TuneIn losing many AM radio stations by Aug 1

TuneIn losing many AM radio stations by Aug 1

"Entercom To Pull Streams Off Of TuneIn; Exclusively Use"

This includes removing the CBS radio stations from TuneIn by Aug 1, including KCBS in the Bay Area. Since Tesla Models X and 3 no longer include an AM radio tuner this is a big deal. We can find some of those AM stations as secondary channels on some of the FM stations. But of course the FM coverage is much smaller than either AM or the cell networks.

I can only hope that Tesla adds support to their streaming software support soon...

HeinekenMS100D | July 13, 2018

AM? Curious how many people listen to AM anymore. I haven't tuned a radio to AM in many years, not sure my MB even has it. Aren't there any other apps that stream the stations other than TuneIn?

HeinekenMS100D | July 13, 2018

also, can't you just stream it from your mobile device ( via BT?

HeinekenMS100D | July 13, 2018

also, can't you just stream it from your mobile device ( via BT?

Xerogas | July 13, 2018

@slheinlein: "AM? Curious how many people listen to AM anymore. I haven't tuned a radio to AM in many years, not sure my MB even has it. Aren't there any other apps that stream the stations other than TuneIn?"
I exclusively listen to AM. Constantly entertaining in the Los Angeles market. | July 14, 2018

Haven't listened to AM in 30+ years. Can't stand the low audio quality and constant ads - like listening through a string with a tin can on the end. Better suited to old ICE cars where due to engine and road noise the audio quality doesn't matter. AM is dying - listenership is declining every year and AM stations are closing down as there is not enough ad revenue to support the costs for many stations.

Still I can see some value in AM where low quality doesn't matter - talk radio and sports. Seems odd that CBS wants to further reduce their AM audience by pulling from TunIn. Sounds like a hidden plan to close their AM stations as there readership numbers and ad revenue will decline even faster now.

rxlawdude | July 14, 2018

I just love the "I don't use AM, so why does anyone need it" responses. Those sound like "pro-life" (e.g., anti-choice) arguments that make me want to vomit. | July 14, 2018

@rx - Sort of a fair response. Just trying to stick to facts. I do understand a few owners think AM is very important to their listening enjoyment - nothing wrong with that and I see no need to change that.

Not sure removing one local station from TuneIn is that big of a deal, but I can see it is if you listen to that one station. Perhaps worth complaining to CBS. More than any other network, CBS seem to want to create isolated silos and paywalls for their content. I hope the concept utterly fails. There are already too many paywall networks. Imagine if every station and individual show you watch has a seperate account, billing, website and forms to fill out so you can get access. It seems to be heading that way :(

rxlawdude | July 14, 2018

@TTap, this may result in the loss of KNX 1070 for L.A. residents. That's not cool.

reed_lewis | July 15, 2018

@wxlawdude - I concur with you. It reminds me of people who cannot understand why anyone would need a windshield heater if they live in southern Florida.

And there are a myriad of other features that some people use that others see no interest in. But saying that because you do not need a specific feature does not mean that there are others who enjoy it.

HeinekenMS100D | July 15, 2018

@rxlawdude reading through the thread, I don't see where anyone states '"I don't use AM, so why does anyone need it". For someone that poses as rxlawdude, you might want to get your facts straight. While it may not be as convenient as TuneIn, I'm sure with today's technology, its possible to find a solution to stream AM stations via BT. Tesla as a company has bigger things to solve and improvements to make that impact the majority of their customers vs. worrying about solving an AM streaming issue that a low percentage of their customers will use or care about. AM is a dying technology and has been for many years. The death of FM will follow. I don't know any millennials that listen to radio, everything is streamed. Again, not saying no one needs AM because obviously some people still want it. However, if I wanted to listen to AM then I'd be finding another solution since it may not be at the top of Tesla's things to fix.

SCCRENDO | July 15, 2018

There is always a work around. However it was much more convenient in my Model S where I have XM and AM. I listen to few AM stations but it is distracting when I need to start seeking out an AM station on my phone ior Tune In in my Model 3. I use Tune In for some of my XM news stations but some I don’t get. And it now seems it is becoming less convenient.

jerrykham | July 16, 2018

@slheinlein - Sure, you can stream it from your phone. And pay for the data usage on your phone too. I certainly wouldn't do that. I actually listen to KCBS (one of the stations mentioned) via AM on my ride to work nearly every morning. I don't need high quality audio for the news and the traffic report.

I do use BT from the phone for music, but only for music that I have already downloaded to the phone so I don't use LTE data on the phone.

rxlawdude | July 16, 2018

"For someone that poses as rxlawdude, you might want to get your facts straight."

Um, for someone I've never seen around here, your tone is rude. "... if I wanted to listen to AM then I'd be finding another solution." In other words, YOU don't listen to AM. So you have no need to comment here.

