Total Cost of Install of Powerwall 2

Total Cost of Install of Powerwall 2

I am curious to know what the total cost comes to in addtion to the stated cost of $5500 (PW2) +700 (added hw) - when taking into account site survey, install, permits etc.
Obviously it will depend on (whether solar is already installed + state of electrical layout, state/city/county charges for permit/inspection,...). Notwithstanding the many cited
variations to these - there should still be a 'normalized' (say, CA/Bay Area/,...other states) cost that would help for those trying to get on the powerwall bandwagon.

Thanks in advance!

shawn.lavin | September 18, 2017

Two powerwall 2s, San Francisco bay area (Unincorporated Alameda County), total roughly $13,800, so 2,800 for permits, gateway, breakout box and installation of all of this.

Just done today, very professional installers, took all day for two of them on a 'simple' install (arrived ~8:15, working non-stop till after ~4:20 and still here for another hour cleaning up and getting the gateway activated).

Still a few items to get corrected (knockout plugs and one 'safety' circuit breaker needs installation before permit close out), but all in all a very clean installation experience.

mmani | September 19, 2017

Thanks. Is this eligible for Step 1 (or Step 2) GSIP rebate? I ask because that gives me an idea of which Step Tesla (as the 'installer/developer') is in approximately at this juncture. Talking to the Tesla rep I was unable to get a clear response.

Thanks again!

mmani | September 19, 2017

Thanks. Is this eligible for Step 1 (or Step 2) GSIP rebate? I ask because that gives me an idea of which Step Tesla (as the 'installer/developer') is in approximately at this juncture. Talking to the Tesla rep I was unable to get a clear response.

Thanks again!

Famman49 | September 19, 2017

How long from the time you placed your order until the install took place? I ordered mine August 9 and am still waiting for the engineering plans to be done.

info | September 20, 2017

In Italy 11.900,00 EU was the cost of PowerWall2 installation

zubinanary | September 21, 2017

For me here is the actual breakdown. I'm located in the East Bay, in the SF Bay Area.

2xPowerwalls $5500
Gateway $700
Permit Fees $150
Installation $900
Taxes $1082.25

Total: $13832.25

eml2 | September 21, 2017

I'm in Massachusetts. It is part of solar installation. Ask for a breakdown, was told that the portion for 2x Powerwall 2 + Backup Gateway + Installation is $15935.

wilsonleungdds | September 21, 2017

Hello Shawn and zubinanary ,

I am located in SF Bayarea,Alameda county,

Quick question:
"shawn.lavin | September 18, 2017
Two powerwall 2s, San Francisco bay area (Unincorporated Alameda County), total roughly $13,800, so 2,800 for permits, gateway, breakout box and installation of all of this."

"zubinanary | September 21, 2017
For me here is the actual breakdown. I'm located in the East Bay, in the SF Bay Area.

2xPowerwalls $5500
Gateway $700
Permit Fees $150
Installation $900
Taxes $1082.25

Total: $13832.25"

Did you get another other CA rebates or tax credit that can reduce this amount?
Who was the contractor, do you recomend them ?


zubinanary | September 22, 2017


I live in Castro Valley so unincorporated Alameda County. I only got Step #2 SGIP so the cash back rebate (when it arrives) should be $9200, bringing my out of pocket costs down to just under $5000 for two power walls.Tesla themselves do everything (walk-through, engineering, day before planning, installation, and visit for final inspection). They don't use any subs over here.

Here is my overall summary in case you were curious.

November 2016 - Place deposit for Quantity 1 Powerwall

March 2017 - Got a call to setup the initial appointment for the pictures of my panels and garage to send to the engineers for load calculation.

April 2017 - Initial Appointment was completed. Engineer took pictures of all of my panels (exposed), and my garage walls along with full measurements of my entire garage as placement will need to be according to code (i.e., not in close proximity with my water heater, etc...)

