TSLA stock price in 5 years

TSLA stock price in 5 years

What do you think the price of TSLA stock will be on December 31, 2016? Do you own the stock? Care to say how many shares? Please pick a specific dollar amount - no ranges please. If you think they will be bought out, put that down.

We could all throw $5 in a pot and whoever is closest wins????


Haggy | April 7, 2017

Some of those estimates were reasonable. I also checked to see what The Motley Fool's official recommendations were for Tesla back then. 11/23/2011 they recommended it as a buy in one of their newsletters. On 11/16/2013 they initiated a buy recommendation in their largest newsletter. Neither of those was followed by a sell to this day. That Jerry Bowman article was right about not seeing any profit for the next several years, and even underestimated what would happen with gasoline, but if that "clickbait" had worked, anybody who subscribed because of it might have ended up with an official buy recommendation.

motowear29 | May 12, 2017

I find it appropriate at this point to declare DiscoDucky the winner based on the stock price as of May 2017.
I would suggest that, all of the folks posting in 2012 send him five bucks. This includes you, Jim! Get a PO Box, DiscoDucky!

motowear29 | May 12, 2017

Then again...on 12/31/16, Brian H was probably closer so maybe send him five bucks too!

fholley | May 12, 2017

A little late to this party, but I've said for some time Tesla would either change the world or go bankrupt--and maybe both.

AlMc | May 12, 2017

Wow. I have been on this forum for five years. Discoducky hangs on TMC sometimes. We should ask him to predict the next 5 years.

allbalooboy | May 14, 2017

Discoducky | January 11, 2012
TM could be taking a very measurable piece of market share from industry leaders by that time with Model S, X and BlueStar so it is not out of the realm of possibility, depending on the economy at large and if the federal and state rebates are still in force, for demand to continually outstrip supply for domestic and international orders (coupled with a weak dollar), that the outstanding shares could be bought up as well, thus driving the price into Apple territory or could be similar to the rise/splits of Dell in the late 90's:

Take with with a grain of salt, because it would be ideal and flawless execution in the marketplace...

When TSLA hits profitability, takes direct measurable market share away from it's compeditors while announcing partnerships with said companies, no quality issues or recalls for bad press, greatly expands it's footprint in Nummi, buys back shares at least twice each year and has pent up demand while increasing supply for each of it's models, keeps it's profit margin at or around double of other american makers (~25%) and can do all of this with a fraction of the marketing budget we could easily see stock price soar (doubling every other year possibly)

Price targets (no splits with all of the above being true)
2012 - $50
2013 - $72
2014 - $100
2015 - $180
2016 - $300