TM Responds to Delivery Communication Problems

TM Responds to Delivery Communication Problems

During the course of a conversation with an Ownership Experience Advocate, I learned that TM recently added an in-house team of delivery specialists. Their job is to handle communications and coordination of deliveries. According to the CEA, this team was assembled in recognition of the less than ideal delivery experience provided until recently by leaving these tasks (communication/coordination) to TM and independent personnel in the field. I was more than willing to accept the problems that have been explained in our forums as part of the necessary evil of large scale distribution. TM's responsiveness and efforts to continually improve are quite refreshing. How can there still be naysayers out there? Anyway, thought you'd like to know.

Brian H | January 3, 2013

How soon are results expected to show in buyers' experience?

aa012a | January 3, 2013

I got a "semi-proactive" call today from a product specialist letting me know that a VIN number will be issued soon. This was partly in response to an email I sent after the delivery button would "not go away". This call was indeed a surprise because what I was used to was vague responses or simply being ignored after an email was sent.

I classify it as semi-proactive because he drove the call, not really because of the button but by initiating the subject of the VIN number, something I was not even planning on asking.

He also ended the call by sending me an email and stating that until all is ready (final VPA is completed), he is my point of contact before a local delivery specialist would handle the actual delivery.

The last confirms alfafoxtrot1's post.

So in my experience, things are improving.

J King | January 3, 2013

There could be people who paid for their Model S weeks ago, and still have no car, and have no one at Telsa who knows when the car will be delivered. I might be one of them. This is no longer amusing.

Liz G | January 3, 2013

I have been working with a member of the in house DS team for the past few weeks and have found Andy to be very helpful. I will admit that initially, I tended to initiate contact. But Andy always returned my calls or responded to my emails with in a reasonable amount of time.

Patience and follow up calls are the way I've handled this and kept sane. Plus reminding myself that they are busy and doing the best they can with limited resources. After all they want the car in my drive way almost as much as I do.