Total Design and image

Total Design and image

First let me say the car is a refreshing change and I believe a well needed one. Bravo. As a Design/Style person who also loves cars, I look at Automobiles wearing two hats. I am very interested in the quality as well as the fit, finish, and colors/materials. So Im curious to see the total interior design, the colors and materials offered, the paint selections, etc. Where do I see these? Other than the jump seats are there interior options?

Recently while shopping for a new car I noticed 3/4 of the colors offered by the top "Up-Market" brands are shades of Grey..theres always white and black..but then perhaps a blue or two. Rather a limited range of choices I feel. Personally I believe that color schemes help sell cars. Different cars look better in different color schemes, this I know to be true. So who do I talk to about these topics and selections offered at Tesla?

samkey1958 | August 8, 2011

If it were a true order package. They could paint have the colors made to order from a catalog. This would complete the experiance. I like the lines, close to a Aston Martine Rapide. With the electric option it will be a perfect city car.

DartLady S77 | September 14, 2011

The car is still in the design phase - but October brings the Beta version that Tesla says is the production design. Reservation holders will be getting their first look, and presumably their colour choices and option packages at the showroom visits then.

City car? This car is way beyond a city car. The range and performance far outstrips the typical electric cars that are short range, commuter boxes on wheels. Then the styling and comfort take it so far past the post, the others are going to wonder if they missed the start gun.

David70 | September 14, 2011

If I wanted only for a "city car", I would probably settle for a Leaf.

Jay Gatsby | September 18, 2011

My conclusion for my 300 mi. range Model S was that the ideal application for the car would be primarily as an excellent, clean running city car, at least initially. Located in Phoenix, I will not be comfortable driving the Model S to another major city until there are fast charging stations every 200-300 miles available on the interstates ( at a minimum). For instance, between Phoenix and San Diego, a typical destination.

gjunky | September 19, 2011

@Jay Gatsby: I am located in Phoenix too and have the same problem. Other cities are just to far away. (I would love to meet with you if you are also going to the Fremont Event)

As for the Leaf: I actually had one on pre-order but this city is big enough that I can't go to the other side of town on a hot day without having to recharge before heading back (Yes, this city is 100 miles across).

David M. | September 20, 2011

@Jay Gatsby & @gjunky:
Bummer. According to my "PlugShare" app, there are two public charging stations midway between Phoenix and San Diego. Both are at Nissan dealerships. One is in Yuma, and the other is just west of Yuma off the highway.

I have previously made the 2,400 mi drive from Florida to San Diego in our Toyota (4 days), and hope to make the drive at some point in my Model S. There will definitely need to be at least a dozen fast charging stations along I 10, for a midday boost. I should have no trouble finding hotels to accommodate an overnight charge.

I plan to make the EV trip in about 6 days. Morning drive 200mi. Noon 80% fast charge while we take a relaxing lunch and do a little shopping. Then an afternoon drive of 200mi. Followed by a full charge overnight.

Biggest problem right now is Western Texas. Can't get from El Paso to San Antonio.

gjunky | September 21, 2011

Keep in mind that an "overnight" charge would have to be a level 2 charger, not just some extension cord at 110v. A level-1 charger would still take too long unless you sleep for a long time ;)

The chargers along your way (I10) would have to be in the perfect locations (distance apart) for you to only need 10 of them. The spacing would have to match the exact power draw off your driving. I always assumed for this to work, we would need fast chargers at about half the max range of the car. Then you could still run into the chargers being occupied when you get there (it isn't like you can drive to the next one....)

I wonder if the Nissan dealers will let us use their charging stations (level 2 only as far as I know).

I know all of this will come over time but my then we are probably looking at the S2 or S3 model :)