TRE45ON update: Mueller to testify before Judiciary and Intelligence Committees publicly July 17

TRE45ON update: Mueller to testify before Judiciary and Intelligence Committees publicly July 17

An old topic by @Sam0 that has disappeared. Guess it’s timely to restart this.

Mike83 | January 12, 2019

I saw this and am shocked. What happens next I wonder. The wall issue seems like a diversion avoid this.

jimglas | January 12, 2019

I thought he was openly working for Russia.

Tesla-David | January 12, 2019

I agree with @jimglas, the NYT is all over this issue in reporting FBI looked into Russia connections to Drump's campaign. He is a traitor and needs to be removed from office.

Tesla-David | January 12, 2019

Sorry @SCCRENDO, you beat me to the link I repeated above. ITMFA

SCCRENDO | January 12, 2019

The question now is if there are enough Republican Senators who care. Or are they going to collude with his treasonous behavior.

Tesla-David | January 12, 2019

The Mueller investigation report will probably be released soon. The political talking heads are predicting some very salacious tidbits that could be used for impeachment, along with the three House investigation panels that will also be investigating our traitorous POTUS. At some point the disgusting GOP senators allied with Drumpf will have no choice but to bail, especially those up for re-election in 2020. The GOP has definitely lost its way and principals, and should be putting country first.

BTW, anyone heard from @SAMO lately. He has been missing on forums lately, and I for one miss his inputs.

Yodrak. | January 12, 2019

"The wall issue seems like a diversion avoid this."

An article in The New Yorker today agrees with you.

jimglas | January 12, 2019

Republicans will do nothing, the entire republican party was bought by putin with 30 million laundered through the NRA. Putin knew he could buy the republican party, he was surprised how cheap it was. | January 12, 2019

I bet Putin never expected to get such value for the $30M.
- Made all our allies hate us
- Shutdown the US government
- The most incompetent department heads put in place
- Made the presidency a laughing stock around the world
- More criminals in the executive branch than ever
- Suckered some citizens into believing endless lies
- Shifts the country back towards more oil dependency (which helps Russia too)
- Acceptable for foreign powers to murder US citizens

RedShift | January 12, 2019

“But, but.. look how he’s talking to China now. He is making them suffer.”

This is the line one of my friends who supports Trump gave me when I discussed him recently at a party.

My response was - ‘that’s like saying someone has done 99 things wrong and one thing right’

It’s sad how the greatest most advanced nation on earth can be brought to its knees with such little money by a devious scheming oligarch in an enemy nation. It’s us whose to blame.

SCCRENDO | January 15, 2019

Breaking news from the Whitehouse. Kelly Conway stated that trump did not commit high treason. He just has alternative loyalties.

jimglas | January 15, 2019

He IS NOT paid by Russia! He is a volunteer Russian Agent

Tesla-David | January 15, 2019

Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh @SCCRENDO.

SamO | January 15, 2019

I deleted the old topic since the trolls were spamming . . . but the time of 45 is coming to an end.

This one is still juicy . . .

Tesla-David | January 15, 2019

Welcome back @SamO, haven’t seen much posting from you in a while. Totally agree much more to come from Manafort indictments/convictions. Drumpf’s day of reckoning is coming none to soon.

SO | January 16, 2019

I do find it hilarious when Trump supporters tout a win. Well let’s hope he has a win ONCE in a while. Good grief. You know the line: “a broken clock is right twice a day.”

SCCRENDO | January 16, 2019

It looks like the Republicans have gone rogue. They stand behind our treasonous president no matter what. They have just let him drop sanctions on Kilimnik. They will never impeach him/But I believe public awareness is increasing and their antics are backfiring. The Trump crime syndicate and their Republican congressional collaborators will be sent packing in 2020

carlk | January 16, 2019

People who argue that Trump is tough on China need to know that fits Russia's agenda too. These two totalitarian neighboring countries never see eye to eye with each other even when both were draconian communist countries.

hlalefar | January 16, 2019

So sad to see how the system is manipulated. These republicans have sold this country out just for the sake of their own jobs. Treasonous assholes. The whole lot deserve Leavenworth or worse, especially our Manchurian President and his kin.

mabuck | January 17, 2019

Wow, who would have guesses people up here were against our president. What has he done that is so terrible? What collusion?

Economy is doing great, unemployment extremely low, lower taxes for all, not forced to purchase health insurance anymore or pay a fee, USMCA designed to prevent expansion of our companies to other cheap labor nations (I.E. Mexico).

USMCA deal is very difficult to extrapolate numbers on how it will benefit the United States because the whole goal of that deal is to reduce the bleeding of US companies outsourcing manufacturing to other cheap labor countries, i.e. Mexico in the auto sector. Trump claims that’s how Mexico will pay, and I have no reason to believe a measly 5 billion can’t be achieved out of that deal in the short term. We should see a net benefit in the long term by more factories and more jobs. What if trump didn’t enact that trade deal? We would be worse off for sure. It’s a big win for the USA, now it’s congress’s job to make it law.