And when there is no solution (e.g., KCBS/KNX going away, AM stations with MLB games blacked out on TuneIn, no access to low power emergency/information stations), what then? Don't even try to suggest using BT from a phone or getting a cheap AM radio and using that. (The former still doesn't solve low power AM stations and is unsafe and illegal in most states to use your phone to change stations.)

sp_tesla | July 16, 2018

" | July 14, 2018
Haven't listened to AM in 30+ years."

Obviously not ESPN 710AM fan, hoefully you are smart enough to exrecise for the past 30years!

rxlawdude | July 16, 2018

Just checked: this is only Entercom-owned CBS stations that are affected. KNX (Los Angeles) is not owned by Entercom, so it will remain. KCBS (San Francisco) is and Entercom property, and will go away from TuneIn.

SUN 2 DRV | July 17, 2018

TuneIn is loosing about 100 Entercom stations, including KCBS the largest traffic and news station in the Bay Area. New York is suffering the same fate.

I use it's traffic reports a lot (along with Tesla Nav and Waze) to figure out the best route on my 2 hour each way commute, and to keep up with current events.

The audio quality and coverage area is much better on TuneIn (cellular) than either of its AM or FM broadcasts. AM is affected by noise and poor audio quality and FM has poor range coverage over mush of my route.

TuneIn was great and KCBS is my most frequently used media. Will be very sad to see KCBS go, and via my phone would be a kludgy substitute at best.

I agree with Tesla that streaming is the modern way to access this kind of media, and hope that they'll consider adding support. TuneIn is apparently up for sale so it will be dependent on the resources it gets from its new owner. So TuneIn may be shrinking rather than growing...

Earl and Nagin ... | July 17, 2018

KNX 1070 broadcast is available at 101.1 FM HD2 in the LA area. For a while, it was available on 93.1 HD2 subchannel but it recently switched to 101.1.
I suspect those who smugly brag about how they don't use AM any more probably don't fully comprehend what AM is. Granted, it may not be a tool that works for them. Granted, for high fidelity music broadcast, AM's limited bandwidth makes it poor. However, since it is broadcast by high power transmitters in the 800 kHz band, it propagates great, making it a great information system to carry speech over wide geographic areas. Those of us who often travel in rural areas, out of cellular and FM coverage like AM because it is sometimes the only way to receive critical, local news information such as tornado warnings. Its ability to carry speech means that certain stations such as KNX 1070 in LA, KCBS in SF, or WCBS in NYC use it well to carry real-time traffic and news broadcast that nicely supplements web-based sources in urban areas.
I wish the Model 3 supported AM radio but, we can't always get what we want. Given how hard it can be to suppress the low-frequency noise in high power electronics, I can understand how Tesla may have decided it wasn't worth the effort.
The classic Tesla Roadster has an AM radio but the motor noise is so bad the radio is useless. | July 17, 2018

@sp_tesla - Yep,I exercise multiple times each week. I've always felt it is better to actually exercise than listen to others exercise. Still - I can see it being hard to exercise while driving. With typical rush hour traffic, there seems to always be at least one crazy driver causing an adrenaline rush for everyone nearby. Not sure that counts as exercise though :)

rxlawdude | July 17, 2018

@Earl &Nagin, when NFL comes back on KNX, check out the 101.1 HD2 simulcast. In past years, the FM simulcast had plain news, not the game.

I think NFL is not as crazy as MLB about monetizing radio broadcasts, so maybe that will change. This is why I'm an NHL fan: less greed.

sp_tesla | July 19, 2018

" | July 17, 2018
I've always felt it is better to actually exercise than listen to others exercise."

Do you apply same concept to music?

dmdcla | August 1, 2018

Yes, it happened, this morning driving the 35 miles to work, no KNX 1070! See you all say I can get it on do I do that on my Model 3 ?

Tracy | August 1, 2018

It isn't just AM radio that we lost today. We lost KROQ in LA and Alice in the Bay Area and a host of other good FM stations. Honestly, I can't listen to plain radio in my Model S...the fuzzy interferance is just frustrating. I agree -- Tesla product staff, please consider adding app to augment Tune In (I'd give up Slacker for this). And Yes, one could stream via bluetooth, but I'd rather tap a "Favorite" button on my huge Tesla screen than screw around with an app on my phone.

rxlawdude | August 1, 2018

All of which is obviated by simply including an AM radio for the $10 it might add to the cost of the car. And the lack of XM as an option in the "premium" trim is inexcusable.

SUN 2 DRV | August 2, 2018

"All of which is obviated by simply including an AM radio for the $10"

RX: Yes AM is sometimes useful per other discussions.

But my Model S DOES have AM and it's not anywhere sufficient as a substitute for TuneIn. AM is very noisy and poor audio quality. TuneIn is a far better solution than AM for most (but not all) use cases. As you often point out one is not a substitute for the other. | August 2, 2018

Seems CBS is planning to kill off it's AM radio stations. I can't figure any reason why an ad-supported media would want to further reduce its audience (which is declining year-after-year anyway for years now).