May 2017 - Received my quotation and engineering diagrams in Docusign. Was told the earlier I agree to it, they can begin my SGIP Step #2 because it opens up in early June. Total price of install $13800 - $500 deposit paid in November of 2016

May 2017 - SGIP Tesla team reach out to me asking me to submit my PG&E bills, and fill in this additional form they had to collect data so they have enough information to complete and submit the SGIP forms on my behalf.

June 6th 2017 - Receive email confirmation from Tesla that SGIP was submitted and they gave me my SGIP application number

June 15th - Receive email from PG&E saying that they did indeed have my SGIP application in their system along with the requested incentive $$$ that Tesla calculated that being $9280.

June - Informed by Tesla that PG&E does not yet have interconnect license for my area so they can't setup installation date.

July - Informed by Tesla that PG&E does not yet have interconnect license for my area so they can't setup installation date.

August - Informed by Tesla via email that they now have PG&E interconnect license. I setup install date of of late September (first available date for my neighborhood)

September - 2 days before install, lead Tesla Engineering came onsite to plan out installation, and go over requirements (i.e., whole home backup including AC but NOT my 60 amp Tesla Wall Connector for my Model S and Model X).

September 13 - Crew of two came out to perform install of my Quantity 2 Powerwall. All installation work was completed. Provisioned failed because eero (my Wifi providers) provide something called eero Plus, which was blocking connections to the Tesla/Powerwall NOC. Had eero turn off the security until they can whitelist the Tesla Powerwall NOC IP range.

September 14 - Tesla engineering came onsite to finish provisioning and activation

September 14 - Receive another email from Tesla to accept the PG&E Internet Connect licenses. I signed it via Docusign as well. My thought was that this is the second last piece (final inspection is the last) before they should start processing my application and get my rebate check ready for SGIP.

September 15 - Receive email from Tesla asking for payment via Paypal or mail a check to their San Mateo, CA office.

September 20 - Paid invoice via PayPal on my credit card (no, you don't get charge the transaction fee, since this is an invoice from a company, they pay for it).

September 22 - Tesla engineering came onsite as the final county inspection was setup for today. They also installed a second Nurio to capture electrical usage for my Tesla Wall Connector as that was not showing up in the app as it was outside of the Gateway. Now I can see full home usage (home, Powerwall, Tesla Wall Connector and AC Unit).

wilsonleungdds | September 23, 2017


Thank you so much for the detailed summary, greatly appreciated!
I'm in Hayward, your neighbor!
Will you be able to get any federal tax credit, since the PowerWall 2 is an addition to your solar system, not a new solar panel system?

wilsonleungdds | September 23, 2017


Is the SGIP rebate a lottery system, that you get picked?

zubinanary | September 23, 2017

@wilsonleungdds: I don't have solar, so there's no Federal tax credit for just the Powerwall. Had Congress passed the bill in 2016, then we would have gotten the Federal Tax Credit on the portion outside of SGIP, but also that did not happen. So I only got SGIP.

I was Step #2, so my SGIP rebate (once it arrives) will be a check for $9280. Out of pocket costs ill be less than $5K for my setup.

Note: SGIP cover only Quantity 2 Powerwall, so if you purchase more, SGIP will max out at 2 of them.

SGIP is not a lottery system. For each stage, there is money allocated and once it's filled then it goes to the next stage. Each stage offers less cash rebate. Step 1 offered around $11200 or so back. Step 2 offered around $9200. I think we're on step 3,so the cash back incentive is less. Once you sign your documents to order our Powerwall and your deposit becomes non-refundable, then the SGIP team at Tesla will contact you to start the process of getting your application for SGIP submitted.

zubinanary | September 23, 2017

On my list of future project is this.

at 80% efficiency, generate enough power through panels to fill my Quantity 2 power walls (or maybe Quantity 3), and then do net metering for the rest of the day, so that I can then charge my Model S and Model X on grid in the night, and try and keep my PG&E bill to an absolute minimum. I don't think I'll generate enough with net metering to charge my Model S and Model X fully, but for our daily driving, I'd like to try my best to do that...