If trump ends the war in Afghanistan, that gives us an extra 20B a year. I don’t try to jump on the negative train and look at the positives in every outcome.

The democrats are not even willing to negotiate on a topic that they all have partisan agreement on years in the past prior to trump. I guess since it is him they don’t want to give this president another campaign token. No clue. The wall is the easiest thing logically for different ideology’s to agree on.

Our country is much better off economically, militarily, and making things fair for our country since President Trump. He has personally affected my paycheck with lowered taxes for the middle class. The stock market is also a reflectance of consumer optimism and business outlook.

There are several countries paying us now millions of dollars that weren’t paying us before for our military protection or charging us air rights while we were protecting them. We are not getting “ripped off” anymore by other countries and the China tariffs will in the end benefit America.

It’s sad to go to Walmart and see every toy and item made in China. Trump is leveling that playing field by charging fair tariffs that allow us more income to rebuild our country and bring back our jobs or help prevent companies from setting up in China and closing the factory that made the product here in the US, just so they can make an extra $3 on a product.

Trump was a product of our economic system, and he took advantage of every tax law and outsourcing every business does. You have to in order to remain competitive. He has first hand experience how screwed up it is and genuinely wants to help our country.

If you watch any news it is so negative it is just flat out sad. There are so many, and I mean an insane amount, of good that can be said about our current president.

Most of your concerns listed are the least of this countries problems. Not sure what you mean on some of them.
Trump likes to talk himself up, so people pay attention. It can be seen as offputting. What he is doing in the background that goes unnoticed is what is helping save our country. Not sure why people thing he is colluding with Russia with no proof, he put even heavier sanctions on them.

The business I work for competes directly with a manufacturing company out of Mexico. They are able to sell products at a unreasonably low price that forced margins down in certain markets. This makes us unable to have the flexibility of paying a salesperson a 3% commission on sales in that market, and thus limits the profit of the business which goes to paying direct workers more money, hiring more help, etc. Eventually, if it got bad enough, we would drop out of that market and lay off employees if it became too competitive. This is what I've seen happen over and over again with manufacturing company's over the last 20 years and towns I drive through that use to be the sewing/furniture capital of the world. You either adapt, and ship your manufacturing over to Mexico, China, India, Vietnam, etc or you die as a company. This is the hard reality of the manufacturing world as I live in and millions of others. I could lose my job tomorrow and have to move or adapt.

RedShift | January 17, 2019

Mabuck, can you show me which big rock you’ve been living under? You write as if you are looking at things you wanna see. Not the facts.

SO | January 17, 2019

@Redshift - facts don’t matter.

Replace the name Trump with Obama and mabuck would be having a cow over this stuff. Rush’s head would have exploded and Sean Hannity’s head would be spinning while spitting pea soup.

mabuck | January 17, 2019

What fact do you have on trump colluding with Russia? Other than conspiracy?

mabuck | January 17, 2019

I don’t worry myself about stuff like fake conspiracy theories and like I said I’ve listed the above great things trump has done. I can’t name any foe Obama, Busch, Clinton, etc.

SO | January 17, 2019

Let the mueller case present itself, THEN decide.

mabuck | January 17, 2019

I agree @SO

I don't let maintstream media fox, cnn msnbc or others dictate my decisions and thoughts. I'm an independent person who has seen first hand in the past 30 years a president that has put his money where his mouth is and has helped me. A middle Class American.

Tesla-David | January 17, 2019

Drumpf is a fu@#king traitor! He has rolled back 50 years of environmental protection, and all efforts to address Climate Change. What an idiot you are @mabuck!!!!

SO | January 17, 2019

@mabuck - I’m glad you feel that Trump has helped you.

I don’t feel that way... at all. And as the years go on, this will become much more apparent to people who will LOGICALLY look at the world. But no point in trying to change your mind on this. You are firmly set and unlikely to change your view. As am I.

SO | January 17, 2019

Trump has lowered my taxes but the other damage done is what concerns me more. When we are in good economic times, we certainly should NOT be adding to the debt.

mabuck | January 17, 2019


Appreciate it bro. Glad all you care about, is Climate change. Not the most pressing issue in our lifetime but OK.

SO | January 17, 2019

Kick the can down the road has worked well so far. Might as well continue with it. To hell with taking responsibility for anything.

mabuck | January 17, 2019


He has lowered you taxes, increase stock prices through consumer optimism & deregulation. There are more job opportunities now then there were before.

I agree the debt is bad. He has lowered taxes while like I said above charging more tariffs and raising the GDP growth from, remember the new normal according to Obama? He wants to charge for our military protection and he is ending the war in Afghanistan. Obama was doing nothing to help the debt and neither was Busch, Clinton, etc.

The new trade deals and tariffs and money coming from foreign country's is much better than what we had before. I think he will also address the debt very soon.

