Took the plunge

Took the plunge

Hope I did the right thing today when I went to the Tesla store at the mall. I put a deposit down on the 85kWh model with delivery for January 2014. Currently we have the Toyota RAV4 EV that has the Tesla 40kWh battery and it's great for my wife's commute. I keep trading with her because it's so much fun to drive.

Love the car so much I thought, why not. Life's to short to be stopping at gas stations. I decided to wait until January to get the vehicle delivered because I am not sure if I got two $7,500 federal tax credits, would it trigger the alternative minimum tax?

I'm a big boy. I can wait.

jat | October 5, 2013

You should be able to figure out if you would trigger AMT now, but it is probably only pushing it back a month or so.

nav66 | October 5, 2013

You done good @foxwiz. You will not regret it one bit.

foxwiz | October 5, 2013

I called my accountant but she wasn't up on the EV codes. Maybe early next week she will get back to me. If there isn't an issue with AMT, I can take delivery sooner.

amitb00 | October 5, 2013

AMT will not impact 7500 dollar tax credit. You will still get it.

Roamer@AZ USA | October 5, 2013

I did two this year. Should not be a problem.

S85 in March and liked it so much have a P85+ for November delivery.

You will love it.

xradr | October 5, 2013