Trunk dimensions?

Trunk dimensions?

I've seen the cargo space listed online, but it's unclear to me whether that's with the seats folded or not. Can someone tell me the actual dimensions of the interior trunk, with the seats down? Bonus if you also get it with the seats up. Thanks!

Shesmyne2 | June 9, 2013

Rear seats up (normal).
44" front to back. 19" high to parcel shelf level at the rear.
38 1/2" width front, 64" width rear.
Well: 39" wide, 20" front to rear, 10" deep.

dr.jacks.tesla | June 9, 2013

I am not sure but sure was impressed yesterday when I fit a 70" tv in the trunk!

dr.jacks.tesla | June 9, 2013

Ok even better picked up a 40 inch craftsman tool chest and the big box did not fit in my Navigator but did fit in the Tesla!!! Great idea for a commercial don't you think!!!

akikiki | June 9, 2013

Even better a Nissan Leaf with half a charge with 5 adults, and didn't even use the frunk!

Eleonor2002 | June 9, 2013

I get 75" with the seats down....

cybrown | June 9, 2013

Wow, that is big. I'm driving an old Jeep Cherokee right now and it only has about 60" front to back.