But it remains to be seen if I can accomplish that in few years when I'm ready to work on that project.

Grigate | September 25, 2017

My understanding is that the price of the system depends on the configuration (size) of the system.
@shawn.lavin - what is the size of your system in kW? and what is the production in kWh?
I am about 45 minutes from SF and my proposal for the 3.25kW system is $21K full price without federal tax credit and CA cash rebate and whatever else is there. Does it make sense?

wlahome4rent | September 25, 2017

So my utility is switching their TOU from Noon to 6 until 4 to 9 and as you can imagine that will destroy the benefit I and many others get from TOU rates as my PV system over generates between Noon and 6 quite a bit. As a result I'm looking in to battery storage to help offset this.

Regarding the SGIP rebate does anyone know for sure if it's taxable or not? I know the CVRP isn't taxable (or at least wasn't when you could get it :( ) but that's a little different. I read that some people weren't getting 1099s for their EV rebate yet they were for the rebate on their charging stations as they were "real property". As a Powerwall would be more like "real property" than a car I was just curious if anyone knows for sure. I'm leaning towards it not being taxable however if it were to end up being taxable that definitely hurts the ROI.

Also, regarding the 30% ITC what is that calculated off of? Say a $10,000 total install cost for 1 Powerwall and a $4,000 SGIP rebate. Would it be 30% off the $10k or $6k ($10,000-$4,000)? An on-line calculator I saw said the $10,000 so a ITC rebate of $3,000 but that doesn't seem right to me.

Also, there are a lot of missing specifics on the Powerwall. While it was initially touted as a product that would let you surf the rates I've been reading that isn't really available and am hoping that is just bad info. I would either like to charge the batteries with excess power from my solar panels during off peak hours or at night for super off peak and then use the battery pack to power the home or put some excess back in the grid during peak hours. My rates are basically 20 cents per kWh off peak and 50 cents per kWh on peak and given the sizable difference would obviously like to charge using cheap power and give it back to them (or use it to power the house) when it's expensive which would result in me getting a credit to help offset my EV use.

Lots of questions I know but any and all help is appreciated!

wlahome4rent | September 25, 2017

Vagabunda - that seems like a lot. I have a 6kW Sunpower system that is guaranteed for 25 years on all components (inverters are in the panels) and my price was $24k before any incentives about 2 years ago. The bigger the system the cheaper the rate per kW but it sounds like you're getting taken at those prices. If you've got a Powerwall or two in there that obviously changes things but you didn't specify so I wasn't sure.

Grigate | September 26, 2017

Sorry, it does include one Powerwall-2, battery and inverter (I thought it was implied since the topic is Powerwall-2 ).

ken | November 2, 2017

My 7.8KW system came to a total of $26K, but will likely go down since they want to lower it to a 6.8KW system. This did not include the Power Wall, which adds another $7500. This is using the "better" Panasonic panels FWIW.

saviof_cal200 | January 23, 2018

Just came across this thread.. am located in the east bay as well. Requested Tesla for info on PW2 and SGIP back in August last year.. with little luck. Reached out to the vendor who performed the installation - was told it was too complicated/expensive for PW2 (x2) installs. Anyway to contact Zubin or Shawn Lavin for more info? A vendor in SoCal gave me a hefty price tag of ~20K for the install of 2 PWs. Hope you guys can help me..

SoCalDude | March 16, 2018

I live in California and I just got my two powerwalls-2 installed with a gateway and a sub panel that includes the whole house except for AC. My total cost is about $20k which seems much higher than what others are posting here for the same solution. I was preapproved for the SGIP at $9,280 and I am wondering if my installer is raising my system costs higher than normal due to the rebate. I agree that they should get some of the rebate benefit as they paid the SGIP processing fee and submitted the application on my behalf, but I have my ongoing SGIP obligations that I need to follow through with too. My total costs after rebate would around $10,500, but I am thinking total fair system price should be $16,500 less $9,280 for total out of pocket of $7,220 which is still giving the installer plenty of profit after all costs and permits or am I mistaking? Powerwall install took one day as my SolarEdge Solar system was already in place. Please share your experience if you got a quote and actually had it installed. Thank you!!!

