Tires, will smaller rims fit so I can have higher profile tires?

Tires, will smaller rims fit so I can have higher profile tires?

Would like to know if smaller rims will fit so I can have higher profile tires. If so how small can I go? I wouldn't go any smaller than 16" but 17" would be ideal. I hate having to slow down for every little bump, RR track, pothole, dip, speedbump, uneven surface, etc...on the road.

carlk | July 10, 2013

Theoretically you can use any smaller rim you want but you're trading handling to ride comfort. Tire Rack website is a good place to find the conversion size for you.

phat78boy | July 10, 2013

Any reasons the 19" rims won't work for you? They offer plenty of rubber if you're worried aobut potholes and such.

Bighorn | July 10, 2013

I recently asked the forum if my 18" rims would fit, but got no reply. When I looked at TireRack, they didn't list any rims smaller than 19". I think the fitment depends on whether the particular rim clears the brakes.

Cyberwolfman | July 21, 2013

That really isn't enough rubber for me. Driving my old 2000 Camry I have no problem with any road hazards. So, to test out the profile without having to drive a Tesla I rented a car that has similar sized and profile tires. I drove it like I normally would in places I normally drive....I ended up bending a rim. Glad I took out the walk away insurance, had a feeling I'd need it.

Just one more inch of profile height would have prevented that. Doesn't matter how good your shocks are either, the tires still contact the road first.

Heck, if need be I'll just have to get some rims custom made but I'd really not like to go that route.

JPPTM | July 21, 2013

For me the 19" rims & tires are fine--lots of rubber sidewall here. I am not worried about blown siedwalls or damaged rims. I specifically did NOT get the 21s for that reason (even though I like the look better). FWIW, I went out to my local tire shop (Wheel Works in the SF Bay Area) who sold me a tire warranty on the factory Goodyears (lifetime balancing & rotation, repair/replacement for the life of the tire) for about $40/tire. Cheap insurance, and I have used this plan & shop for 20+ years with great success (and peace of mind).


dirkhh | July 21, 2013

Would the massive break assembly fit into a much smaller rim?

cwmenne | July 21, 2013

Cyberwolfman, am I getting that you don't currently have a Tesla? If so, you can NOT compare any other car with 19" wheels. I've had numerous BMWs, Land Rovers and MINIs with 18" wheels and many different tire brands and types and NONE of them rode anywhere near as nice as my Telsa with 19" wheels. In my opinion, don't worry about it, you'll love the ride. On the other hand, going to higher profile tires on such a heavy car would not give favorable cornering characteristics.