Tinting recommendation Bay Area?

Tinting recommendation Bay Area?

Any trusted tinting shop? Any particular film and how much spent?
Peninsula would be terrific, but S. Bay ok too.

cschock | March 11, 2013

I wouldn't mind a suggestion for North Bay as well. Especially for a shop that can handle the 3M Crystalline film.

homebreww | March 11, 2013

I have used Auto Mall Tint Specialist in Fremont for my other cars; they are located just a few miles north of the Tesla factory. While I don't have my new car yet, they would be the first place I would check out.

They installed the 3M film on my last car (Volt) and I couldn't be happier. My Volt was one of the first cars built and they took their time figuring out what would work for me. 2+ years later, all is good.

Omg_Tesla | March 11, 2013

I used Transparent Glass Coating (TGC) in Santa Cruz they one of the best place to tint your glass. I tinted my Nissan Leaf with them. They did a great job I spend about $300. You can get your Model S tinted in Santa Cruz, Monterey,or San Jose

Hills | March 12, 2013

anyone else?

TeslaModelSOwner | March 12, 2013

Auto Image in Belmont, they have done a ton of Model S including mine. In addition to tint they also did my clear bra.

Pictures of my car and other MS they have done are on their yelp page, they are the most highly regarded when it comes to MS in the Bay

Hills | March 12, 2013

What tinting film did you get and how much did it cost?
Thanks so much.

Hughlenny | March 12, 2013

@Hills @TeslaModelSOwner:
I'd love to hear more information about this too. Thanks!

TeslaModelSOwner | March 12, 2013

I got 30% on all windows except front windshield with llumar ceramic for under $500.

Pics are posted in their yelp page so you can see how it looks

smd | March 12, 2013

I have an appointment for the end of the month (he's booked out about 3 weeks) at Omega Tintwerks in Pleasanton. I had my Infiniti G35 tinted by Vince in 2007 and it's still looking great. He says he's tinted 4 Tesla Model S so far and he's using ceramic Llumar tint to avoid interference with electronics. He quoted $400 for all windows (besides windshield) for me. He also does lots of paint protection installs and I might have him exchange the partial paint armor on my hood for a full hood.

Paddlegirl7 | December 12, 2013

@TeslaModelSOwner, I have an appointment next week with Auto Image in Belmont, thanks for the suggestion.

Did you have any adhesion problems with the black dots on the edges of the rear and rear fly windows? (Did you do Llumar?)


STY1 | December 13, 2013