Top End Speed

Top End Speed

Since the top end speed is controlled by current software, could we get an increase of 5-10 MPH in a future software upgrade?

I think that would be a very cool surprise. | May 19, 2014

It may be limited more by mechanics. Running that motor beyond 16,000 RPM may be an issue. There are also thermal limits on both the motor and battery, which may also be an issue at maximum speeds. So software limiting may be protecting other components more than some artificial limit as it typically is in ICE cars with limiters.

Vicelike | May 19, 2014

Thanks for that explanation, TT

hamer | May 19, 2014

Others have posted that after some time at high speed (some owners apparently taking their Tesla MSs to the track) the software limits the speed, presumably due to heat. (High speed is not the usual 70-80 MPH, but nearer the upper limit.)

GeekEV | May 19, 2014

Yes, you will get limited currently, but it is curious that they bumped up the top end on the speedo. Also, they are planning some mods to support higher speeds of the German Autobahn crowd, but it's not yet clear if it will be all software or involve hardware changes as well.

Brian H | May 19, 2014

The autobahn tuning is nothing to do with top speed.

GeekEV | May 20, 2014

@Brian H - Maybe not higher speeds, per say, but higher sustained speeds perhaps? I haven't seen any clear indication of what it does or doesn't have to do with. Have you? If so, where?

DonS | May 20, 2014

I am curiously waiting to see what exactly the autobahn tuning really is. I know my car would not be able to run at top speed on the autobahn for very long without limiting power. After an extended cruising time at 75 mph, a kick on the throttle makes the power limiter cut in pretty quickly. It is OK for passing in the USA, but I don't think I'd be able to accelerate hard and tuck in behind a Porsche or Ferrari going 110 or more.

swebb | June 30, 2014

Sustained speed that is what is needed I don't need to go 150mph but I took my S to the track and was doing great(in the straights) for about two laps then the limiter kicked in and I was down on power by 30% throttle response was non existent very disappointing especially getting overtaken by a ford econo box.

That said it was over 90 degrees in Florida so the track had to be higher than that.

I hope they figure a way to cool the components so we don't have a limiter issue every time we push the car.

Olof | June 30, 2014

@OP: you wrote "Since the top end speed is controlled by current software" This was interesting. Where did you get the information from?

Red Sage ca us | June 30, 2014

135, 142, 150, 170, or 220 kWh of battery storage just might do the trick...