Marleenyuli | March 17, 2018

@bhunnel - stage 1? we got in stage 4 and only $3500 on single PW install for $10k - sgip. they couldn't do 2 PW without major reconfig of main bus and subpanels, so went basic. in San Diego, so AC isn't a biggie.

saviof_cal200 | April 14, 2018

And I thought this thread was dead..
@bhunnel & @Marleenyuli

Do you have breakdown of the install costs? I am working with a SoCal vendor. I am located in NorCal and I was given a bill of $22K
1. Cost of 2 AC Tesla PW
2. Energy gateway
3. SGIP Application Processing charges
4. Installation costs
5. Additional/Misc costs
6. Vendor you're working with

Thanks in advance

cwied | April 15, 2018

FWIW, I got my Powerwalls installed by Tesla. The breakdown was as follows:
1. 2x Powerwalls: $11,000
2. Energy Gateway: $700
3. SGIP Application Processing charges: none that I'm aware of, but they haven't started the application yet as they're waiting for Step 3 to open up for PG&E.
4. Installaction costs: $900
5. Additional/Misc costs:
Building permit fees: $150
Taxes: $1053

Total: $13,803

Installation included installing new load panel, generation panel, gateway and powerwalls (stacked, floor-mounted in garage). They moved all the loads from my main panel to the new load panel.

saviof_cal200 | April 16, 2018

Thanks for the information cw_tesla. This helps. However - a few more questions:

1. Is this install being financed by Tesla or is it a CASH purchase?
2. Will you be filing for the 30% (and hence bringing down your net costs?) or will the installer be?

The quote I received is almost an additional 10K

3. Can you please give me a contact number where I can reach out to your contact @Tesla and discuss options?
I reached out to Tesla CS on several occasions but was unsuccessful in speaking with one.


cwied | April 16, 2018

This was a cash purchase. I'm not aware of any financing offered by Tesla for Powerwalls. The 30% is part of your regular tax return, not a separate filing - you have to file it yourself. Tesla will file for the California SGIP for me if I make it into the program before they run out of money.

I ordered the powerwalls through After that it was just a matter of waiting until they're ready to install. I ordered in July 2017 and my install was February 2018. I don't have any reliable contact at Tesla. They switched reps a few times during the process.

Selinajasmin0 | April 17, 2018

This was a money buy. I'm not mindful of any financing offered by Tesla for Powerwalls. The 30% is a piece of your general expense form, not a different recording - you need to document it yourself. Tesla will petition for the California SGIP for me in the event that I influence it into the program before they to come up short on cash.

saviof_cal200 | April 18, 2018

Not sure what to make of SelinaJasmin0's comments.

@cw_tesla -
In essence - if I understood you correctly -
1. You paid (this far) for the install of 2 PW's an amount of $13800 (taxes included)
2. You are waiting for the status of your SGIP rebate to understand how much you will be getting back
3. The 30% federal filing next year for 2018 will give you a refund of ~ $4100 bringing your costs down to $9703.
4. Once you know how much of SGIP incentive you get back - that will be your final cost of this system.

Hope I got that right.

As of last update (Oct 2017) - Tesla's SGIP status site shows
Step 2 $4,640 Fully subscribed by Tesla. Certified Installers can still apply.
Step 3 $4,060 Opens after Step 2 is fully subscribed <<<<<<

However - this statement is confusing:
To be considered residential, the storage system must be no larger than 10 kW. This means that customers can apply for SGIP incentives for up to two Powerwalls.

Does this requirement take the 5kWh of continuous delivery into account vs the 13.5kWh of each battery? Anyone has insight/clarification - please help


cwied | April 18, 2018

Selinajasmin0 is a spam bot that just paraphrased my post so it could add the spam link at the end of the post.

