Tip: Posting Links

Tip: Posting Links

When Mollom blocks your link there are a few things you can do:

1) Delete the protocol from the front, for example:

http:// or https://

2) Keep deleting the 'www' portion. Notice some sites start w/ 'm' or 'mobile' on your smartphone or tablet, delete that. Leave ones like 'ir' (like Tesla's Investor Relations site)

3) Use YouTube's share feature so links are short:

If you still get blocked, share the last part like this:

YouTube -- csD7BPEGAfA

4) If all else fails share the title of the article:

"The Tesla Advantage" by JeffreyR on WSJ ;)

As w/ all shares points are awarded for summarizing the article and applause for critical comments and original thoughts inspired by them.


Type into browser and the browser understands is configured to redirect to

So by convention on the World Wide Web and its clients (web browsers) and servers (web servers): = = = =

^^ Notice what Mollom turns into a link above ^^

Also note that: NOT= NOT=

But notice that these are not recognized as links either.

YouTube is special case for Mollom.

Red Sage ca us | December 21, 2016

Wait... Mollom is still here? I hadn't noticed. I seem to only get blocked if I use terms associated with 'institutions of higher learning' now.

JeffreyR | December 21, 2016

People are still doing the weird "replace 'dot' w/ a '.'trick" so I thought I would try to stop that at least.

KP in NPT | December 22, 2016

Thank you Jeffrey - the replacing the "dot" trick is annoying, especially when I'm foruming on my smart phone.

jamilworm | December 24, 2016

I prefer to just put a space before the "com". It is easy to copy/past and then just delete the space.
https://forums.tesla. com/forum/forums/tip-posting-links

JeffreyR | January 2, 2017

If you drop the https from the beginning no replacing/deleting is necessary:

BTW if you are on an iPad/iPhone you can often select the link then choose "define" followed by "search the web" in stead of copy-paste.

JeffreyR | January 3, 2017


FISHEV | January 4, 2017

Many times when a copying a quote or link from another site, the site will add an unseen linkback to the copy. It may be that Tesla's forum software sees this and doesn't allow the copy. You can paste the link into a "Text" window to see if that is the case, edit it, save it as "Text only" and then paste the stripped link to see if that helps.

Tesla Forums may have a blacklist of links they have blocked based on past experience.

This is an official Tesla forum and Tesla states in the note on the MyTesla Page when you put down a deposit that it is a way to send Tesla feedback so fair to expect restrictions links to outside content.

JeffreyR | January 4, 2017

You are not helping. Lots of confusion evidenced in your comment.

Mollom sw blocks links from non-owners in general, sometimes. It seems to not like YouTube for some reason, but there are many sites that are perfectly fine, but if you are not an owner, Mollom will block you just to avoid possible Spam. But not always. See @Red Sage's posts on the subject. Sometimes he can post a link, sometimes he gets blocked.

By removing the text from the beginning of your link as I propose above, Mollom will see the link as simple text, and not block it. You should try the whole link first, but once blocked, trim it down.

Sure sites do add link-backs to copied text, but that is not the problem. You can see that in the comment box. No need for external text editors.

FISHEV | January 4, 2017

Since this is the Model 3 forum and most of the depositors are not owners and likely most of a different economic class than current Tesla owners (otherwise we'd be Tesla owners) it does present an interesting dynamic.

Tesla leads one to believe this is a spot for feedback to Tesla and for future owners of Model 3's.

"Your Model 3 was reserved on 4/1/2016. Deliveries will begin in late 2017. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ. We invite you to submit suggestions or feedback within our forums. Engage with other future owners to share your excitement or ideas."

Apparently some "future owners" are more equal than others regarding posting reference links. Don't see any Tesla prescence as far as feedback so that too might make the Tesla Forums less than Tesla leads us, the Model 3 depositors, to believe.

KP in NPT | January 4, 2017

Even owners get mollumed - but some more than others. Non owners are mollumed because this forum is unmoderated and in the past was flooded with spam from bots. It has nothing to do with "owners vs. non owners." It has to do with owners not being possible bots.

FISHEV | January 4, 2017

Depositors for Model 3 are "not possible bots" either. And your comment about "not moderated" is not encouraging as far as Tesla saying this is a spot to provide feedback to Tesla or getting any information from Tesla. The forums should be only Tesla owners and depositors. There should be no open access.

KP in NPT | January 4, 2017's not that way. I think in the very beginning of the forums there were Tesla folks as members but that is long gone. Tesla does not monitor these forums. I think if there is abuse, it can be reported to them and they *might* act - which is why the owners are given the ability to flag. Tesla chooses to let owners "moderate" the forums in that manner. but if you want to provide feedback that Tesla actually sees, you should use the "feedback" button on the website.

Non owners are possible bots (or spammers) because all they need to register is sign up. Owners have a different designation in the system. That's how it is. Tesla is nice to have a forum at all - most (all?) automaker forums are not on their website. They are 3rd party fan forums.

KP in NPT | January 4, 2017

BTW there is often spam - especially on the general forum. There was one today. Often for kitchens in the UK. (odd.) anyway for a while there would be pages and pages of the general forum infested with those spam posts. We owners have to go through and flag them. Changes made recently (which took away our ability to post pictures and html code) seem to have helped with that.

JeffreyR | January 4, 2017

@KP I don't think HTML posts help or hurt amount of Spam. I think that Mollom versions may have been Improved. Maybe rich-text is an added cost for the new version. Who knows. I miss being able to make posts look better though.

KP in NPT | January 4, 2017

@Jeffrey I'm sure you're right. You know a lot more about this stuff than I do. They have been fewer whatever the reason which is good.

I didn't use many of the other functions other than pictures. I do miss being able to post pictures.

JeffreyR | January 5, 2017

Pictures were a nice feature for sure

JeffreyR | January 18, 2017

Please don't add "dots" and " " spaces. Just delete the first part. See above for details.

Frank99 | January 18, 2017

Doesn't always work for me (a non-owner). A dot or space seems to always work.

Actually, in the last week or so, the rules seem to have relaxed quite a bit - either someone upped my privileges, or the filters got turned down.

JeffreyR | March 21, 2017

If you get rid of the first part it should not recognize a link. YouTube seems to be special.

JeffreyR | March 22, 2017

Reason why my tip "works:"

Type into browser and the browser understands is configured to redirect to

So by convention on the World Wide Web and its clients (web browsers) and servers (web servers): == == ==

^^ Notice what Mollom turns into a link above ^^

Also note that: NOT NOT

But notice that these are not recognized as links either.

YouTube is special case for Mollom.

JeffreyR | March 22, 2017

Remember to add value, not just links.

Frank99 | April 13, 2017

Moving over here from the 320 thread, as that's in the middle of some heated discussion...

I fully agree with your options 1&2 - when they work well, it's transparent to everyone. However, I'm a non-owner. About 50% of the links I insert get rejected by Mollum. About 50% of the rejected ones get fixed by your step 1 or 2, but by the third time I've tried to post and gotten rejected I'm a bit peeved and not really into the "edit message 10 times and keep trying random things until it works" rathole. I've never had a link get rejected by Mollum with the space. And, I think it's easier than your step 4.
I appreciate your trying to make the forum a better place. But, unfortunately, Mollum is a pothole that we don't all take the same path around.