For anyone thinking about getting the tire warranty - don't bother. If you really think about the risk to benefit profile of damaging your tire in circumstances that are covered by the $900 policy - you are much better taking your chances. In addition, it is a pain in the neck. I purchased the policy and then... yup, had a flat. Called in and made the claim. Long story short, I had the tire repaired, but the hole was pretty big and the service person, who I have trusted for years, suggested to consider replacing the tire. The insurance company went through a lengthy check list and then requested that the tire be sent to them for review.
I called and discussed the matter. I can understand having checks in place to verify damages. I asked what would happen if I am out of state or on a road trip and get a flat tire. I was informed I would be directed to a center that would comply with their requests. This would be really inconvenient and waste a lot of time.
All in all, spent (sorry, wasted) a lot of time trying to get this claim placed and decided the hassle and time was not worth it. Replaced my tire and cancelled by policy. It just is not worth it - not the benefit and definitely not with the service.

Seraph | April 14, 2013

Good feedback thanks.

mdherbst | April 15, 2013

Thanks for this report.

Sudre_ | April 15, 2013

Excellent feedback. Tonight is my final decision night and I am skimming the forum before not purchasing. This is probably the perfect report to confirm my suspicions.

The policy doesn't cover any cosmetic scratches or gashed so it's basically useless unless you get a lot of flats. (20 flats or more)

ironciti | April 15, 2013

I agree completely. Today is my deadline as well and I'm passing. Read the Terms and Conditions and it sounds like a royal pain and the coverage is very limited…..just my 2cents

mlanes | June 23, 2017

IF you are in the United States, the best thing to do is go to any big box tire store and have them extend you a warranty. I ran over a razor blade on my 1200 mile old tire and tesla wanted 250 to replace it. For 230 I got a matching new tire and road hazard coverage on all 4 tires from America's Tire.

SilverP85plus | June 23, 2017

My rear tires wore at 4500 miles, Michelin is covering 65% of the next set I buy.

I have the staggered 21's.

Haggy | June 23, 2017

The Michelin that came on my car had a 45000 mile OEM warranty. They also have a warranty if you buy the tires retail and not all tire stores are aware that there's a separate one that covers tires that come with the car. You'd have to search for it on line. The warranty would differ depending on the specific tire, but I'm talking about the ones that come with the 19 inch rims.

The thing to watch out for is that it's for tread wear only. It won't cover things if you don't rotate regularly or have premature wear due to alignment issues. The Model S gave me such even wear that if I hadn't rotated tires at all, I don't know if there would have been much measurable difference. At almost all tire rotations, the tires measured the same all around.

The other thing to look out for is that they adjust the retail price of the tire based on the percentage of warranted miles driven, so if you get close to 40,000 miles, the warranty might be useless. Shops have regular specials on tires, and $70 rebates and if you start with the retail price, there might be a discount with a bigger percentage drop than what you'd get from the warranty.

SilverP85plus | June 23, 2017


Michelin actually made me wear the tires further so they can offer me more. I was at 4/32nds at 4k miles and was told they can only offer 35% and if I drove me they can do better. I drove more and got down to 3/32nds and I was offered 65% of the cost. The tires are retail tires that Tesla installed last summer.

They recommend rotation at 5k but I never got there. I also was asked how I drive and told them spirited but I don't drift or spin tires (truth) and they were ok with that. The reason they wore so quickly is because tesla screwed up my alignment and made the tires wear very quickly, even though it was in the green (as per tech).

here is the alignment paperwork. by the way, tesla paid for the alignment!AihnWpuO55swh-M1sqh14AFeZTDgzw

Solarfan | June 23, 2017

Hey Silver,

I see that the rear camber was virtually unchanged. Do you know if rear camber is adjustable? If rear camber is adjustable, do you know what is the method to adjust it?

Thank you.

SilverP85plus | June 23, 2017

not sure, but @lolachampcar is the man to ask.
he's usually on tmc and at times on this forum.

Solarfan | June 23, 2017

@Silver, Thx

barrykmd | June 23, 2017

SIlver - you need to lose some weight!

SilverP85plus | June 24, 2017

I try to keep all my weight up front! | June 24, 2017

@Silver - as you have 21" staggered you should not rotate your tires at all.