
R567 reported.

nils.roald | April 10, 2013

Time to build P#335, got the mail today. Delivery Aug/Sept

muller | April 18, 2013

Any news from Europe? Bump...

jeroens | April 18, 2013

a few Dutch Signature's status change to Building (from send to factory) today...

thomas.schlatter | April 18, 2013

S217 changed from "Your order has been submitted to the Tesla factory" to "The Tesla factory is building your Model S Signature Performance" on April 15th.
Delivery should be June/July according to Tesla UK.

martijn | April 18, 2013

@jeroens, what is your delivery window?

jeroens | April 18, 2013

july/August (was what it said when Time to Build email came.)

Brian H | April 18, 2013

Who will be the first to get the, "Your Model S is floating on the Atlantic" message?

;) |:0

krissu | April 19, 2013

Now the new packages for Europe are also on the pricelist here, but not for US.

martijn | April 19, 2013

Things are moving again.
R231 and P653 (Dutch) reported TTB

NielsChr | April 19, 2013

P553 denmark have recived TTB email

RainerE | April 19, 2013

P35 Switzerland, w/out a Roadster TTB :)

mcg.meijer | April 19, 2013

Vandaag TTB mail ontvangen

Martijn (NL) P406

Jolinar | April 19, 2013

Packages for Europe are already on the pricelist here, but didn't theay said that Lighting Package is included in Signature Model S??

dirk.saenen | April 19, 2013

IMHO, it would be wise if Tesla would inform EU-customers what is happening.

some EU-P's got TTB-mails, while other Eu-Sig's are left without notice.

those reservation-holders feel uncomfortable about that, and might cancel their reservation.

and that would be a shame for both Tesla as them !

Jackie425 | April 19, 2013

@Jolinar: Just checked with Tesla and it seems that the website is wrong. The Lighting package is included for the Sigs.

notonlyonlybutbut | April 19, 2013

Received TTB mail today. General production #883.

thomas.schlatter | April 19, 2013

@Jolinar: I checked with Tesla also about the price for the lighting package for Signatures. It is included and they will change the website soon.
If you go to the Design Studio, it already shows the correct prices.

muller | April 19, 2013

Congratulations! It has been a long wait, but it's nice to hear about Danish production numbers coming through :-) then hopefully p1650 is just around the corner...

wwdevries | April 19, 2013

There's a spread sheet to keep each other informed as much as possible on Tesla's progress. Please fill in your information as your status updates:

sunnysailor | April 19, 2013

I am very excited about the Europeann deliveries! I live in the US and have a Tesla S. I am currently in Vienna on business and missing my Tesla. I travel to Vienna about 2-3 times a year. I hope that next time I am here I will see an elelgant model S driving down the streets of the very elegant city of Vienna.

Svejk | April 19, 2013

Hi guys! I also got my TTB today! I´m wondering about the deduction part, does it apply for us in Europe or only for US? Luckily we are going for a second test drive, this time in Oslo, Norway early May so we have time to make a final decision within the time limit.

reservation holder #417 (Europe)
/The Swedish Bolt!

Simon L | April 19, 2013

TTB email received today, Germany P580

thomas.schlatter | April 19, 2013

Got a black-out.... What is TTB again?

arnebjarne | April 19, 2013

Got the "under production"-tag on my car on My Tesla page;-) The thing is actually being built! ! I can hardly believe it. I have recently been on a tour of the factory, and I can imagine the production line, and the robots welding it all together. Maybe I saw the stamping of the hood of my car? I remember thinking this when I was there.

Sig Europe #423

Simon L | April 19, 2013

@Thomas: TTB = Time to Build

thomas.schlatter | April 19, 2013

Thanks Simon.
My Tesla shows 'The Tesla Factory is building your Model S Signature Performance' but I didn't receive a TTB email. Is that normal?

teslaMS | April 19, 2013

TTB and "Your paperwork is ready" email received today.
Waiting for the "paperwork countersign"
Switzerland P809.