You're almost right, except that the ITC only really applies to the part that's left over after the SGIP applies. So if I get into Step 3, the ITC is reduced to $1704. If this best-case scenario happens, my cost will be about $4000 after SGIP and the ITC.

However, reading between the lines of my conversations with Tesla, they have more than enough orders to exhaust their developer cap in both Steps 3 and 4, so I'm not holding my breath about the SGIP. They're very unclear about who they will submit to the SGIP process (i.e. by order date, install date or lottery). The implication I got is that there are potentially enough orders ahead of me in the queue that I won't be able to get the SGIP in time, meaning my cost will be about $9662 according to my calculations (70% of $13,803).

On the residential limits - you're confusing power with storage capacity. The 10 kW limit refers to power output of the system, the 13.5 kWh is the storage capacity of one Powerwall. Kilowatthours (kWh) measure energy, kilowatts (kW) measure power.

saviof_cal200 | April 19, 2018

@cw_tesla - Thanks much for the feedback. Whats ITC btw?

Called Tesla Energy yesterday - no one will speak with me - without the $500 reservation (refundable) deposit

The vendor I am working with is adding a lot of unnecessary (in my opinion) fees to the install and though they have the quota for the SGIP, the final cost with Federal rebate and SGIP is around $11K

Break up:
$11700 - 2X PW-2 + Energy GW

$6800 for the following below:
SGIP Application and processing fee
Home assessment/Design fee
Shipping & Logistics
Install, Electrical Upgrades & Software
Aesthetics (stucco/patchwork/conduit/custom hanging)
~$3300 Sales Tax, General Admin

Bringing the total to ~$22K

I guess I will wait - since it does not make financial sense at the moment. If you have any other suggestions/advice I am all ears.


cwied | April 20, 2018

The ITC is the investement tax credit - the 30% federal tax credit (what you're calling the Federal rebate).

ajeet4u1989 | May 16, 2018

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jgcarmona96 | May 17, 2018

I compared some of the cost to other batteries on the market and it still holds up pretty well.

misc | May 22, 2018

I was just quoted $3,250 for the installation of single powerwall (Carmel, CA). My house was just built and the electrical system was designed to allow the connection of a backup battery without the need for any re-wiring. I can't see the installation taking more than a few hours. With that in mind, the quoted price tag is simply insane. Is there anyone else here who was quoted something that high for a single powerwall?

ripatriot | May 23, 2018

@misc i was quoted $1700 for the installation of two powerwalls. my total quote breaks down like this:

2 x Powerwall $11,800
Backup gateway $700
Installation service $1,500
Multi-Powerwall installation $200
Permitting fees $150.00
Taxes $875.00
Sub-total $15,225.00
Credit for order payment -$500
Purchase Price $14,725.00

misc | May 23, 2018

@ripatriot - I think $1,700 is reasonable for 2 powerwalls so I am not sure what genius figured that the installation of a single powerwall at my house is twice that much, especially since my electrical system has already been set up for battery backup... Here is my quote breakdown:

1 x Powerwall $5,500
Backup gateway $700
Installation fees $3,250
(Installation service $2,250)
(Hidden conduit $1,000)
Permitting fees $150
Taxes $542.50

Total: $10,142.50

Tesla-David | May 23, 2018

My quote is similar to @ripatriot's, I live in Edmonds, WA, and will get installation on 18 June.