SO | January 17, 2019

And as far as Trump putting his money where his mouth is, I think you’ll find Trump will do quite well financially from being president. (As almost all presidents do.)

mabuck | January 17, 2019


Yeah, he's the first one not to accept the presidential salary because he didn't need it. A greedy person would take every single cent they can.

SO | January 17, 2019

The deficit was better under Clinton but Clinton was certainly no saint.

My investments are actually doing worse since Trump (except for TSLA). (IE not gaining as quickly.)

There are more job opportunities now than before.... yes. They were going up quite well during Obama’s tenure.

I think you have mighty rosy glasses on. Or drinking some damn good koolaid. I gotta get me some of that. Many of the actions taken but Trump today will not be felt for years. And by then, the next president will be blamed. And so the cycle continues.

SO | January 17, 2019

Well... Obama did donate a sizeable portion.

SO | January 17, 2019

And I always laugh when I see people fall for the donations of money here and there. Or the “donations” that people give to the political parties.

They are more than making up for any money they donated.

Give a few crumbs to the suckers while they raid the banks.

Reminds me of this:

mabuck | January 17, 2019

My investments are doing worse under trump also, but guess what? They were mostly international funds and stocks. The international markets is not doing well at the moment.

They were going up at the "new normal" don't you remember? Wasn't it like 1%? Hardly anything noticeable. What exactly did Obama do that spurred economic growth? There was absolutely nothing. He hurt small business with the ACA and the crazy amount of unintended consequences that brought. Did you know workplaces started discriminating against older people, because of ACA, due to insurance costing 3-4x the amount to carry someone 55 vs 25? If you ever read that bill, which I did, it was so bad for our country. What was wrong with the system we had before? We'll never have a perfect healthcare system.

No, I get the bigger picture here on how the world works. I want us to constantly grow 3-4% year after year and stay the world dominant superpower. We can't do that if we let china slide on regulation, and trade. Neither india, russia, canada, mexico, etc.

SO | January 17, 2019

Id much rather have slow and steady growth instead of deregulation, boom, then bust, then regulation, then slow steady growth, turns deregulation, then boom, then bust.

You get the idea.

mabuck | January 17, 2019

We have so much potential though.. Our stock market will always grow. Is it not sad to take a step back and see, when your financial adviser say the best highest growth investment is the international stock market?(back in early 2000s) That is like a slap in the face to America.

We are seeing steady and healthy GDP growth now. Before it was near stagnant. International stocks are not doing well anymore because of the huge investment that is happening in America at the moment due to deregulation and lower corporate taxes. We are no longer the highest taxed corporate country in the world.

SO | January 17, 2019

The US healthcare insurance system is majorly f’d. I work in healthcare and deal with insurance companies often. The different rules and plans, is nuts. ACA helped in some ways but hurt in others.

What’s funny is that the ACA was basically a republican Romney plan originally. It was only hated by Republicans because of who implemented it. It should just be a single payer like what Bernie wanted.

But that will never happen. People can go bankrupt over one disease or not get insured due to preexisting conditions for all I care. I have definitely changed my attitude since Trump. This country will never do what’s right because of the blindness of so many people. Oh well. I’m done worrying about it.

SO | January 17, 2019

“Healthy” GDP remains to be seen.

SO | January 17, 2019

You also realize that the EFFECTIVE tax rate was lower than the corporate tax rate, right?

mabuck | January 17, 2019


What ever the government touches, it ruins. You'll notice that the government is the downfall of all civilized nations around the world throughout history and it will continue. History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

The free market is a much better way of determining how things should go, like healthcare. It would be much better if the government hands weren't involved. We can both agree on that.

SS, healthcare, postal service, so on and so forth are all bankrupt running on imaginary dollars and lose money every year. Why can't our postal service be ran like UPS? Oh that is right, our grovnement has unlimited money somehow...

SO | January 17, 2019

Well you definitely fell for the good ole republican line wholeheartedly.

Somalia may be a better fit for you.

SO | January 17, 2019

And if you don’t like that option, which country is more in line with your views?

sabbia | January 17, 2019

I get it. Weakening your country, weakening alliances, strengthening North Korea, mocking people with disabilities, exposing service men because of incompetence, indicted campaign staff, own cabinet resigning in protest and using terms like *moron* and *idiot* are all good as long as you make a buck.

I get it. All good.

mabuck | January 17, 2019

Lol no one can disprove what I have listed, which is stuff that actually matters and above the intellect of most common emotional people. That watch the news and let that be the deciding factor for how they think.

What most people don’t get is that money is the ruler of the world. It all comes down to the almighty dollar.

finman100 | January 17, 2019

individual 1

carlk | January 17, 2019

@mabuck Where did you get those stupid ideas? Government is not the evil. Only evil government with evil politicians/dectator is. Even that will not do as much harm as free marketing without (government) oversight when everyone goes for the free for all. If you think medical cares are hard to afford now wait until when FDA, HHS and Justice Department are dismentled.