Tires can't be rotated?

Tires can't be rotated?

I sent my wife to take the X in for the 2 year service, and told her to have them balance and rotate the tires and check the alignment, since one tire seemed to be wearing faster. She told me the said the tires on the X can't be rotated. Why the heck not?

jennamarietx | December 5, 2018

It's my understanding that the X rear tires are slightly wider than the front ones; possibly even the rims are different also. Not sure why this was done, but I know some high-end sports cars are also setup this way. And I've always heard you cannot switch from right to left because radial tires must run in the same direction or will be damaged; hence you cannot rotate from front to rear or from side to side. Bummer.

Vawlkus | December 5, 2018

While you can get the same size tires installed, by default an X comes with 265’s in the front and 275’s in the rear.

lilbean | December 5, 2018

Directional tires cannot be rotated side to side. Non-directional tires can rotate from side to side.

psusi | December 5, 2018

You can still swap side to side; you just have to mount the tire on the other rim. But I guess that's too much of a pain for them to bother with so they just say no.

COrich | December 5, 2018

Directional asymmetrical tires cannot be rotated side-to-side since there is an "outside" surface. Just look at the tire sidewall for more information. That is what comes on the Model X from the factory.

The service center will gladly mount/remount the tires if requested and possible. It's just not free.

Ddowns2050 | December 5, 2018

The rims on the back are slightly wider. My dad had a set of new tires put on at a shop that didn't realize this. The front rims will slightly rub when the front tires are turned all the way. He didn't know what was wrong and took the X to the service center and they caught it. They said the tires would be fine being the same size but the rims had to be correct with the wider wheels in the back. No damage was done by the way.

inconel | December 6, 2018

directional tires cannot be rotated side to side, tires with "outside" marked can be