Trying to buy EAP- Catch 22 on website

Trying to buy EAP- Catch 22 on website

Has this happened to anyone else?
Today is the last day of my Enhanced AutoPilot trial. I like it and I want to buy it. So, I went to the Tesla website and clicked on the EAP to purchase it for $5,500 (plus tax). I told it to use my credit card (the only option available) for purchase and the payment did not go through. I checked to make sure the credit card information was properly inserted (it was) and tried again. No luck. I removed the credit card and re-added it and again, no luck. I called the credit card folks(AMEX) and they said no charges came through and were denied. I called Tesla. I spent 40 minutes on hold. Then the woman said, we just received a memo that purchases greater than $5,000 would not be accepted with a credit card. I asked why then are you offering to sell it for $5,500 and the only avenue of payment is with a credit card? She, of course, didn't know.
I asked how I can purchase it. Here is my money, take it. She told me to call the support # after hours and they could do that. After hours is 9PM to 6 AM pacific time (I am on the east coast). I called the support line during the day 1-877-798-3752 and only waited 5 minutes. The gentleman sort of said that was silly. He asked if I was close to a service center. I said yes. He suggested walking into the service center and they could do that for me and I could pay by credit card. I will try that this afternoon after I leave work.
You would think a company which can build a car like this and land rocket boosters (most of the time) could figure that out.

I still ABSOLUTELY love my car.

Rt002k | December 6, 2018

Point of fact, Tesla has never launched or landed a rocket booster :)

But yes - this is dumb. I can't imagine a situation where taking a quantity > $5k by credit card would be worse-off than < $5k unless there's some limit to certain credit card companies not covering the fraud liability over that amount.

dwakelee | December 6, 2018

Maybe try it via the car? Curious if the restrictions are any different than the website.

richardls | December 6, 2018

I had no problem with mine. It charged my CC $5.5k+tax.

RedPillSucks | December 6, 2018

Could this be one of those weird state specific credit card rules? Tesla does have a lot of weird idiosyncrasies

kbmi777 | December 6, 2018

cafutter - Since you bought EAP after delivery please share your experience on why you didn't go for it at config or before delivery and now what is most exciting feature that compelled you to buy after delivery and pay extra $500.

I am on fence about EAP whether is it worth investing 5K and yet to take a delivery....

dwakelee | December 6, 2018

One reason to wait until after delivery is some state based EV incentives are based on the vehicle selling price. NY for example has a $2K EV rebate, but it is reduced to $500 if the vehicle price if beyond a certain level (forget the specifics).

There is also the try before you buy aspect. $5K (or $5.5K) is a lot of money and many people have polarizing views if EAP is good enough for them or not. I chose to be my own judge, and will be still ahead (net price) given the state EV incentive and purchasing EAP within the trial - if I decide to so.

That's my story, others may have other reasons as well (waiting for budget to allow, etc).

cafutter | December 6, 2018

@kbmi777 The answer to your question is what @Dwakelee said. In Maryland, there is a $3,000 excise tax rebate for EV cars <$60,000. Buying EAP would put me over that. I knew I could buy that after but couldn't buy AWD after I had delivery.

@ richardls, when did you do this?

By the way, I went down to the Tesla Service Center but got there 5 minutes after they closed. I gentleman who works there asked my what I needed. I told him the story and he said that is ridiculous.He couldn't help me tonight. He said he knew there was a server problem today. I should go home and try again. If it doesn't work, come back to the SC in the morning.\ and he will help me. Very frustrating

cafutter | December 6, 2018

I did try it again this evening, and it did not work.

CMHTesla | December 6, 2018

Isn't EAP $7000 after delivery? at least thats what it showed for when configuring.

CMHTesla | December 6, 2018

Never mind now I know why EAP id offered at $5500.

cafutter | December 7, 2018

I tried calling the service folks after hours, (the number she gave me) and I got no one. I tried again this morning to purchase on line. No success. So, I decided I would go to the service center. As I got into my car this morning a message popped up which says EAP trial is finished, do I want to upgrade? I clicked on upgrade using my credit card. FROM MY CAR (Still in the garage and on Wifi), it went through. My Watch (with Samsung Pay) showed me a charge went through to AMEX. There was no EAP on the way to work but I was told on the phone it would take an hour or so to work after I paid. I am now at work and logged onto the site and it says I have EAP. I am looking forward to using it on my way home.

Rt002k | December 7, 2018

Sounds like moral of the story is people that want to buy it should just wait until the trial ends and it prompts if you want to buy?

Magic 8 Ball | December 7, 2018

Cool, nice to hear the trial was satisfactory to the point of purchase.

cafutter | December 7, 2018

OH, I loved it. In fact, this morning driving to work without it. I realized, even on crowded local streets, it is more relaxing. I never thought I would say that initially.
Advice for anyone just starting to use it, be patient. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to it. To trust it. Also, it is not always obvious what it can and cannot do.

cafutter | December 7, 2018

@R2002K Agreed. I wish I had know that it would be so easy ahead of time. I spent several hours with the mishigas (craziness) yesterday trying to pay for it and worrying the price would go up to $7,000 if I didn't pay in time. I was also given so much misinformation by different Tesla folks it was troubling.

However, that is over and I LOVE MY CAR.

kensyo | December 7, 2018

Well, I also didn’t order EAP when I placed my order. $5k is a lot for a $35k car(after rebate and incentive). I decided to hold on for it because when I placed my order, the price was only $6k. At that time I have no idea how good it was or how it worked.
After delivery I have trial, I have been using it for two days. It is not perfect and sometime I think it doesn’t work. But it does work quite well on stop and go traffic on freeway, less stressful for me. I will probably get it after the trial.

Mike UpNorth | December 7, 2018

mishigas.....nice yid :)

kbmi777 | December 7, 2018

Thanks @cafutter.

Most likely I (MI resident) am getting my car delivered 3rd week of Dec. In MI, of course there is no state incentive. For me, its more of a financial decision whether it is worth investing 5K in technology on top of a already fine car with lots of bells and whistles. But it seems that EAP would be very handy and a big attraction of buying a Tesla. So I may end up adding to car at the delivery and still pay 5K and not 5.5K. I am told that it is something I have to negotiate with my delivery advisor. BTW one of Tesla owner friend has offered to try EAP on his vehicle on weekend and would certainly take his offer :)