2 x Powerwalls: $11,000.00
Backup Gateway: $700.00
Installation Service: $2,000.00
Multi-Powerwall Installation: $200.00
Main Panel Upgrade: $0.00
Hidden Conduit: $0.00
Trenching: $0.00
Concrete Pad: $0.00
Additional Charges: $200.00
Permitting Fees: $150.00
Taxes: $1,205.10
Sub-total: $15,255.00
Credit for order payment: $500.00
Purchase Price: $14,755.10

misc | May 23, 2018

@ripatriot - Are you getting the hidden conduit, trenching, panel upgrade etc. at no extra charge ($0.00) or are these items not included in the quote? The hidden conduit option alone was offered at $1k in my quote...

misc | May 23, 2018

sorry, I meant @Tesla-David: Are you getting the hidden conduit, trenching, panel upgrade etc. at no extra charge ($0.00) or are these items not included in the quote? The hidden conduit option alone was offered at $1k in my quote...

ripatriot | May 24, 2018

@misc yea so that may be the massive difference. my powerwalls are going to be installed next to my solar inverter in my basement. no hidden conduit needed. in reality, $1700 for installation given the proposed setup is kind of ridiculous also.

Tesla-David | May 24, 2018

@misc, I opted out on the hidden conduit, as my 2 Powerwalls will on wall in my garage, and I already have conduit on walls for my HPWC, and our Heatpump.

Tesla-David | May 24, 2018

To complete my answers to all your questions, I also did not need panel upgrade or trenching, so no costs needed in my previous quote.

davbui | July 5, 2018

Northern California quote, for reference:

1 x Powerwall $5,500
Backup gateway $700
Installation service $2,000
Permitting fees $150.00
Taxes $542.50
Total $8,892.50

Just completed the installation and we're very happy.

Tesla-David | July 5, 2018

@davbui, congratulations. We completed our 2-PW2 installation on 22 June, and I am deliriously happy about how it is performing over last 13 days. This is a game changer for us, and we have been operating in self-powered mode and have been 100 percent self sufficient over that period, charging the battery, running our all electric home, and charging our two Tesla's, while also exporting a lot of excess electricity back to the grid. Amazing product.

cnerfin | August 6, 2018

Tesla-David and davbui - Did someone other than Tesla install your Powerwalls? They have exhausted their SGIP rebates for their customers (even for those with existing reservations - no delivery dates in the near future) so Im trying to find someone that will install for these reasonable rates in Marin County that will have the ability to access the SGIP rebates. I know the ITC 30% is nothing to sneeze at but still Id rather get a plain old rebate off the top. Please send their info my way if possible! Thanks!

nineteenelevenfan | December 21, 2018

Prices for PW2 (and installation) have gone up (~22%). My current proposal quote for the PW2, also a Northern California quote, for reference:

1 x Powerwall $7,320 (taxes included)
Backup gateway $1,100
Installation service $2,900 (taxes included)
Total: $11,320 (or $2,427.50 higher than the exact same HW/install from @davbui in July 2018)

bourgrire | February 8, 2019

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sehrish.lovely1983 | February 15, 2019

It should be around $1500 to $1600 and this is pretty reasonable price. A general breakdown to look at:
1 x Powerwall $5,500
Backup gateway $700
Installation fees $3,250
(Installation service $2,250)
(Hidden conduit $1,000)
Permitting fees $150
Taxes $542.50

These prices may vary from area to area

I am considering this option for my company's facility and would like to cover the details of my soon-to-be-installed powerwall project in my company blog:

paultwebb | February 16, 2019

I just had my Powerwall 2 installed Thursday by two great guys from Tesla Energy in Vermont (Mike and Peter). Our local utility, Green Mountain Power picked up the entire cost except $1500. Of course, they will draw from it during peak periods, but I get the huge benefit of being able to finally use my solar during outages. With all the crazy weather extremes I expect will continue, looking forward to being able to be off-grid indefinitely.

A nice side benefit was that they installed a new breaker box for non-backup loads -- my existing panel was maxed out so now I have a place to connect a charger for the Tesla M3 I just ordered tonight.

avikaverma152 | March 19, 2019

Tesla is a great company from all over the world. I hope to have a Tesla car in my life.

SCEMAN | June 16, 2019

Does anyone know of a Powerwall 2 installer in Southern Cal. I have a 11.7kw solar system and am looking to install 2 or 3 Tesla Power Wall batteries. Can anyone please give me the name and number of a good company and honest company to get this done ASAP. Thank you. Please email me at my user name at AOL.