Sort of like a magazine saying we want to reduce subscriptions to get less ad revenue, so stop sending any copies to addresses west of the Mississippi.

rxlawdude | August 2, 2018

No, TTap, CBS moved its content to

I've previously posted a new, first world problem in today's media environment: content creators and content distribution is being Balkanized to the point that one would need a plethora of apps or browser bookmarks just to be able to find the content.

So having only one radio content distributor (TuneIn) is only going to exacerbate the frustration for Tesla owners. Solutions include the oft-requested CarPlay or Android Auto, putting back AM sections in all cars, making XM available in the Model 3, or a combination of these. (Note that CarPlay and AndroidAuto don't solve the "where's my content today?" issue that is getting worse with each corporate merger.) | August 2, 2018

@rx - By removing from TuneIn, CBS is saying they don't care about that part of their audience. Obviously, anyone with Tesla can no longer listen to it. Why they made such a bonehead move is strange. If it was a ad-free program, it might make a bit of sense, but any ad-supported station makes more money the more people that have access to it. My guess is they really don't care and their stations are in the final death spiral. Looks like is not available on AndroidAuto either although I do see CarPlay may have it.

Imagine if every radio station goes to their own unique distribution. I doubt many want to go through 1000 different programs, each working differently with different features and interface. Yikes, what a mess.

stevenparker | September 18, 2018

NYC drivers who have depended on hearing traffic reports from the #1 and #2 AM news stations (WINS and WCBS) via Tunein have now lost BOTH because of their move to

Tesla, please add to the streaming services in the cars.

rxlawdude | September 18, 2018

Or AM.

SUN 2 DRV | September 18, 2018

RX, I already have AM in my MS and KCBS AM or FM reception really sucks for virtually the whole length of my commute.

I really do miss having KCBS on TuneIn.

rxlawdude | September 18, 2018

@SUN, KNX down in SoCal comes in fine. Could be KCBS' frequency is more susceptible to inverter noise. You might check which HD FM station simulcasts KCBS.

SUN 2 DRV | September 19, 2018

RX, yes I tried both AM and their FM HD station. AM was too noisy, and often garbled probably due to multipath. FM HD sounded great when the signal was strong enough, but many portions of my commute had poor signal strength so there was lots of hiss and often complete dropouts.

TuneIn worked great for my needs, sorry to see KCBS go elsewhere...

rxlawdude | September 19, 2018

Yep, this is part of the Balkanization of content. Every content provider moving to monetize their product, so more and more "niche" apps and sites to scrounge through.

Not a great state of affairs at all.

hopplinda | March 9, 2019

I have new Tesla X NO AM radio I like KFI am and evening I dont knjow how to get Tunein I used MY
Tesla log in but nothing? even if you Dont like AM can someone who is knowledgable help me ?

Xerogas | March 9, 2019

@hopplinda: "I have new Tesla X NO AM radio I like KFI am and evening I dont knjow how to get Tunein I used MY
Tesla log in but nothing? even if you Dont like AM can someone who is knowledgable help me ?"
Load IHeartRadio app on your phone, and use Bluetooth to connect to. The car’s audio. There’s no other way for KFI

drazin | April 24, 2019

I tried the various HD stations that at one time were noted to have transmitted KNX 1070: 101.1-2, 97.1-2, 93.1-2 and none of them seem to carry KNX 1070 today (one of them carried a CBS sports show, but it was not KNX 1070). Since Tesla no longer includes AM radio, this is a big deal.

Any pointers to a current repeating HD transmission of KNX 1070 AM?

Thank you.

SCCRENDO | April 24, 2019

Probably time to get over 1070 unless you stream it from your phone | April 25, 2019

Sorry to say, it may be another indication of a radio station going out of business. AM radio has been losing subscribers at a rapid rate for the last 5 years, and it seems to be accelerating. The fact they are eliminating more subscribers (removing from HD radio) is telling. Obviously the FM station they think there are better use for the FM bandwidth. Other AM stations are abandoning streaming services, and I can only think it must be due to no listeners.

rxlawdude | April 25, 2019

1070 is still on 101.1 HD2

rxlawdude | April 25, 2019

I think the AM radio knockers sound like Tesla shorts. Sorry.

NKYTA | April 25, 2019

@rxlaw, that is pretty laughable regarding TT.

AM in my 2012 S, and I’ve listened to it precisely 0 times a couple years running. And before that I used it to hear the electric motor at the bottom end of the spectrum. Used to listen to KGO 810 up here in the north bay, but they have been losing talent this last decade.

Maybe it would be better as an add on option??

rxlawdude | April 26, 2019

@NKYTA, I was not specifically addressing TTap, but the myriad other characters who I guess have never seen that light flashing above "TUNE TO 1610 AM FOR EMERGENCY INFORMATION."