For all you savvy investors - given a 10 year window, which stock do you think will provide the best return on investment (I'm asking for a friend:). The TSLA outlook includes the gigafactory, worldwide distribution and overseas manufacturing, Model X, Gen III, AWD S, new roadster... SCTY outlook may include in-home power storage that would allow customers to wean off the grid, significantly disrupt utility business models, and perhaps SCTY evolves into a quasi-utility themselves. You can only pick one or neither.

Bighorn | May 8, 2014

I bought both today. Sorry.

jk2014 | May 8, 2014

Like picking between two golden eggs... buy both... if pressed and just want more shares in something Elon et al.., buy the one that's less $/share. 10 years from now, both should be much higher then current stock price. 20 years, even higher, IMO.

Hard to predict what will happen days from now, let alone 10-20 years, so it will take a little faith Elon, management, and employees can execute at this point. I definitely have made the leap and buy/add more a little at a time when I can.

2050project | May 9, 2014

I bought (lots of) both... and I feel really positive that both will continue their upward trajectory.

Which is better?

Hard to say.

I think TSLA will continue to be a roller coaster, extreme volatility, but absolutely huge upside for longs.

I think SCTY will be a smoother ride up, although it probably won't see the steep incline(s) that TSLA will.

My advice: buy both. And hold on tight.

bradslee | May 9, 2014

I will pick THREE: TSLA, SCTY and Space X when it goes to IPO.

eddiemoy | May 9, 2014

solar city has a lot more potential in the next few years.

they have 100k customers today, their goal is 1mil customers by mid 2018. that is a 10x increase in less than 4 years. they are also rolling out 500mw of solar this year, 1gigwatt in 2015, probably 2 gigwatts in 2016, 4 in 2017 and 8gw in 2018.

on the other hand tesla seen to almost double their production this year, will take another 3 years to build out the gigafactory, in 2017-2018 will probably start to produce gen iii, but will take a few years to ramp to 500k units a year, probably 2020? it is a lot harder for tesla to ramp, lots of moving parts.

by 2020, solar city would be another energy company able to compete with the best of them rolling out probably 16-20 gigawatt of solar. but there is a risk of some newer tech coming out, but they would just install that newer tech instead...

DaphneGreen | May 9, 2014

I agree with Ed. SCTY doesn't make the product, so they don't have the problem of retooling when the product becomes obsolete and don't have production costs.

I fortunately I didn't buy SCTY when I bought TSLA, I bought a Tesla instead.

stimeygee | May 9, 2014


GeekEV | May 9, 2014

SCTY is down right now from their peek a month or so ago, so this would be a good time to buy in.

DaphneGreen | May 9, 2014

So is TSLA.

carlk | May 9, 2014

Both auto and energy/utility are huge hundreds of billions dollars industries. I'd say stock prices at the moment of either companies are at about the same good entry point if you believe they will do well in the future.

michael1800 | May 9, 2014

Anything can happen in 10 years (utility company issues with SCTY or perhaps a major legal issue with TSLA). Both are likely to be very successful, but investment is always something not good to crowdsource. Risk is always involved, and 10-year ROI (for stock investments) is always extreme speculation--more than individual companies, you would be speculating on market/technology environments and making assumptions on a lack of disruptors. Why not hedge your bets a bit and go halfsies with both?

Brian H | May 10, 2014

What were they trying to see?