TRAK Sport snow chains - missing parts?

TRAK Sport snow chains - missing parts?


I ordered and received the snow chains recommended for Model S. They arrived a couple of weeks ago.

All the documentation, including the manufacturer's instructions included with the chains, says that the package should come with various fitting parts: different size sockets, studs and spacers, to fit wheels of different sizes.

Mine arrived with the proper socket, stud and spacer for correct Model S 19" wheels already fitted - but the OTHER sockets, studs and spacers, for other wheel sizes, were not in the box. I think this is wrong. If I want to use the same chains on a different vehicle, I may not be able to, or I may have to buy the different-size substitute parts separately.

Before I raise hell with Tesla and TRAK, I wanted to ask here... has anyone else seen this? If you did, did you ask Tesla and/or TRAK about it, and what did they say?

Thank you, - Vladimir

beardco | March 3, 2019

Mine came the same as yours, ready to install. I just assumed this was the intent, ready to install without all the extra parts. Maybe to reduce waste, cost, etc... I never thought of trying to install a particular set of chains on a different vehicle because I've never had two with the same tires.

vmasek | March 3, 2019

beardco: thank you for your reply. Good to know I am not alone. As to my concern, I believe you understood the exact opposite of what I said. I am not thinking about using the same chains on THE SAME size tires (that should, actually, work without any different parts!) But the chains are supposed to work on tires between 13" and 19". The standard tire size on Model 3 is 18" - and we are considering buying a model 3. So, if I want to use the chains on that car, I would need the different parts. I don't see why I should buy an entire new pair of chains.