Traveling Websites for Tesla

Traveling Websites for Tesla

I've seen travelers post a couple websites in past topics you use for trip planning in your TM3. Can you please post again here?

Thanks in advance!

Mike UpNorth_ | January 24, 2019
Earl and Nagin ... | January 24, 2019 is, in my experience, the most useful for finding hotels and restaurants with charging as it goes beyond just Tesla ones. Its check-ins are also often very useful. is a good start for finding hotels with chargers but it still needs some maturation. is also often helpful for routing

tscats | January 24, 2019 is offline. Domain up for sale apparently.

kcheng | January 24, 2019

I strongly recommend abetterrouteplanner. It uses temp and elevation in its estimates. And, you can try how different EVs will impact your trip. I got my Model 3 LR AWD, after I tried it on a regular trip that I do, Maine to Boston and back, only took 17mins charging, while a Bolt would take 1h17mins. I normally stop twice, 10mins each way, in my ICE, so the Model 3 doesn't change my driving behavior at all, except now I plug in at the rest stop, then get my coffee and use the toilet. Wouldn't have had the courage to pull the trigger without the confidence knowing I could do my regular trip without compromises.

Mike UpNorth_ | January 24, 2019

Cool - thanks for the feedback.

melissaash648 | October 29, 2019

Before traveling to any new country, I check the danger index of that country. There are a lot of dangerous places on Earth and as I travel with kids, I don't want to risk anything. Seing kids being kidnaped and tourists taken as prisoners, give me goosebumps. Always keep in mind that you don't drive to the neighboring city, you go to an unknown place, a place that you know superficially. So, before planning your trip, take a look at

WW_spb | October 29, 2019

Any place can be dangerous. Just go visit our inner cities.

bjrosen | October 29, 2019

For route planning use abetterrouteplanner. For picking hotels with EVSEs use Tesla's route planner and plugshare. The Tesla routeplanner shows all the hotels at your destination that have Tesla EVSEs, Plugshare can show you both Tesla and J1772 EVSEs.