Timing of test drive, configuration, and order in line

Timing of test drive, configuration, and order in line

Hi, I have a general question about much time we have to test drive and then configure before being moved farther back in line. I can imagine a scenario where someone who was in the front of the line (not me, unfortunately) would get the email to configure before cars were even available in showrooms, and would have to choose between configuring "blind" or waiting to configure later and losing their place in line. But even if cars are in showrooms already, there must be some tradeoff between configuring quickly and risking ones delivery priority. Can anyone shed any light on this?

rennerfra | June 4, 2017

I'am in Europe = pretty sure, that there is no car in any shop until Autumn or Winter...

Means, we might have to choose based on configurator informations - even, when we want to have features, which come much later (e.g. AWD). In 4-6 weeks we will see, what ordering conditions we have to deal with...

PhillyGal | June 4, 2017

@todd - it's a bit uncharted territory for Tesla, so hard to say.

With the Model S, for example, orders were built before many of those early reservation holders got a chance to drive. The production is going to be so drastically different now though that Tesla may choose to send a car or two to various states/cities as a test drive model for reservations holders. Or maybe they won't and will just focus on delivering reservations since having models on the floor to see and drive may drum up too much demand before the current backlog is fulfilled.

KP in NPT | June 4, 2017

At the VIP event yesterday, one of the Tesla employees did say there would be cars available to test drive. But he didn't say when. ;)

NKYTA | June 4, 2017


LA-Fohlen | June 4, 2017

@rennerfra - do you think that you would get the car before the end of the year considering Tesla's deliver plan?

carlk | June 4, 2017

Same as what Phillygirl said with model X many with early reservation including yours truly configured and ordered sight unseen. Some waited until they could see the car in person though. You just have to make your own decision if you're the dedicated one or you're cautious one. I kind of doubt that Tesla will be making (many) demo cars when it could not satisfy people who ordered. It's not that unusual people do that with hot new cars all the time.

carlk | June 4, 2017

With the X Tesla opened up a few thousands slots a week for people to configue and order according to their reservation number. You can order or wait as long as you want to when your number is called. Your delivery is dependent on the date you finalized the order. That should give you some idea how this will go.

bj | June 4, 2017

One advantage in not being in the USA is that by the time Model 3 comes to our shores, the forums will be filled with discussions on all the various options and how good or not good they are, value for money, reliability etc. So even if there's no cars available for test drive locally at time we have to configure, we'll have a wealth of real user experiences to guide us.

gavinfaulkner | June 4, 2017

@ bj


rennerfra | June 5, 2017

@ LA-Fohlen: my target configuration is '75D' (if not too expensive) - pre-scheduled delivery is Spring 2019.

But: I also like to make a test drive, which might not be possible before Winter...