For anyone thinking about getting the tire warranty - don't bother. If you really think about the risk to benefit profile of damaging your tire in circumstances that are covered by the $900 policy - you are much better taking your chances. In addition, it is a pain in the neck. I purchased the policy and then... yup, had a flat. Called in and made the claim. Long story short, I had the tire repaired, but the hole was pretty big and the service person, who I have trusted for years, suggested to consider replacing the tire. The insurance company went through a lengthy check list and then requested that the tire be sent to them for review.
I called and discussed the matter. I can understand having checks in place to verify damages. I asked what would happen if I am out of state or on a road trip and get a flat tire. I was informed I would be directed to a center that would comply with their requests. This would be really inconvenient and waste a lot of time.
All in all, spent (sorry, wasted) a lot of time trying to get this claim placed and decided the hassle and time was not worth it. Replaced my tire and cancelled by policy. It just is not worth it - not the benefit and definitely not with the service.

Seraph | April 14, 2013

Good feedback thanks.

mdherbst | April 15, 2013

Thanks for this report.

Sudre_ | April 15, 2013

Excellent feedback. Tonight is my final decision night and I am skimming the forum before not purchasing. This is probably the perfect report to confirm my suspicions.

The policy doesn't cover any cosmetic scratches or gashed so it's basically useless unless you get a lot of flats. (20 flats or more)

ironciti | April 15, 2013

I agree completely. Today is my deadline as well and I'm passing. Read the Terms and Conditions and it sounds like a royal pain and the coverage is very limited…..just my 2cents